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Hi! I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I will be launching my YouTube channel on April 30, 2019, in Boracay. I need YOUR help with this because I need 1,000 YouTube subscribers. I created my YouTube channel a year ago. Still, I only uploaded one video, and that was for the Boracay event. It’s just recently that I’ve decided that I would like to vlog too, but I was a bit disappointed with myself that I didn’t upload videos.

Now that I am into vlogging, I have discovered that for me to monetize my channel through Adsense, I need to have at least 1,000 YouTube subscribers and 4,000 watch hours! As of this writing, I am managing to squeeze some time to gain subscribers while working. Yes, I still have a week to finish paperwork, and I’m pressured already because I only have 59 subscribers as of the moment.

The Most Affordable Meetings On The Market

My vlog launch will be on April 30 already, and most of my content will be from my Boracay trip. I also plan to upload something about beauty tips/routine and home and living tips before that event. I am doing my very best to offer fresh and quality content in my vlog, but I need to have more subscribers to maintain my channel.

I’m currently learning how to do things since I am a newbie here, and I’m not much of a techie. I tried some editing apps and software, but I am more comfy in using Splice and only using my phone for vlogging. In the next few months, I think there’s a need for me to have my PINK studio/vlogging corner, where I share some tips/ideas with you when I am just staying at home.

So, the question is — how to gain 1,000 YouTube subscribers? I do not give up. I have 5,000 friends on Facebook, and what I do every day is to message them with a link to my channel and get them to subscribe. I also have 4k plus fans on my FB page, so I probably would do the same process when I’m not busy anymore. Another thing I thought is to ask you guys for your help. Please do subscribe to my channel, and if you want, I will subscribe back. Please comment down if you have already subscribed together with the link to your YouTube channel.

Thank you in advance and I’m looking forward to share more vlog posts to you 🙂

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Last year and until this year, I have experienced a LOT of STRESS and two of the major roots are: (1) health issues and (2) financial crisis.  Because of this, I have to make an important decision — and that is to make a sudden lifestyle shift.

Fitness day 2

1. Before, I was very conscious with my figure- to the point that I have registered myself for a fitness club even if there were times that I don’t feel well.  A week before my heavy bleeding last year, I still went to the fitness club and probably that was one of the reasons why I felt weak.

DECISION:  I cancelled my membership to that fitness club.  Not only would it help me in keeping my body healthy (because I bleed for strenuous physical activities); it would also help me in saving money.  P2,200 can be allotted to other expenses like food or other bills.


2. Before, I don’t take vitamins, but since I had my heavy bleeding for months, I felt that I should give importance to my health.

DECISION:  I bought Vitamin C and Ferrous Sulfate for  to keep me healthy.



3.   Before, I book staycations often and shop til I drop using my credit cards and as a result, I am now in deep trouble.  I paid two credit cards already in full and as of this writing, I still have two cards to settle.  It’s easily for you to get tempted at first and yes, you will be able to manage your cards for about 2 or 3 years but after that, you will be completely stressed if you were not able to pay the full amount.  I have about 8 credit cards – I got rid of RCBC, and my Metrobank On.  I still have my PNB credit card but I couldn’t use it for emergency , that’s why I do not recommend PNB.  Now I only have Metrobank Mastecard and Visa, 3 Citibank credit cards and My Eastwest Dolce Vita Titanium.  I’ll get rid of the cards I’ve mentioned as I get a lot of harassing calls and messages already– the only one that I will keep is my Eastwest credit card .

DECISION:  After I have settled Metrobank and Citibank, I will already close my accounts to have peace of mind.


4.  From having a postpaid account in Globe Telecoms, I am now considering to shift to prepaid.  I got my Iphone 6 two years ago by availing the postpaid plan.  I usually pay P1,200 or more for my monthly mobile phone bill.  When I forget to pay on time-( in most cases we cannot avoid that because as a working mom, I am really super busy) , they would have service interruption and they will restore the service once you have settled the payment.

I am currently using Smart  prepaid for the tablet I am using for business. I  just spend P850 per month (P350 for unlimited calls to Smart and Talk & Text and unlimited text to all networks.  For the data plan, I register for P99 per week for free Facebook and messenger and 1 gb of video everyday– not bad anymore!

DECISION:  My postpaid plan contract will end this April and I might consider not to renew anymore with Globe.

UPDATE:  Because I’m already having problems with my Iphone 6 (I got that two years ago through my postpaid plan with Globe).  The problem I have is the battery gets drained very fast– I need to have a powerbank with me and I have to charge it after an hour or less.  Unfortunately, I do not have a budget right now to buy a new phone so I just applied an additional line and I will just say goodbye to the phone I’m using right now together with my contact number. 

So, the ending is that I am still with Globe for 24 months  (just for the sake of getting a new phone). 


I am now vlogging!

5.  The best shift is that I added vlogging to what I can do.  I am now in the process of having quality content while I am waiting for my adsense application to be approved.  I am asking your help to please help me in this new interest.  I need to have 1,000 subscribers in my YouTube channel so please subscribe!

I know there are still lots of things to improve, but I can start from here.  By 2020, I should be debt-free and healthy.  Til next post, my dear readers 🙂






My 6-Day BORACAY itinerary

I can already feel the heat, and YES, summer is here! This month, I have scheduled our family getaway in my favorite summer destination– in Boracay island! You probably think why I have decided to stay longer– I could have booked for the usual 4/d 2/n trip, but I would like to make the most out of this vacation with my family. So, for us to have a hassle-free vacay, I have designed this 6-day Boracay Travel itinerary for us to enjoy in paradise. Before you take a peek, you can go back to my itinerary in 2018 when we visited the island before the closure.


DAY 1 (April 29, 2019)   

-arrival in Boracay and transfers via BPHT Booking Services

-check in @ Ambassador in Paradise

-vlog about our arrival, Day 2 and room tour @ Ambassador in Paradise 

-dip in the pool and have afternoon swim

– go to the grocery shop and buy food and supplies

– special dinner

DAY 2 (April 30, 2019) 

 – breakfast

– do my own makeup for my first make up vlog for my event


-island hopping surprise  (Here’s out activity last year with BPHT)


-vlog about the special event and DAY 2

-back to the hotel and get some rest

-dinner at Mama’s Fish House

-beauty rest

Find the best deal with

DAY 3 (May 1, 2019

– breakfast

-morning walk and swim



-check out @ambassador and head to Alta Vista de Boracaylta Vista de Boracay to check in

vlog about Day 3 and Alta Vista de Boracay room tour

-afternoon walk and dinner @ Lemoni Cafe

beauty rest and have a relaxing massage

DAY 4 (May 2, 2019)

– breakfast

– morning walk and swim


vlog about Day 4

shopping @ D’Mall

night swimming


beauty rest

DAY 5 (May 3, 2019)   

– breakfast

– morning walk and swim

-check in @ Estacio Uno

-vlog about Day 5 and Estacio Uno room tour

-night swimming


nightlife vlog

DAY 6 (May 4, 2019) 

– breakfast

-pack things and get ready

-check out @ Estacio Uno

-back to Manila

NOTE:  This might be changed but this will serve as my guide 🙂  I promise to post quality content here and in my vlogs.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.


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Hello, dear readers!  It’s been a while since my last post.  I tried to squeeze some time to write blog articles but because of my very hectic schedule, I wasn’t able to do that.  There were times that I wanted to write, but it would require more time– time to edit and polish everything before I post it, and so, the result is to just wait for the proper timing.

Probably you are wondering why the hell did I shift to vlogging.  Well, I didn’t really shift– I just added vlogging to what I can do.  In my travels, I think my followers would appreciate the hotels, places and establishments that I visit if they will see videos rather than photos.  On the other hand, in terms of explanation or if you would like to dig into details, it would be an advantage if I will create a blog article so the readers can’t miss any information.  The only thing that challenges me right now is that I am a newbie in vlogging and I’m still in the process of familiarizing myself with everything.  I do not have the professional equipments but I can start with a my phone, tripod and green screen for now.  I am also still learning about the apps used in editing videos.

Also, I’m still having health issues– a  week after my monthly period that lasted for one week. I had my bleeding again so I had to rest for days, but because I still need to report to school, I had no choice. Everyday, I post my #countdowntosummer on FB and I really can’t hide how excited am I to go to vacation.

Now that it’s finally over, I can get some beauty rest and a good night sleep.So, what do I have exactly in mind when I mean that it’s vacation time?

1. Celebrate my daughter’s graduation with my family.

2. Prepare the easter eggs for Easter Sunday.

3. Celebrate my daughter’s 12th birthday here at home.

4. Pack for our Boracay 2019 getaway.

5. Schedule my hair and body spa treatment and get a manicure and pedicure.

Next month, I’m planning to launch my vlog in Boracay for my Summer Diaries 2019 Special.  My 6-day family vacay/press trip is the perfect time for me to practice vlogging by means of recording and going live on Youtube/Facebook.  Watch out for this– I promise to give you quality blog/vlog posts.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

The Ban Be Ca Phe logo in our press trip to Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

Dining at Ban Be Ca Phe is one of my memorable press trips in 2018. This was the last restaurant that I reviewed for the year. I’ve been very busy with work, and there were lots of activities everywhere. This family dinner was special because that night, we also celebrated my son’s birthday. In this post, you will be able to tell why you should visit Ban Be Ca Phe if you haven’t visited the restaurant yet and try their food 🙂

Ban Be Ca Phe is located in upper Antipolo, (near the Pasalubong stores if you will be coming from Masinag Market). The cafe is on the left side, contrary to Waze’s directions, that it is located on the right side. I was so excited because it was my first time to visit a Vietnamese Restaurant and taste Vietnamese food. As expected, I was not disappointed with the food. The only difficulty that we encountered is getting a nice spot to park our car.

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The cafe can can accommodate 50-60 people. It has 3 areas where you can hang out.

The Veranda (Outdoor/Smoking area)

This is perfect for barkadas or groups who like privacy (if there are many people inside) and you would like to breathe fresh air.


Upon.entering, there are usual tables and chairs that you can.use.


Vietnamese seating area at Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo
shanayas Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

.As much as we would like to experience dining in the traditional Vietnamese seating area, we opted to stay in the regular dining area. There were people who were sipping coffee and playing board games at that time.

The place inside is not too spacious, but there is a homey feeling that will make you feel comfortable, and I think it’s one of the reasons why customers keep on coming back aside from the food.



Now, let’s talk about the main reason why you should try BAN BE C PHE. It is my pleasure to present to you their bestsellers.

Because I’m a coffee lover/addict, just as what I previously confessed in my past blog posts, I wouldn’t let it pass without trying their Vietnamese coffee.

hot coffee.from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo
iced coffee from Ban Be ca Phe Antipolo
CA PHE SUA DA (Cold Coffee) P85


BUN TTHAP CAM from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

This is one of their dry noodles made of white noodles, pork, Shanghai and beef rolls.


Pho No.from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo
Lau from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo
LAU (Hot Pot)

Because December was super cold, I prefer to have hot soup. It’s a good thing they have different soups that will suit the preferences of each individual. I liked the simplicity of the Pho Bo, which is made of white noodles and beef . My hubby loved the sweet and spicy taste of the Lau. For the Lau, you can choose whether you will be having the egg noodles (P250 medium) and white noodles (P290 medium). Additional ingredients are available at an additional cost like squid balls, veggies, shrimps, and beef.


Goi Cuom from Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

This is one of my favorites. I was amazed because it was my first time to eat Vietnamese spring rolls made of veggies, shrimp, and fresh noodles, served with peanut sauce. I am a very picky eater, and this dish has passed my standards. Well, it’s not just delicious but healthy as well. THUMBS UP!

Vietnamese Shanghai from Ban Be ca Phe Antipolo
SHANG HAI (Ban Be Shanghai) P130

If I was impressed by the Goi Cuon, how would I describe what I felt when I had tried the Vietnamese Shanghai? I was super impressed! It’s hard to find an adjective to express that feeling. I am not much into seafood and meat though I eat Shanghai rolls (but very seldom). When I discovered that this is not made of pork, but noodles, and veggies, I was indeed glad. Why? I could eat as many as I can. And if I haven’t known what it’s made of, I would have thought that it’s made of pork because there is no difference with the taste. The good thing is that this meal is healthy for the body.

com chien from Ban Be ca Phe Antipolo

Another thing that I liked is their Vietnamese Fried Rice. It was so flavorful that even without viand, I would be pleased already. In reality, that would be impossible for us to resist such tasty and healthy dishes. If you are coming as a group, one order won’t be enough cos I’m sure you will be requesting for more.

viet grilled pork from ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

And because we had two kids with us at that time, there was no question why the dish vanished in a matter of seconds, hehehe. My father and I weren’t able to try the Grilled Pork, and he wasn’t even aware that we had that on our table. The kids enjoyed that 🙂 So, if you will be coming with your family and you have kids with you, you know what to order.

Anolon Advanced Home Saucepan with Soup Onyx

Family Bonding

After we have enjoyed the Vietnamese food at Ban Be Ca Phe, it’s hard to leave without having a photo session in their traditional Vietnamese seating area. After the pictorial, the kids played board games and bonded with each other.

vietnamese seating at Ban Be Ca Phe Antipolo

shane with guitar


I was delighted with their food. Their dishes were done with a twist– suitable for the Filipino customers. I highly recommend this place to those who haven’t been here. This is a kid-friendly place as well as I didn’t expect the kids to enjoy the food, but they did. Aside from serving Vietnamese food, they also have Chicken sisig in their menu for those who are craving for Filipino dishes. Kudos to Ms. Redd and to the staff who made the restaurant a big click to those who would like to try Vietnamese food but at very affordable prices.

What are you waiting for? Ban Be Ca Phe is worth a visit!


Banker’s Village 2, Sumulong Highway, Dela Paz, Antipolo City

0966 814 4492


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First Time at Burp Restaurant

I always love Italian food since I was a child. I still have spaghetti in every birthday celebration, and in my shopping and mall sessions, I always go for pizza. The explanation to this is–probably in my past life, I was born Italian 🙂 I know that there are already many restaurants that offer Italian cuisine, but I am already sick and tired of the same brand and taste. I thought of trying something different, and I was lucky to have an opportunity to taste an authentic Italian food and have my BURP RESTAURANT experience. The restaurant is located in Uptown Pioneer (near Legend Villas) in Mandaluyong City.

The place looks small, but it can accommodate up to 40 people inside and 12 more pax outside. It is very cozy when you enter– you will feel at home. While waiting for your food, you can read their books in their mini reading nook, watch TV, or have a casual chitchat with your relatives/friends. The staff are also very polite and friendly.

one of the staff in Burp Restaurant who got our orders

Upon entering, the staff will greet you and ask for your orders. They will also prepare the glasses and refreshments while waiting for the meals.

They have ala carte food in the menu but they also have exciting promos ideal for those who will come in groups.

promos at Burp Restaurant

The group meals (good for 3 people) can be availed for only P410 with a choice of fish or chicken and 1 pasta in the list.  For this, we have tried both fish and chicken and two of their pasta meals.


Fried Mozarella Sticks at Burp Restaurant
Fried Mozarella Sticks

This is one of my favorites at Burp because I loved the cheesy taste. I knew that it’s not yet the main course, so I controlled myself in eating all of the mozzarella sticks, hehehe! Oh, well, it was served with the Pomodoro sauce that made it even yummier!

rice at Burp nRestaurant
Fried-Chicken-Strips. at Burp Restaurant
Fried Chicken Strips

Chicken is a must in all my press trips that’s why I am very particular with it.  It’s not a shame because their chicken is crispy and I liked their honey mustard dip as well.   I was kinda guilty because I ate the last piece that was supposed to be eaten by our youngest child.  I didn’t know that he only liked chicken that time.

Fish Fingers. at Burp Restaurant
Fish Fingers

I’m not much into seafood but my family especially my father and hubby loved the breaded fish served with pesto mayo.

Of course, our visit at BURP won’t be complete without tasting their pasta.  I prefer the Creamy Mushroom Pasta but I also liked Spaghetti  Pomodoro.

spaghetti pomodoro at Burp Restaurant
Spaghetti Pomodoro

The kids didn’t like the Spaghetti because they’re used the usual sweet Filipino style spaghetti that we cook at home. What they have at BURP Restaurant is an authentic Italian spaghetti. Spaghetti Pomodoro is actually one of their bestsellers. Its main ingredients are Spaghetti, onion, garlic, butter, tomato, basil, and Pomodoro.

Cremy Mushroom Pasta
Creamy Mushroom Pasta

This is my favorite! Even the kids love the creamy taste of the pasta. The main ingredients are penne, shitake, button mushrooms, garlic, bechamel, and cream. One plate (to share) isn’t enough for a family of 6 members because I’m sure they would be requesting for another plate.

Anolon Advanced Home Skillet with Veggies in Onyx


mango creme. at Burp Restaurant
Mango Creme’
coffee jelly. at Burp Restaurant
Coffee Jelly

Burp Restaurant has been in the food business since 2013 and for 5 years, they have served customers who craved for authentic Italian food.   The restaurant is managed by Ms. Ara, who worked as a manager for Italliani’s for 5 years.  She is currently helped by her siblings, Dan and Ms. Sofia, who accommodated us during our visit.

Too bad, I wasn’t able to taste the pizza and their coffee– probably next time 🙂

For Italian food lovers, BURP Restaurant is open from Sundays to Saturdays from 7:30am to 10:30pm.

burp staff at Burp Restaurant
BURP Staff

Wait, do you think that their food is only available at the restaurant?  It’s good news because they also have catering services for different occasions or events.  For catering, the food isn’t limited to Italian cuisine as you can customize your own list.  You can avail their catering services for as little as P15k for 20 to 30 pax.


G/F Uptown Pioneer Center 56-58 Madison St., Mandaluyong City

Phone:  (02) 531 8384 /0917 5066 168

The Place

life is coffee at Cafe Esse Antipolo
“Life Begins With Coffee”

“Life begins with coffee,” that’s what coffee addicts like me believe in. No matter how complicated life is, one cup of coffee will ease your burden and would make you feel better. I’ve been to several cafes, and there were times that I was disappointed with what I expected from the quality and taste of the food and drinks. I must say that my visit to Cafe Esse Antipolo is one of the best experiences I had.

Cafe Esse is located on the 2nd floor of CEO Building, L. Sumulong Circle, San Roque, Antipolo City. My colleagues hang out here once in a while, and now I know the reason why they keep coming back– it’s because of the superior quality of coffee and delectable food that they serve.

The word esse came from the word EXISTENCE or essence.

Cafe Esse was established on May 15, 2014. For four years now, they continue to satisfy their customers. It caters not only to barkadas who would like to chill but to families who would like to spend quality time together. They also serve colleagues or business partners who would like to have their meetings. When we arrived at the past 4 pm, there were different groups outside in the smoking area (barkadas). Inside, few tables can accommodate 20 pax. Near our table, there was a college student who was doing her assignment or research work while sipping her coffee. (There is FREE WIFI that customers can use).

mirror at Cafe Esse Antipolo
It’s very obvious that I enjoyed their coffee 🙂

Cafe Esse has a function room for special events which can be rented for P5,000 (P1,500 for 3 hours use and P3,500 for consumables).  Extension per hour is P500.

wooden frame at Cafe Esse Antipolo

Here are their bestsellers:

HOT DRINKS at Cafe Esse Antipolo

Hazelnut Latte at Cafe Esse
Hazelnut Latte  (  16 oz  P130 /20 oz P140.)
vanilla machiatto at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Vanilla Macchiato   16 oz P130 / 20 oz P140
matcha latte at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Matcha Latte  (16 oz. P145/ 20 oz P155)

Of the hot drinks, I like the Vanilla Macchiato next to the Hazelnut Latte.

Cold Drinks at Cafe Esse Antipolo


I remember the famous choco-banana fruit shake in Boracay (Jonah’s fruitshake) when I tasted the banana choco-nut frappe.  I prefer the choco mint frappe though because it was very refreshing.


frappes at Cafe Esse
Strawberry Milkshake   P155

Because we brought a 4 year old kid with us, this one is the perfect drink for him.

THE FOOD at Cafe Esse Antipolo

You will not only love their beverages at Cafe Esse Antipolo, but the food as well. I super loved their pasta!  I loved both the Spicy Seafarer and the Creamy Carbonara.  The kids are not pasta lovers like me but they loved both also.

spicy Cafe Esse Antipolo
Spicy Seafarer  P195
creamy carbonara at Cafe Esse
Creamy Carbonara   P195

Introducing Anolon Advanced Home
choco ala mode waffle at Cafe Esse
Choco ala Mode Waffle P115

I felt like a kid again–I loved the combination of chocolate syrup and the waffles topped with cream.

cheesy meat fries. at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Cheesy Meat Fries P110

We love french fries, but we love it, even more, when it is topped with cheese. In less than 3 minutes, the plate was emptied. I was about to get another round, but the food just vanished instantly. I didn’t scold the kids for that– actually, it was already a big achievement if you let them finish eating in a matter of minutes. Usually, it took a long time for them to eat.

3 little pigs at Cafe Esse Antipolo
3 Little Pigs   P190

This is one of the most popular bestsellers, this sandwich comes with potato chips.

classic blt at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Classic BLT P190

Classic BLT is short for sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.It is also served with potato chips.

all day breakfast at Cafe Esse Antipolo
All Day Breakfast  P195

Since the cafe opens at 10am, the All Day Breakfast can be your brunch.  For breakfast, I’m already solved with one sunny side up egg and one regular sized hotdog, but in Cafe Esse, they have 3 small pancakes with a sunny side-up egg, jumbo hotdog, and bacon strips.  This is perfect to be paired with a cup of hot coffee.

enjoying the food at Cafe Esse Antipolo

Hahaha!  It’s evident in the photo that I really love the food.  One sandwich can already fill your tummy so it’s worth every penny that you will spend in the cafe.

pastries at Cafe Esse Antipolo
Cakes and pastries

Unfortunately, we were not able to taste the sweets but definitely we will when we come back.

CR/Washroom Inspection

In my feature about Comida China de Manila, I have mentioned that I was impressed with their washroom.  Well, in Cafe Esse they have a small but very clean washroom.  They have quotes and note written on the wall creatively.

outside cr at Cafe Esse Antipolo

The staff were very friendly and polite.

staff at Cafe Esse
The Cafe Esse Staff
yman and bruce at cafe esse antipolo

Indeed, we had a great time at Cafe Esse Antipolo. You will definitely love their drinks and food and I assure you that you will come back.  For reservations, you may call the contact numbers below.


2/F CEO Building, L. Sumulong Circle, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City

Tel. no.: (02) 507-3956 ; 0927 8610571

It’s still my birthday month, and as I have mentioned in my previous post, I will feature restaurants where you can celebrate important events. It’s one day after my son’s birthday, so technically, we had his post-birthday celebration last Saturday. This is one of my unforgettable trips because I was able to bond with my family in a not so distant place from ours and savor the beauty of nature.


This hidden gem is already part of Baras, Rizal (though the address in Google is Antipolo).  Park, Rest & Dine Restaurant is a place where you can park your vehicle and taste delightsome”lutong bahay” food. Being at the place made me feel more relaxed, and for that particular moment, I had peace of mind. Temporarily, I forgot about all the negative things I had in my mind and felt secured and relieved.

parking area at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant
the parking area
trees at Par Rest & Dine Restaurant
Shane at Park, Rest & Dine Restaurant


I was curious about the title– how they come up with such name, and it’s a good thing that the owners were very accommodating. However, they were swamped at the time we visited.

We were able to have a short chitchat with the owners Ms. Melody and Sir Romano Syaman, and asked about the concept of the place. They lived in New York for ten years, and during their stay in the United States, they would often see the sign “Park, Rest and Dine.” and from there, they got an idea of what to name their restaurant. It is for travelers who would like to park for a while, check-in a room, or dine for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Initially, when they started in 2013, they had two rooms available for rent. Still, they decided not to offer the rooms anymore because they have a limited supply of water. They opted to focus on the restaurant.

While waiting for them to cook the food, we explored the place outside. We didn’t even notice that 20 minutes have already passed.


You will feel at home when you enter. In essence, the typical wooden furniture, sofas, modern lighting, and native decors will set your mood to relax and enjoy.

inside seating area at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant
table inside. Park Rest & Dine Restaurant

Park, Rest & Dine is a 12-hectare property. They can accommodate more customers because they still have more tables with an umbrella outside. Yet, according to Ms. Melody, they are just providing small groups. Inside the restaurant, seating capacity is 20-25 pax. The entrance can accommodate ten pax and the veranda for another 20 pax.

veranda at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant

 Park, Rest & Dine is open from 7 am to 5 pm. Though they close that early, they are accessible for walk-in customers who would like to dine for dinner. You can also call their Globe number for reservations (0926- 0560103). They are open from Sunday to Saturday and even holidays.

The restaurant is just for families and barkadas. They do not sell alcoholic beverages because they do not want to deal with drunk customers, and they want to preserve the cleanliness of the place and maintain their wholesome image.

front area at Park, Rest & Dine Restaurant
Shane at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant


family pic at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant

These are some of the bestsellers that we have tried. For the starter, we were served with a bowl of Sinigang sa Sugpo. Not only the adults loved it, but the kids as well.

sinigang sa sugpo at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant
Sinigang Sa Sugpo P280
diced chicken with veggies at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant
Diced Chicken with Mixed Veggies P280

Chicken is one of my favorites, and I was delighted that we were served with this dish. That made it even better because it was served with half-cooked veggies (very good for health-conscious eaters).

sotanjon guisado at Par Rest & Dine Restaurant
Special Sotangjon Guisado –  P280

This is an all-time favorite especially during parties.  What made it more special is the pork and veggies.

tanigue steak at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant
Tanigue Steak     P380
Anolon Advanced Home Indigo

The Tanigue Steak is one of their bestsellers because of its taste. This is made of fried fish steaks cooked in soy sauce, topped with white onions and red bell pepper.

bulalo at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant
Bulalo     P480

This soup is made of beef, cabbage and potatoes.  This is a hit for the adults but the kids prefer Sinigang sa Sugpo.

pancakes. at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant
Pancakes    P280

This is what I will remember about Park, Rest & Dine– I had the best and most delicious pancakes here!  Their pancakes are quite big and thick and they come with scrambled eggs and sliced hotdogs.

unli coffee at Park Rest & Dine Restaurant
Unlimited Brewed Coffee   P60

Here at Park, Rest and Dine, you can have unlimited brewed coffee for only P60.  Yes, you read it right!  So for coffee lovers, this is surely something you won’t like to miss.

If you would like to have a unique dining experience, go out with your family or barkada and  give this a try!


Marikina-Infanta Hi-Way, San Jose, Upper Antipolo

Mobile:  0926-0560103

family pic at Comida China de Manila

Special occasions are meant to be celebrated with people who are dear to you– friends, colleagues, your someone special and family. In my birthday month, I am featuring cafes/restaurants that are perfect for celebrating special events. In my previous post, I already have featured a cool place to chill with stunning ambiance and cozy hang out place in Antipolo- Yellow Lantern Cafe. This time, because I will be sharing about my birthday celebration as well, I decided to celebrate my special day in one of the premier restaurants in Pasig– COMIDA CHINA DE MANILA.

Comida China de Manila is formerly known as Panciteria San Jacinto– one of the few restaurants that serve authentic Chinese food.  It was established in 1894 in Manila and in 1996 it has moved to E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue in Ugong, Pasig City( along C5 across SM Hypermart).  It was just in 2011 when the management has decided to change the name to Comida China de Manila– new name but still the same touch of authentic Chinese food that they serve to their satisfied customers for 124 years.


      Upon entering the restaurant, I couldn’t help but appreciate everything that I see. Others might visualize the place as a typical Chinese restaurant because of the table design. I couldn’t help as well, but to reminisce the days when I was a kid, we always go to Mamon Luk, where we eat mami noodles). Still, here @ Comida China de Manila, everything is exquisite– from the contemporary furnishings, cleanliness of the place, delectable food, and first-class service. 

      In my press trips for restaurant reviews/features, we do not just check the ambiance, food, and staff; we check the restrooms. It was similar to the five-star hotels that we’ve visited like Shangri-la and Marco Polo because of their impressive, well-maintained, and spotless washrooms.

       The restaurant is spacious enough to cater to families and barkadas and other groups for lunch, merienda, dinner to late snack. They open from 11 am to 10 pm from Mondays to Saturdays, and 10 am to 10 pm on Sundays.

      They have a conference room (good for 20 pax) for business meetings and function rooms where you can hold events like christening, weddings, birthdays and Christmas parties. (You can get info about the function room rates here).

function rooms at Comida China de Manila


On my special day, I wasn’t feeling well, so instead of having an overnight staycation in a hotel, I opted to have a simple birthday dinner with my family at Comida China de Manila. After waiting for hubby and the kids, we headed there right away. I thought this would be a simple dinner, but I was dumbfounded when I entered the place. I was treated with such royalty that I was indeed wearing an invisible crown and dazzling diamond jewelry set. Well, I was quite speechless, but after a second that seemed like an eternity, I was back in my senses. There we were, escorted by Harry, Norlan, and Racquel to the conference room to use, which can accommodate 20 pax.

table at Comida China de Manila

        The room was too big for us–there were two long tables in the airconditioned conference room. We occupied one table, and because we have a hyper 5-y/o kid with us, it’s okay for him to run around the room because the door is closed. At the time that we arrived (8 pm), the restaurant was already jampacked with people. I suggest that you reserve the conference room (if you will come to a small group) if you would like to have privacy and enjoy the occasion with your visitors/companions.


          Are you wondering why people keep coming back to Comida China de Manila?  I will share the bestsellers that we have enjoyed in my birthday celebration.


            At Comida China de Manila, they have set menus that you can choose from (for meetings and events) but you can customize your own.  If you plan to just hang out and have simple lunch or dinner, you can order ala carte instead.  Here are the recommended dishes if you will be holding your event here.

cold cuts
Cold Cuts Platter (M) P603.00

This comes with their famous Asado, Pata Jamon and Lechon served with Chinese Sausage, Century Eggs and Seaweeds.

Comida China Soup
Comida China Soup (M) P522.00

Comida China Soup is their House Special (also known as the “balut soup” ) because it looks and tastes like “balut.”  This is made of eggs, minced porl, peas, carrots and seaweeds.  This is a must-try for first timers in this restaurant.

Bird's Nest with Quail Eggs Soup.jpg
Bird’s Nest with Quail Eggs Soup (M) P420.00

When the staff saw that we have kids, Ms. Raquel suggested that it would be better if we will have either Bird’s Nest qith Quail Eggs Soup or Sweet Corn Soup.  I chose this and I was right– my five-year old kid loved the soup!  This is their version of the traditional soup made with nido, minced pork and quail eggs.

Comida China Chow Mein.jpg
Comida China Chow Mein (M) P552.00

Because it was my birthday, and as part of tradition (I’m 1/4 Chinese), we have noodles or pasta on the table everytime we celebrate our birthday.  The Chinese believe that the noodles/pasta will give you long life.   It has shrimp, pork and Chinese brocolli leaves, carrots and black mushrooms.  I loved the sauce and the half cooked veggies.

Yang Chow Fried Rice
Yang Chow Fried Rice (M)P441.00

I love flavored rice that’s why I was delighted when I saw the Yang Chow Fried Rice.  I didn’t even force the kids to have more rice because of its taste.

China Chicken.jpg
China Chicken  (1/2) P428

I always look for chicken in parties and I was really glad it was included in the dishes for my birthday celebration.  My father told me that my Chinese grandfather used to cook something like this before– golden brown chicken with soy sauce gravy.  Of course, the presentation here is quite different– they topped it with crispy shrimp crackers. 

Sliced Fish With Sweet & Sour Sauce.jpg
Sliced Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce  (M) P524.00

For fish lovers, this plate of golden-fried sliced parrot fish topped with fresh julienned vegetables with sweet and sour sauce is also a must-try.  

fried shrimp bals.jpg
Fried Shrimp Balls (M) P1,116.00

This is the star of our feast and a big hit to the kids– we loved the scrumptious shrimp balls.  Every bite is sooo heavenly that we had to eat slowly to savor every minute of it.  This is one of their most expensive dishes, but this should be in your list especially if you have kids in the event.


Butchi (3 pcs.) P99.00

          My hubby and father enjoyed the butchi but the kids and I wanted and was craving for something.  I was feeling dizzy even the day before (abnormal uterine bleeding and mild anemia), so I just stayed in my bedroom and didn’t even manage to order a cake and ice cream for myself.   After few minutes, Sir Norlan came in with a birthday cake from Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe. That made my day!  I’m a kid at heart so definitely the sumptuous meals won’t be complete without the luscious cake 🙂  

             We were extremely satisfied with the food but we didn’t manage to have another plate for another round– it’s because our tummies are already full.  


          Thank you again, Comida China de Manila— that was so sweet!  I was speechless for a while but I managed to express my gratitude to them and to their staff who were with us in the conference room to attend to our needs.   

Comida China de Manila’s staff
with norlan
With Sir Norlan

For a hassle-free meetings and events, Comida China de Manila will take care of all your needs.  No need to worry about cakes and other desserts because Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe is just beside the restaurant.  

mom and tina's facade

TBIP highly recommends Comida China de Manila. 

Please refer to these details:

Address:  FRDC Bldg., 106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City 

Tel Nos:  (02) 671-5942 /(02) 914-0832


Few cartwheels and somersaults away from my home in Antipolo City is the Xentromall, but my brilliant discovery that I would like to share with you is the Yellow Lantern Cafe, a cool place where you can hang out with your friends, chill during weekends, bond with your family and celebrate your special occasion.  I had my pre-birthday celebration here last weekend and we really had a blast!   Yellow Lantern Cafe is situated in Comoda Ville in Mambugan, Antipolo City (near Cafe Lupe).

jas tables

Upon entering the cafe, you will be filled with positive energy and happiness because of the yellow vibrant color that eliminates all the negative vibes. The cafe is furnished with tables and yellow chairs with a mini yellow lantern and sartin cup on top of each table.  I couldn’t help but to notice the creative yellow chandeliers made of bottles.


yellow lantern and sartin cup for each table

Christmas is already in the air!  They have the Christmas tree and Santa Claus in the entrance door and we couldn’t let the day pass without having a photograph beside it.  The atmosphere creates a homey feeling wherein you can simply stay and enjoy the place with your friends and family.

The interior design of the cafe is impressive– it actually displays the artistic side and showcases Filipino touch in their furnishings and displays.


Each table inside the cafe can accommodate 5-6 pax.  They also have tables in the veranda wherein you can enjoy watching the overlooking view and sunset.


In time for meetings, videoke sessions, celebrations or special events, YLC has two function rooms (Simone’s Room and Sadie’s Room) which can be rented for P5k for 3 hours (with consumables and videoke) and can accommodate 20 pax.  The 2 rooms can be combined to accommodate more people (10k for 3 hours with consumables and videoke).

So, what else made YLC exceptional?  Aside from the charming and homey ambiance, what you should check here in YLC are their bestsellers.  Traditional dishes are complimented with Filipino touch– It’s comfort food presented in a classy style and affordable prices.







We had Gambas for the starter.  The kids and I loved this shrimp dish because of its sauce. (What makes the marinate special is the shrimp extract that gives the dish extra tasty flavor) I am not much into seafood but this definitely is a must try 🙂

battered chicken fingers

Battered Chicken Fingers P385 (3-4 pax)

Battered Chicken Fingers is served with camote chips.  For picky eaters like me, this one is a life saver! It is also best to order this if you have kids with you.


umaapaw in paellera


This is YELLOW LANTERN CAFE’s  signature dish.  We were amazed to experience having the traditional paella served in Filipino style.  Instead of the usual seafood and meat in Spanish Paella, Umaapaw in Paellera has bagoong rice, topped with dilis, scrambled eggs, salted duck eggs (itlog na maalat), longganisa, eggplants, onions, and mangga.  They serve it with homemade spiced vinegar and chili garlic.  Instead of lemons, it is served with calamansi.

papa bbq ribs

american bbq ribs

American BBQ Ribs with Hickory Sauce   P585  (5-6 pax)

This is also one of the kids’ favorites in YLC.  The meat is so tender and tasty.  We loved the potato wedges as well.


chocnut cheesecake

Chocnut Cheesecake  P145

This is their signature dessert– cheesecake combined with Chocnut.  I couldn’t help but to reminisc my childhood days wherein I used to eat a pack of Chocnuts (hihihi!).

fruit platter


We had a platter of fruits for finale –  slices of watermelon, apple, orange, pineapple, etc.


The drinks were refreshing, but I prefer the fresh lemonade.  Thank you, Sir Oliver for preparing these drinks!  They also have a bar wherein you can enjoy having your favorite drinks with your friends.


The meals I presented above are their bestsellers.  They still have other dishes in their menu which you can check out here.

YLC is open everyday except Mondays from 11am to 12 midnight.

jas and shane

We really had a blast!  Aside from the family bonding and the sumptuous meal that we had, we felt at home.  We would like to express our gratitude to the YLC staff  especially to Chef Carl Bautista in making my pre-birthday celebration extra special.

staff yellow lantern

The YLC Staff

with Chef Carl Bautista

With Chef Carl Bautista, Operations Head of YLC

What are you waiting for?  Come and check this out!


267-268 Comoda Ville, Sumulong Highway, Brgy. Mambugan, Antipolo City

(02) 631-5648 / 0995-0898538


84 Lilac St., SSS Village, Marikina City

(02) 231993 / 0923- 4471158/ 0995- 0898538





I was on leave for one month due to abnormal uterine bleeding, and when it was time for me to go back to work, I  though of destressing for a night.  Well, I didn’t make up my mind that day– that’s why I didn’t prepare and pack my things for an overnight stay in Marco Polo Ortigas.

I was in Marco Polo that morning because I had to screen tutor applicants.  My plan was to go back at home after few hours, but then part of me would like to take a break and release all the negative energies.  After mentally arguing with myself, I just made an impulse decision!  I booked a continental room online and voila! After a minute, the booking was already confirmed.  I went to the 24th floor where I checked in before, but I was redirected to the 44th floor where Continental Club is located.

continetal club sign


check in

Private check-in @ The Continental Club

I checked in around 9 am and after filling out the info sheet, I was asked to go back at 12nn to get the keycards.

Realizing that we had no extra clothes, I called at home and asked my father to bring some clothes for me and my daughter Shane.  Because it was unplanned, I knew that I won’t be able to wear what I wanted.  I had to accept the consequences though because I decided to push through with the booking at the last minute.

Before 12nn, we went back to the Continental Club and got the keycards.  I was with my 11 year old daughter (Shane) that time.  I asked the front desk staff (I forgot her name) about the afternoon tea @ the Continental Club Lounge but I was informed that children are not allowed in the lounge during weekdays.  She said that Shane will be allowed in Connect Lounge @ the 24th floor.  That was confusing though because I still have to accompany the kid and quite weird because she will have her meals at Connect while I will have mine at the club lounge.





We checked our Continental Club room first.  We didn’t have our bags because as what I have mentioned earlier, this was an unplanned booking.  They were probably wondering why we didn’t have our luggages.  After taking a peek in our room, we decided to rest for few minutes and dine there.


freebies:  3 pieces of red apples

elevator shot

We went down to 7-11 to buy take out food for our lunch.



This Continental Club room is larger than the previous one that we have booked last summer.  It has a sliding glass door that separates the bedroom from the mini dining area.  The bathroom is also more spacious.

The reason why I always want a Continental Club room is because of its FREE access to the Continental Club Lounge where guests can have free drinks and have afternoon tea & snacks @ 2pm.  Another benefit is the free use of boardroom for 2 hours.  It was in time that I booked there and we were able to use the boardroom because at that time people were in the community meeting room in the 19th floor where supposedly was scheduled for us.


We had our tutor orientation @ The Continental Club Lounge Boardroom.

After utilizing the boardroom for the tutor orientation,I went back to our room and let Shane get ready for the afternoon tea @ Connect Lounge in the 24th floor.  I decided to join her rather than leave her and have my snacks at the club lounge.  When I approached the lady at thebar, she already knew that we would be coming.  She said that she got a call from the Continental Club and instructed her to reserve a table for us for the afternoon tea.  I assumed that they knew what they were doing, so I convinced myself that everything has been taken cared of.


It was also a time for my daughter and I to bond so it was just a perfect decision for me to join her.    In my previous post about our afternoon tea @ CONNECT Lounge, I already featured the inclusions for the Traditional Afternoon Tea. Again I have chosen the Traditional over Asian.   I just had Cappucino and juice for Shane instead of tea.



shane connect

When we went back to our Continental Club room, I felt uneasy and quite bothered.  I couldn’t help myself but to  call the frontdesk to confirm whether we have a problem having our snacks at Connect Lounge rather than having it at the club lounge.    I hate HASSLE during our stay and I wanted to make sure that I won’t pay extra upon check out.  I asked if my privelege as Continental Club guest is the same as what we had at Connect Lounge.   If we can eat unli snacks and have unli drinks in the Continental Club Lounge, I wondered if it’s also the same in Connect since the receptionist told me that Shane won’t be allowed in the Continental Club Lounge.  I was alarmed when I was informed that it’s not, but after few minutes of talking, I was assured that I didn’t have to worry about anything and that Shane will be allowed to be with me in the club lounge since she is already 11.

After resting for few hours, we went to the lobby and looked for my father.  I asked him to bring us clothes– as expected, I got what I didn’t want but it was fine with me.  What I wanted was a relaxing stay and a night to chill @ the hotel.  This is not the usual photo sessions during my press trip.


After unpacking, we got ready for the cocktail time @ The Continental Lounge.  I am not into drinking wine so we just had dinner in the club lounge.

at your service lounge

Everybody @ the Continental Club Lounge takes good care of their guests 🙂

continental lounge 1


In Continental Club Lounge, you can get as many food and drinks that you want (that’s the reason why I always book for a club room in 5-star hotels).  Actually, before we get our things in the lobby, we dropped by here to drink a glass of orange and apple juice.

pasta chef

The staff asked us about our preferred pasta and I chose spaghetti in red sauce and penne in white sauce.


Our tummies were satisfied– we had pasta and sweets so we didn’t have to go out and order for expensive food.    We just watched TV in our room then I had a relaxing hot tub bath.

Evening won’t be perfect without having a cup of coffee.  We have tea/coffee making facilities in the room.  I opted for the free instant coffee because I preferred to use the Nespresso machine the following day.

view at night

We had a good night sleep, but I made sure that we will be able to enjoy and make the most out of our stay.  While I was preparing our things, we had a cup of cofee in the room using the Nespresso machine.

nespresso machine

After that, we had breakfast @ the Continental Lounge before we had  our morning swim.


Because I couldn’t use the fitness center (I had abnormal uterine bleeding last month), we just conditioned ourselves to spend the morning in the indoor pool.


flow reception

We headed to the changing room first and had a quick shower before getting our fresh towels in the pool area.

changing room



You almost have everything in the changing room from warm water to drink, mouthwash, cotton buds, lotion, toner, shampoo and body wash.  You just have to bring your own comb or hairbrush.  They do not have one unlike in Edsa Shangrila.



shane swim

I didn’t spend much time in the swimming pool, I enjoyed the jacuzzi more.


I was not comfortable during the morning swim because of the pool attendant.  It’s as if he can see every single movement.

shane poolside

Before 10 am, we went back to the changing room to spend few minutes in the sauna room and take a quick shower.


Because we had to leave before 12nn, we went back to the Continental Club Lounge for our lunch.

afritada lunch

In a while, we prepared our things and called the Continental Club Lounge for check out.

check out

Since it was an impulse booking experience, and I didn’t have any fashion photoshoots, it’s just the experience that I would share here.

Actually, I prefer Edsa Shangri-la than Marco Polo because the amenities and the room is way better than the latter but I was already there, I didn’t want to transfer to another hotel anymore.  You can have a club room in Edsa Shangrila for 15k but I got mine at Marco Polo for only 10k.  Of course, the 15k has its own living area while the latter doesn’t have one.  The swimming pool, fitness center and jacuzzi is also better as expected.

So, did I achieve my purpose?  Yes, though it wasn’t carefully planned.

Rating:  fourstars

It’s above average but I wasn’t completely satisfied with the breakfast.  They need to have variety of choices for their customers but the staff are very polite and attentive.


Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

(02) 720-7777


It’s been a while since I had my last spa treatment–that was before my summer Boracay trip last year.  I missed the skin pampering and destressing sessions I had when I wasn’t that busy yet.  Now, I have health issues and even if I have the time, I feel sooooo lazy to go to a spa and destress.

Oh well, Xentro Mall Antipolo was just built few months ago and it’s just walking distance from our place in Mambugan, Antipolo City (across Josefina Subdivision).   Now, it’s very convenient for me everytime I want to have my nails get polished and have a body scrub or foot spa, it’s just few somersaults away!


AMBIANCE: (4 stars) Very relaxing and clean.  Colorful and modern furnishings are pleasing to the eyes.  You will also be relaxed by the music as you enter the place.


SPACE:  The space for foot and hand treatments are just for 5-6 pax and I won’t bother to come in if the place is already full with customers. They just have two small rooms for waxing, massage, facial treatment and body scrub.  They have a common CR where staff and customers use.


FOOT SPA:  5 stars – I super love their premium foot spa for only P250.

MANI/PEDICURE:  3.5 stars- Probably, I just didn’t like the nail polish shades they have.

BODY SCRUB:  1 star- I wasn’t satisfied with the body scrub I had because I expected this to be done in almost an hour.  I would still go for Z Spa and Soulscape’s body scrub.  After the treatment, I didn’t feel anything special with my skin.

I wanted to try their facial treatment but it is kinda expensive.

PRICE:  3.5 stars – The premium foot spa is worth the price but the other services are overpriced.  It is not even inside a hotel.


Because I’m a CERTIFIED SPA DETECTIVE, I am committed in giving you my honest opinion based from my experience.


1. Create affordable packages that the customers won’t be able to resist.

2.  Offer tea/refreshments to the customers especially those who would avail the spa services/treatments.

3.  Renovate the small rooms and restroom.

This is all for now since I haven’t tried their other services yet.  If ever you would like to visit them at the 2nd level of Xentro Mall Antipolo in Mambugan, Antipolo City, look for Berly.  Everytime I wanted to have a foot spa or mani/pedi service, I look for her– she’s good 🙂

with shane
with my daughter, Shane

I was with my daughter one time in Marco Polo (we took advantage of the class suspension).  I wanted to try a new cafe, but that particular day, I think I had 5 or 6 cups of coffee already– I wanted to try something new instead.  The next thing I knew, I was dialing Marco Polo’s phone number and inquired about their afternoon tea @ Connect Lounge and  I successfully reserved seats for two at 3pm.

iced tea for kids
at your service

CONNECT Lounge is located in the 24th floor of Marco Polo Ortigas– near the lobby where hotel guests check in and out.  Usually, business meetings and coffee breaks are held there.

Upon approaching the staff in the counter, we were immediately ushered to our reserved table.  We were given our drinks first– tea for me and iced tea for Shane.  We super loooooved the view!  While sipping our drinks and enjoying the snacks, we also watched the view from the glass window.


When I was asked to choose between Asian and Traditional Afternoon Tea, I instantly have chosen the latter because I like sandwiches and sweets than Asian treats.

tea n cake
tea with snacks



  • tomato and mozarella
  • egg and cucumber
  • ham and mango relish
  • smoked salmon

2nd tier- SCONES

  • cream
  • raspberry jam

3rd tier- DESSERTS

  • English fruitcake
  • Chorix swans with passion-fruit cream
  • Chocolate eclair
  • Strawberry tart

Honestly, we couldn’t eat everything and we had to ask the staff to prepare the leftovers for takeout.

My rating for CONNECT’s  Afternoon Tea

5 stars

Why did I give a 5-star rating?

AMBIANCE:  Perfect!  The place is clean and has a nice view of the buildings.

STAFF: very friendly and attentive.

PRICE:  quite expensive but it’s worth the price I paid for

TASTE:  above average


24/F Marco Polo Ortigas Manila, Meralco Avenue, Ortigas Center, Pasig City

Phone # : (+632) 720 7777


In my previous post, I already have toured you in our spacious suite. Now, I will tell you about our second and last day in The Manor @ Camp John Hay.   After getting disappointed because I wasn’t able to use the jacuzzi at the Health Club, we decided to go back to the room and take a shower.

We had a problem with the toilet because the one that we have in the bedroom is clogged.  Unfortunately, the water basin didn’t flush so we had to go to the smaller toilet in the living room and we have to wait for our turn if needed.  That was uncomfortable on our part.

After packing our stuff and getting dressed up, we headed to the restaurant.  Oh yes, everytime we have a staycation or in a press trip, I always look forward to the buffet breakfast.  Before we entered  Le Chef, we were able to clear things out with the additional charges with the staff and I already have asked the hotel about it prior to our arrival and everything was settled.  There were plenty of tables inside but we opted to sit outside where we can see the beauty of God’s work.

It’s a good thing that they had corned beef, hashbrowns and chicken sausages at that time.  I was quite pleased with what I have chosen. The hot congee and sweets made it perfect.  I didn’t go for coffee that morning; instead, I settled for pineapple juice.

bruce breakfast

My youngest just tried the sweets but my other kids had taho– this is a breakfast ritual for them eveytime they are in Baguio.

Hubby picked fruits as usual.

Out of 5 stars, I would give 4 to their buffet breakfast.

After we filled out our tummies, we went for a walk around the area.  We decided to spend the rest of the hours there because we will be checking out in a while.  The kids were amazed of the animal statues, park and mini playground.



We were enjoying our walk outside and we didn’t want to go back to the room yet but we had to because we had to get ready for check out 🙁  I got a letter when we got back to the room, reminding me that we had to leave before 12nn.

I had no issue with the check-out.  Kudos to the hotel staff!

check out

Check-out was hassle-free.  Thanks to the staff!

So, another sad part is this:  we had to walk with our suitcases and other luggages from the hotel entrance to Ayala Technohub where we looked for a place to eat, but unfortunately, the restaurants were jampacked with people.  Luckily, there was a vacant table @ Pizza Volante.

Here’s my rating for The Manor:

3.5 stars

Should I come back?  Not sure.

Would I recommend it?  See and experience for yourself, haha! If ever you would, bring your own car.

Honestly, I didn’t really know what happened, but it’s been five months that I haven’t blogged about my recent activities– this is already quite alarming! I must admit that I felt so lazy that  I didn’t even post about our Baguio trip last May and I am really soooooo guilty of myself and to my readers that I haven’t shared any post at all.  I just woke up one morning and thought that this couldn’t go on for so long and so, I AM BACK!
       I tried to figure out why and I guess I was just too exhausted.  Last month, I was confined in the hospital because of D&C procedure.  I still couldn’t understand why I had my abnormal uterine bleeding and for a week already I have my UTI attack.  I didn’t go to work because of pain and I need to rest.  I’ve been dealing with stress lately– to the point that I thought of quitting my job already.  It’s no joke, folks!  I’m dead serious about this.  If only I have enough resources this time and I already am debt-free, I wouldn’t have second thoughts and could’ve taken the plunge.  Well, it’s not easy as ABC and 1-2-3, unfortunately… I should accept that reality.  As days go by, I motivate myself that in few months, I would be able to get out of this (That’s the least I can do to help myself.)


october stats

       I just opened wordpress today and was quite pleased with the stats.  I couldn’t believe that I have readers everyday even if I don’t have new posts.  Oh well, the more I feel guilty!  I realized that I have stories that readers might be interested with.  Let’s name a few:
1. Tea Time @ Marco Polo Ortigas Manila 
2.  My Auto Loan Experience
3.  Nails Glow Xentro Mall Review
4.  Horrible experience and Harrassment from Fitness First
4. My 16th Wedding Anniversary (I cancelled booking in one of my favorite hotels Discovery Suites because of my UTI.)  I prefer booking somewhere near our place but still unsuccessful because Vieux Chalet isn’t responding to my email message and text message.
and more to follow…
Til next post, dear readers!