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This blog tells about our last day in Boracay on May 4, 2019.  The three of us- hubby, myself and Bruce stayed in Estacio Uno Boracay while the others- Shane, Kyle and my father were left in Alta Vista de Boracay.  So, this set-up was kinda risky because this will be the first time that my father ( a senior citizen) would check out and I was praying that there would be no hassle that day.

After the sumptuous dinner that we had the previous night, we slept early.  We had a good night sleep– congratulations, Estacio Uno!  There’s only one teeny tiny thing  that you have to improve, but other than this– no more.  (Please see my separate post about my hotel review).  I wanted to check the hotel’s extension in the main road but we were not able to do so.  Probably when I come back, we can check how it looks like.

 When we woke up, we had a cup of coffee (that’s the daily routine for us) then I checked if the kids and my father have already prepared for breakfast.   I reminded them that they will be picked up at 9:30am and they need to be in the lobby by 9am and they should dial 0 for luggage assistance.

While Bruce was still sleeping, we took advantage of the time to go out and had a very quick pictorial.  Oh my!  I know I hate cramming, but we had some sort of adrenaline that we never get exhausted especially that we need a lot of catching up to do— we needed more photos and videos.  I really couldn’t believe that 6 days were NOT enough.  On my next vacay in the island, it would just be me, hubby and Shane so there will be less worry on my part and we can ENJOY for few days.

bruce sleeping.jpg


praying willys rock.jpg

While the priests and nuns were praying (facing the grotto in Willy’s Rock), we were having our pictorial.    Also in the other side, the Koreans who had the pre-nup pictorial the day before were also here doing photoshoot #2.  I was tempted to walk there wearing my white gown, but it wasn’t pressed.  Unfortunately, they also have no iron in the hotel room.  If only Hubby would join me, I would love to pose there, but who would dare to walk in front of many people with that kind of gown?  So you will see in my photos below that I was just lying on the bed/daybed so it won’t be obvious that the gown needs serious pressing.




When Bruce woke up, we got ready for breakfast @ Estacio Uno Boracay.  Though there were only limited selection of food, I didn’t have any complain with the taste and service.

As soon as we have finished eating, we went to the beach to swim.  Bruce was looking at the water while we were having our breakfast– as if he wanted to jump!


We were running out of time and because we will be picked by the BPHT staff at 9:30am, we had to make sure that there was time for swimming!

beach with bruce2 priceless.jpg

beach with bruce 2.jpg

When Bruce was already shivering, they went to the pool for the last dip!


I opted not to swim in the pool cos that time I was getting ready for another PICTORIAL.  I wasn’t able to wear my white wedding gown so I decided to just wear it inside so I can have photos in that white dress.

bruce pool.jpg


So here it is, my photos using my wedding gown I ordered from Amazon.

wedding photoshoot 6.jpg

wedding photoshoot 5.jpg

wedding photoshoot 8.jpg

wedding photoshoot 10.jpg



After last minute check for the things that we packed, I got a call from the front desk and I was informed that the staff from BPHT is already in the lobby to pick us up.

with bruce check out

after the check out

with ms sheelo.jpg

with Ms. Sheelo of BPHT


van to boracay airport.jpg

van to Boracay Airport

Boracay sign.jpg

boracay airport.jpg

If we have encountered a problem in The NAIA airport Terminal 3, we didn’t have any problem in Boracay Airport.  All the staff and employees were professional from the guard to the CSR assistants.

baggage drop assistant.jpg

We are ready to board 😦 Sad but we have to go back to reality.

boarding passes

Have you noticed my shimmering cheeks and liquid eyeliner?  Hehehe!  Ever since we went to Boracay, this is the first time I had visible makeup.  The whole stay in the island I had this very simple and innocent No MAKEUP look.  Thanks to Pond’s, I didn’t have a dry face.

at the bus

There you go— family pic inside the plane 🙂

in the plane back to manila.jpg

I prebooked our meals online because this would be our lunch.  This time, some of the orders were not available, they replaced those with other meals– the flight attendant informed that.  I thought that there was no problem with my daughter’s kiddie meal.  I ordered mini pizza for her and she got the box,  It’s only in the house that I found out that when she opened the box, she only got 1 KITKAT chocolate and 1 Chuckie Choco Drink.

roasted chicken inflight meal.jpg

Roasted Chicken

chicken spaghetti inflight meal.jpg

Chicken Spaghetti

Finally, we were home at around 3pm and though it wasn’t a perfect vacay, I was thankful because I was able to spend my time with the whole family.

Hubby and I really wanted to go back to Puka Shell Beach because the kids wanted to collect seashells and have a morning swim, but if we will push through with that itinerary, nobody would buy food for the rest of the family members who will stay in the loft room for lunch and dinner.  We made sure though, that we squeezed our time in the morning to swim with the kids in the infinity pool.  Though we were not satisfied with the loft room in Alta Vista de Boracay, our consolation prize is the swimming pool.  As long as the kids are enjoying, I can temporarily forget that I was totally disappointed.

lobby alta vista.jpg



As early as 6:15am , we were already in the lobby so we can wait for L’Altura where the buffet breakfast is served to open.  While waiting, I spoke to the front desk officer that we would be out to transfer to another hotel but two adults and 1 kid would be staying and the senior citizen will be the one to check out the following day.  We also paid the excess fee for breakfast of P175.00 for two days so my father won’t be having trouble during the check out.

at the veranda morning

We had our breakfast first before the morning swim and luckily, we were able to dine with a mountain view– so far, it was a great morning.

l altura




The kids can survive with cereals and egg and I can survive with chicken, pasta, eggs and hotdogs.  What I don’t like is that they don’t have an egg station where you can order on the spot and they cook on the spot too.  Hubby had to request the staff for eggs to be served in our table.  As for the sweets—Uhmmm, it’s understandable that they don’t have cakes and ice cream cos it  isn’t a five star hotel anyway.

After the breakfast, at past 7am, we got ready to swim with the kids.  Morning swim was our bonding with the kiddos and we had the fulfill that promise.

infinity pool.jpg


family pic pool 1.jpg

family pic pool

After swimming, we went to Citymall to buy groceries for the rest of the family members and lunch.  We have discovered an eatery near BDO in Citymall (you will just walk across) where you can buy affordable “lutong bahay” dishes– lumpiang gulay for only P10 each, 1 cup of rice for only P10, the pork dishes for P40 and fish for P50.  Most of the people eating there are tricycle drivers.  You can come here if you are in a tight budget.  Too bad, we just discovered this place on that day 😦


Just across the eatery, you will find Belmar’s store where you can buy plastic bag and other stuff.

belmars store.jpg

After having our lunch in our hotel room, we packed our things, sorted out the wet clothes

We were transferred to Estacio Uno Boracay by BPHT and after few minutes of verification, we were given seashell necklaces and welcome drinks.

check in estacio

This is my second time in Estacio Uno and though the hotel is kinda small compared to other beachfront hotels, I like the interiors and the service.    There are only few things they have to improve but overall, I recommend this hotel and probably would be back some other time.

bruce and hubby waiting

bruce estacio.jpg

Bruce enjoying his welcome drink

We loved the room though it is small because of its chic design.  We only brought 1 kid with us because we would pay extra for additional guests.  Aside from that, the room is only good for two adults.

estacio room 1

After checking in, we rested for a while because it’s still freakin’ HOT outside and I had a cup of coffee while picking what we will wear for the rest of the day until the following day.


After the coffee break, we went out for the afternoon swim.

free toiletries estacio.jpg

I super loved their free toiletries and what they don’t have in other hotels is here– the sewing kit for wardrobe malfunction.


afternoon swim beach




After the swimming, we got ready for our complimentary dinner in Estacio Uno and I thought we would have a problem because the front desk staff were not aware of that.  They told me that they only provide the guests with complimentary breakfast but the dinner is NOT complimentary.  I informed them that I only got the info in the hotel voucher and after a minute of verification, they asked us to choose from the menu of worth P1,000.

Surprisingly, the food is affordable– you can buy double burger patty with fries for only P185.  Other dishes were only averaging to P200 up and the food tasted good.


We just had the food served in our room because we were not comfortable eating in the lobby, hahaha!

dinner estacio room

After the dinner, we decided to sleep early because it will be the last day in Boracay the following day and whether we like it or not, we have to go back in Manila 😦


  1.  This day, I have realized that despite of being upset for different reasons, we still have to manage how to smile and be positive.
  2. We just realized we should have discovered the affordable eatery right away.  In that way, we could have saved a lot of money.  We just chilled in the first few days because what we have in mind is that we still have the time to explore.  Lesson learned:  Do what you have to do before it’s too late.
  3. We were glad we have organized everything in advance that’s why we didn’t have any hassle this day.

For the hotel review of Alta Vista and Estacio Uno, watch out for my next posts and my vlogs as well in my Youtube channel.


Hello!  This is Day 4 of our 6 day Boracay Summer Diaries.  If you have read my previous post, I was disappointed with our loft room.  After checking in to Alta Vista de Boracay, we have rested the previous night to devote the following day to bond with the 3 kids at Puka Beach and the hotel’s infinity pool.

corridor before breakfast.jpg

So, after the disappointment I had with our loft room, I had to think how are we going to be productive that day. (Yes, I was soooooo disappointed  because the room is quite old and the furnitures are also outdated already.  They need to make a MAJOR room makeover). 

every summer has a story

As what the pic says, “Every summer has a story and our stay with Alta Vista was a nightmare.”

We have prepped our day by starting to fill our tummies with their buffet breakfast.  The restaurant was already jampacked with guests so we just had our buffet breakfast in the basement.


breakfast day 1

Well, the food was just ok, but nothing spectacular with the taste– it was like I ate a cardboard with a flavor.  Just for the sake to have energy for our morning bonding with the kids and for getting the worth of what we paid for, we ate the food.

The pool was so inviting, but we had to resist the temptation because we had to go to Puka Beach that morning.  Heading there in the afternoon would definitely be sooooo hot.

to the hymettus bldg

We went back to the room to change and get our stuff.  I was so disgusted because we were 6 in the room but there were only toiletries for two pax.  In Ambassador where we checked in from the 29th til May 1, 2019, they provided toiletries, freebies like coffee and tea for 5 adults and replenish the supplies on a daily basis.  In Alta Vista, I had to request for slippers– they did NOT anticipate what the guests would be needing.  I even requested for additional toiletries as well– Oh my!  I went there for vacation but I was even more stressed.  You had to REQUEST for something they did NOT provide.

When we went to the lobby to wait for the shuttle service, the guard asked us to be seated for a while and he will just call us as soon as the shuttle arrives.  To our dismay, the shuttle arrived but he didn’t call us.  We were about to stand but there was no room for us anymore, so there was noting to do but to wait for another shuttle.  After 15 minutes, we were able to have a ride.


waiting for the shuttle to the puka beach.jpg

When we were already dropped to PUKA BEACH, we were directed to the towel booth where we were given 5 beach towels to use and we were given a small table and thin bench where we can sit for a while and place our stuff.

towel area puka.jpg

towel area

bench and small table puka.jpg

When we arrived, we almost have the beach to ourselves– only few guests of Alta Vista were there so the kids were excited to have their morning swim.

bruce puka

The kids enjoyed picking up shells in Puka Shell Beach.  They were amazed to see the sand there is different than the powdery white sand in White Beach.

sand at puka

After picking up shells, the kids enjoyed swimming for a while because after limited time of bliss, it was replaced by another disappointment.  Just in an instant, with my own eyes, I witnessed how Puka Beach has transformed into a jetty port!

puka port pic.jpg

The boats that were scheduled to have island hopping docked in the swimming area and so the other guests got furious as well.

Oh well, our day was ruined already and it’s a loooooong day so I thought we were already there so we should just enjoy the beach anyway.

family pic puka 1

I temporarily forgot everything because Hubby treated us for ice cream, hehe!

I admired the ice cream vendor because he really waited for the ice cream wrappers and provided a plastic bag where we can place the trash so the cleanliness of the beach will be maintained– VERY GOOD!  He even gave us a tip that if we really wanted some privacy and have the whole beach to ourselves–without those boats, we should come at 8am or 3pm.  Hubby and I wanted to come back in the morning the following day but the challenge would be the schedule– if we can provide food for them until dinner we can hit the beach the whole morning.

After last round of swimming and collecting seashells, we went back to the hotel already because we need to go to the Citymall to buy food for dinner.  We just had cup noodles for lunch so since the following day we will leave the 2 kids and my father in Alta Vista, we need to have stock of groceries for them.  Hubby and I, together with Bruce will transfer to Estacio Uno so we really have to make sure that everything is organized and that there will be no hassle as well.

citymall boracay

We have bought groceries in Crafts of Boracay and Budget Mart and the products are quite expensive and we were surprised because in Savemore in Citymall, the prices didn’t change.  Every week, we do our grocery shopping either in SM Masinag and Savemore in Xentro Mall Antipolo so we know the prices 🙂


We even discovered that you can buy inexpensive rice meals here but unfortunately we couldn’t bear the long queue for payment so we just decided to order in Jollibee instead.

dinner veranda.jpg

dinner at the veranda

We made use of the veranda not to dry the clothes because there was nothing pleasant to the eyes to view here.  We opted to just stay in the bedroom in the loft to rest in our free time.  Too bad, there was NO television in the loft bedroom so we were really bored to death:-(

drying clothes at the veranda.jpg

We need to make the most out of our disgusting stay in Alta Vista so we went for a night swimming. We liked the infinity pool but then you cannot have pool-hopping just like what we have done in Fairways last year.  Their attendants were nice as well and we didn’t have any misunderstanding with them regarding the towels that we have borrowed.

jasmine pool.jpg

What I liked about the pool attendants was that they really look after the guests especially the kids.

night swimming.jpg



After the night swimming, it’s a mom’s instinct to organize all the things that the kids will be needing when we leave the following day.  I even called the front desk to make sure that we won’t have any problem with the check out because my father will be the one to get the refund for the incidental deposit.


  1.  I have managed to control my temper in situations like this– before I would confront the staff and would demand to speak with the manager if needed.  I have learned to use my precious time to things that needed immediate attention.  I knew that I would just waste my time doing so.

2.  I was the one to be blamed for having this kind of experience.  I have assumed that           Alta Vista is like Fairways and I have not done my research.  I have discovered                     how terrible their service is when I have read the reviews but unfortunately, it                   was too late because I couldn’t modify or cancel my reservation anymore.  I was                 deceived by the pictures and I admit, dear readers that it was an HONEST mistake.             I am correcting this mistake by letting you know that it’s not wise to spend your                 money in this hotel.  If you would like to be away from the busy White Beach but               still want to have an excellent and blissful vacation, choose Fairways & Bluewater             Boracay.

That’s it for now!  Watch out for my Boracay Day 4 VLOG here.


It was our last day in Ambassador in Paradise, so sad to leave because of the super nice location– just few steps from our suite to the beach (That’s what I actually loved about a beachfront hotel) 

I didn’t want to cram at the last minute so the night before, I already have organized our stuff.  I have separated what we will wear that morning and prepared a separate bag for the wet clothes.  We had our morning walk and swim at the beach and we were able to have a family picture taken before heading to the breakfast buffet at Al Fresco Restaurant.  

family pic 2


It was our second day of having our breakfast in Ambassador in Paradise and still I didn’t have any complain with the TASTE of their food though they only have LIMITED selection.  I have survived that morning with chicken, hotdogs, egg and pasta.  The only thing that I have noticed is that they do not have sweets.  It would have been a nice treat if they have served cakes or other desserts like what they have in other hotels.  (The Linden Suites which I did not recommend served cakes and Edsa Shangri-la served ice cream in their breakfast buffet). The hotel was categorized as five star so the guests would really look for that standard.  It would be safe for the hotel not to claim itself as a five star when in reality it’s not.  It’s already evident -it’s not a 5-star hotel.– I would rate them as a 4-star hotel.  (For the complete details, please check my separate post about my hotel review).


After the breakfast, I just stayed in the beachbed in the pool area and watched my kids enjoy the pool for the last time.

beachbed ambassador

After we have taken a shower, we already prepared for the check out.  I was prepared to have my vlog launch at Alta Vista de Boracay as I have already pictured something like Fairways & Bluewater Boracay .  Last year, just before the Boracay closure, we were able to book a 3d/2n stay there and we were totally impressed with the breathtaking views and we have enjoyed our “pool-hopping.”  Even if it’s not situated in the White Beach, everything you need is already in the property (different restaurant choices, high class facilities like the gym, spa and swimming pools).  They have their own convenience store near the gate but in case you need more stuff to buy, Citymall is just across the property.  They also have a shuttle service that will take you to the D’mall for free.

check out ambassador

So, I was excited to transfer to Alta Vista de Boracay because of what I have visualized in my mind.and what I saw in the room photos.   We didn’t have any problem checking out in Ambassador, but we stayed there in the lobby for few minutes to wait for the multicab service provided by BPHT.  ‘

At the time we were in the lobby of the hotel, there were many guests but we were able to check in after few minutes.  Ms. Maricel explained everything clearly (including the breakfast stubs and the shuttle service to Citymall and Puka Beach).


the friendly front desk staff

check in.jpg

After filling out the form, we waited for a while then we got our breakfast stubs, wristbands for the shuttle service and the old-fashioned room key.  (Yes, you read it right, an OLD FASHIONED KEY!).  Oh well, so this was the start.  I expected that they would give us the keycards like they do in luxury hotels and even in a 3-star hotel like Microtel, but I didn’t mind that at first because I thought we would have a nice loft room anyway.  

stubs and wifi password

We had internet access that we were not able to use for 4 days and 3 nights so we ended up using our LTE connection instead ALL THE TIME.

lobby while waiting

We were given welcome drinks while waiting for our loft room


We were assigned in the Hymettus Bldg. on the 3rd floor where loft rooms are located.  I booked a loft room because we are 6 in the family and because we only have 2 room choices (the studio/de luxe suite and the loft suite), that’s the best choice that we have.


When I entered the room, I didn’t get impressed.  You will see my reaction caught in the video in my review about Alta Vista de Boracay.  It was just a STANDARD  loft room— nothing special and pleasant to the eyes.  At the back of my mind, I thought “There’s NO way I would formally launch my vlog here as this property didn’t even pass to my standards.”  So since I was scheduled to have a feature of Lemon Cafe that night, I opted to just have my vlog launch there.

veranda jasmine

the veranda

veranda view

(It’s a nice place to dry the clothes but hubby told me he doesn’t like the view either.) 

After putting our things in the loft room, hubby and I, together with the 2 kids got ready for our afternoon walk in D’mall.    There’s a waiting area for the shuttle service going to Citymall.  The road was still under road construction at that time, so they only drop their guests there.  You need to get a multicab going to D’mall.

shuttle waiting area.jpg

We had a hard time waiting for a ride; luckily, we were able to spot one and we paid P15 per head.

waiting for ride to dmall

while waiting for a ride in Citymall

After the short walk to Station 2 beachfront, we walked in D’amll where Lemon Cafe is located.


(For the details about Lemon Cafe’s bestsellers, I will be writing a separate post about it.  )  I formally launched my vlog here so it was something special for me.  I will allot a year for me to have more subscribers and content.  i am still new with vlogging so it takes time for me to edit one vlog post coz I have to put raw videos, selected pics together, trim or cut unneccesary clips and apply music and graphics to it– it requires a lot of time.  Probably in my next visit to my favorite summer destination, there will be two major celebrations (the renewal of vows we had on April 30 and the vlog launch on May 1).  I think I will be relaunching my vlog too– so BACK-to-BACK celebration!


dinner lemon cafe.jpg

watermelon ginger juice.jpg

I chilled with a glass of watermelon ginger juice

Our tummies were fueled after the hearty dinner and I was even more speechless when I saw what they have prepared for dessert.  That’s my weakness— DESSERTS to temporarily forget the disappointments I had experienced.  I was in cloud nine that particular moment and I felt like a kid again.  I liked the salted caramel and lemon meringue especially.


I would like to thank the staff of Lemon Cafe, to Ms. Sarah who let us taste their bestsellers (main dishes, juices and desserts ) and to Jenny for taking care of our needs while we were there though they were super busy at that time, but they have given us an excellent service.  Kudos to the team and cheers for more years of serving Boracay tourists with delectable food and exceptional service.

with the staff

with the staff of LEMON CAFE

After the sumptuous dinner, we checked the beachfront to see whether there were still parties just like the old Boracay that we have known for.  They still have the parties but the dancers or party people were not in the beachfront, they were inside the establishments.  So you see, there was a BIG improvement in terms of DISCIPLINE and though it was quite strange because for so many years, we got used to see people and firedancers party in the beachfront, but I actually loved the NEW Boracay.

After that, we went to Budget Mart to shop for groceries and just like what we have experienced in Crafts of Boracay, the prices of the products were higher compared to the groceries here in Manila.  It would be better to buy in Citymall because the prices compared to the groceries here are the same.  At that time, we have not been to Citymall yet so we didn’t know that.  (It’s OK, we learn from our own experience.).

We had a hard time looking for a multicab that would take us to D’mall.  We found one but the driver contracted us to pay P150 and because we were exhausted already and we were desperate to go back to the hotel and rest, we agreed. We waited for the shuttle service from Citymall to Alta Vista and then because we were dead tired, we didn’t manage to have a night swimming like what we have planned before.

Before sleeping, we had to move the other bed in the loft because my hyper five year old kid jumps and we were afraid that he might fall if we didn’t do so.


  1.  I didn’t make  a wise decision to book a loft type room in ALTA VISTA De Boracay.  If only I have booked in advance, I would have booked a one or two bedroom suite in Fairways and we won’t be disappointed like this.  There was only ONE television in the living room and that was already occupied by my father so I couldn’t watch my favorite TV programs.  There was no privacy as well if you will stay with your whole family.  It was just applicable for smaller groups.  (The detailed description about the review will be written in a separate post). 
  2. It would be better to organize everything so there would be no cramming on your end– we were able to do that when we have packed everything in advance prior to the check out in Ambassador in Paradise.
  3. I super loved the NEW Boracay and it would be an excellent example to the youth on how they should preserve the environment and dispose garbage/trash properly.  i would love to integrate these in my lessons.
  4. We gave time for ourselves to rest and we didn’t abuse our bodies at all.  It’s a good thing that we are disciplined as well.

NOTE:  You can view Day 3 of My Boracay 2019 Vacay VLOG here.





This BORACAY trip was intended primarily for a special event which was the renewal of our vows.  I surprised hubby with this and we planned this event secretly with the members of my family for almost a year and a half.  We had lots of changes— the original plan of having a beachfront wedding at Estacio Uno , then I coordinated with Mama’s Fish House because I had to cut down expenses, but then since hubby’s relatives and some of our friends can’t go to Boracay, I decided to just have an intimate renewal of vows instead.  And now for the final change, with the help of Ms. Mariel of BPHT, I thought of having our renewal of vows on a boat.  Yey!  

jas pool background

Ever since we visited Boracay for the first time in 2011, we always make it a point o visit or have a picture with this Gorilla.  So, since we stayed in Ambassador in Paradise for 3 days and 2 nights, we were free to have pictorial with this celebrity, hehehe!

with the gorilla 2

with hubby 2

After a tiring day that we had the previous day,  we woke up before 6am and had the traditional morning walk just near Willy’s Rock.  We did not swim because we had to go straight to Al Fresco Restaurant for the breakfast buffet at 6:30am.

towel area ambassador

the towel area @the Ambassador in Paradise Hotel

Hubby went out first to return the towels we borrowed the previous night and I wondered why he has not come back yet, so I decided to go out already.  I was right with my instinct that he had encountered a problem.  He returned 5 towels but he only got 3 towel cards- the staff told him that the two other cards were missing!  When I heard that, I thought we would have a problem checking out because 1 missing towel card costs P1,600 and that would mean we would pay P3,200.  Of course, if they would ask us to pay for the missing cards, I would complain because we have returned 5 towels and it was not our problem if they have lost the two cards.  The staff assured us that the incident will be reported so at least we didn’t have to worry about anything at all– especially that the we were about to celebrate a very important event on that day.


breakfast @ Al Fresco Restaurant

I didn’t want to ruin our special day so we just enjoyed the morning and filled our tummies with great food.  I  was super satisfied with our breakfast (being a very picky eater, it means the restaurant did a very good job because I was satisfied )— Hubby and I had a heavy meal because we knew that we would have a late lunch.

While I was taking a shower, hubby left to buy food @ Andok’s for the other family members.  We didn’t have our lunch yet because we were still full at that time.  We decided not to let my father and youngest kid join us because we already have anticipated the scenario–There would be a senior citizen complaining about the long walk and joint pains then a hyper kid who would run, jump and roll on the floor.  So only the two kids went with us in that event.


I really couldn’t wear the white wedding gown because I wasn’t able to press it, so I just chose an off-shoulder light pink glittery dress that I would wear supposedly in the reception.  Hubby also didn’t want to get too much attention if we are going to walk in Station 1 in front of Astoria and wait for the boat tom dock.  If only I had pressed the gown the day before, I won’t mind the attention that we would be getting (hi hi hi!)

For the make up, I settled for the simple and natural look– wearing heavy make up would be a problem especially if I decide to swim after the event.  After applying the sunblock and day cream, I just put a little foundation and pressed powder with very light coral blush, bronzer and highlighter.  Special thanks to Anne Viray for the makeup tips!  I also didn’t style my hair- just sprayed it with Tresemme Hair Spray for the sides and just combed it.

We arrived at the pick up point (in front of Astoria) before 11am.  After few minutes, Mark and Ms Mariel of BPHT arrived and I received my bouquet of pink and white roses.

before the rov

It was my first time to meet Ms Mariel in person though I coordinated with her regarding our roundtrip transfers since 2016 through phone or email.  They decorated the boat with white and pink organza fabric and combination of red and white roses.   After few minutes, Pastor Angelo and Pastor Peter arrived and we have chosen to dock in a quiet spot at Puka Beach for the ceremony.



(For the complete details about our renewal of vows, you may check the updates here in my site or YouTube channel.)

with pastor angelo and peter

kiss beach

After the ceremony, we dropped Pastor Angelo and Pastor Peter in Puka Beach then we have decided to swim since we have plenty of time left.  Part of our itinerary was Ilig-iligan Beach.  While we were in the boat on the way to that beach, we have changed to rash guards so we can have our afternoon swim since we didn’t swim that morning.  As soon as the boat has docked, to our surprise, two police officers approached the boatmen and we have already sensed that we were in trouble.

Hmmm!  We were in trouble!  (Self-check:  Have we violated the rules? ) As far as I know, it was included in our itinerary so I thought that they were not aware that docking and swimming there was not allowed.  I called Ms Mariel and she informed me that they didn’t know about this yet.  Of course, if they already know that it’s not permitted to dock there, why would they include it in the itinerary?

One of the policemen went to our boat to get our IDs for the police report.  That was something that I can’t forget.  After the renewal of vows, we should have enjoyed, but it turned out to be a TOTAL DISASTER.  We were not able to use the remaining hours for the island hopping since we rented that boat for 4 hours.  We didn’t blame the boatmen nor BPHT because nobody wanted this to happen.  The boat provider was fined P11,000 and the boat was put on hold.  We were dropped to Station 1 where we were picked up because they will go to the jetty port.  In the video below, you will see that the two policemen were with us in the boat.


After the incident, we just went back to the hotel to rest and have lunch.  After that, we headed to the beach for the afternoon swim.  After the renewal of vows, we gave the remaining hours and days for the kids to enjoy.

no island hopping

family pic beach afttie


kyle and shane.jpg


After the afternoon swim and gazing at the adorable sunset, we went to the pool for another round of swimming.  Just like what hubby said, this vacation is not just for the two of us, it’s for the kids to enjoy 🙂


  1.  As much as I wanted to have my vlog launch on the boat or during the island hopping, it didn’t push through because of what happened. I just planned to have it either in Alta Vista de Boracay where we will check in the following day or in Lemon Cafe.

One thing that I have learned from this incident is not to freak out or overreact.                  Even the policemen who got our IDs for verification was calm in talking with us                  and the boatmen.  I think there was just a misunderstanding, but they should have            listened and spared them.  Nobody wanted this to happen that’s why i didn’t blame            anyone for this.  I just accepted what happened and enjoyed the rest of the day.

We also thought that we were still lucky because somebody asked if we wanted to               have our renewal of vows in Ilig-iligan Beach or in Puka Beach.  We just chose the             latter, and we were glad we did because if not, we wouldn’t have renewed our                     vows that day.

2. Another lesson was not to expect too much.  Because Ambassador in Paradise                     was categorized as five star hotel, I expected the same service and special                             treatment like what we have experienced in Edsa Shangri-la, and Discovery                         Hotels.  I thought they would give us a small surprise as well.



3.  No matter what happened to you, all you can cling to is your family so value the time that you have with them.  At the end of the day, before going to sleep, I thought of the vows that we have exchanged.  We didn’t have the time to write our vows so we just did it on the spot.  Hubby said he’s not that showy of his feelings but he did not leave me especially when I need someone to be with.  He already proved it to me a lot of times and exchanging the vows in front of our children is something that I would cherish til my last breath.

Despite of what happened, I would like to thank Ms. Mariel of BPHT for helping me out with this idea.  I just spent less than 20k for the intimate renewal of vows ceremony on a boat.  There was no special dinner and vlog launch but I got what I wanted already.  Of course, if you wanted to upgrade like hiring a make up artist, have the ceremony in the beachfront and set up a special dinner for your guests, it would cost more.  Let me tell you more how I renewed our vows on a budget in a separate blog post.

Til next post, dear readers and don’t forget to subscribe in my YouTube channel.

You can watch my vlog here.




It’s been a week since we flew all the way here from Manila to Boracay and I think the 6 day vacay wasn’t enough!  It’s quite different if you will travel alone, with your hubby or with the whole family.  In this part 1 of my BORACAY special, I will tell you about my experience when we have traveled for the first time in group.  Because we traveled with the kids and with a senior citizen, we couldn’t think of our own happiness and comfort.  You had to think about them first before you make a decision.

Let’s go back to the main reason why we traveled with my 5 year old kid and my father– primarily because I wanted them to witness our renewal of vows.  Next, It was their first time to travel in Boracay and ride on a plane and lastly, I thought it would be fun to spend the summer together as a family.  Well, here in the Boracay series, I will give you tips on how you can save money and where to stay when you are in the island.


As early as 3:30am, we were all awake to prepare everything– the luggage, itinerary vouchers, IDs and boarding passes.  Nobody would drive us to the airport so I just booked a 6-seater car via my Grab app.  We left at 5am and we were able to reach the NAIA Terminal 4 at past 7am.



All of us have our boarding passes already and we all have baggage allowance of 7 kg, but I prebooked additional 20kg baggage allowance since I have a large suitcase plus one travel bag and a backpack.  Hubby bought another suitcase for Shane’s clothes to reduce the number of bags that we will take with us for that trip.  When I checked in the 2 suitcases, the attendant said that I already exceeded 9 kg and I need to pay additional P3,300 for that.  Had I known that I would pay that much, I should have prebooked another 20kg for just P500 online.  We didn’t have any choice so we paid for the additional fee, but that 3k is already a big help for the groceries but it vanished in just a flash (sigh!).

baggage drop

the queue to the boarding area

The kids were not able to charge their phones so they went to the charging station to charge.  At 9am, we were able to enter the boarding gate.

charging station



family plane

I also prebooked the inflight meals online because I anticipated the 1.5 hours trip from Kalibo to Caticlan Jetty Port.

inflight meal

the inflight meals that I prebooked online


When we have arrived at the airport, I waited for the BPHT staff to approach us.  I was expecting a signboard with the title of my blog (The Travel Blogger in Pink) but there wasn’t even a sign with my name on it.  Ms. Liza wasn’t as welcoming as our previous guide, Ms Jhoy, but probably they were busy in the office so they forgot my requests.  I trust Ms Mariel so much that every time we go to Boracay, I contact them to book our roundtrip transfers.  We also waited for few minutes for the van to arrive when we were already in Kalibo.

In the Jetty port, Mark welcomed us and guided us where to fall in line and verify our identities with our IDs and hotel vouchers.  After the boat ride, we rode another vehicle to take us to Ambassador in Paradise Hotel.


As soon as we have arrived, the staff were attentive and asked for our IDS and payment for the balance.  We were given seashell necklaces and welcome drinks in their small lobby/reception area while waiting.

FIRST IMPRESSION:  Honestly, it doesn’t look like a 5-star hotel and I was expecting a large lobby.

at the lobby

keycards and towel cards

Upon check in, we were given the key cards, info about WIFI access, towel cards and a basic mobile phone (because they do not have a landline in their rooms) that you can use to dial the front desk, housekeeping and the restaurant.


Room 501

We were assigned to room 501 (a family suite) in the ground floor with pool view at the veranda.  (The detailed review about Ambassador in Paradise  will be written in a separate post). 

I was satisfied with the suite but I could have enjoyed more if we have a bathtub in the toilet.   I super loved their free toiletries and the location is super nice as well.  In the veranda you can relax because you have a pool and beach view.

jas and shane twinning 

After checking the room, resting and unpacking, we decided to walk from Station 1 to D’mall to buy groceries.   I also told hubby about my surprise for him the following day so we can prepare in advance.   It took me almost an hour to unpack, organizing the clothes in the closet (I placed the tops, bottoms and dresses inside and the swimwears and cover ups in the suitcase) and the beauty supplies on the table.

Aside from the bathtub, lighted closet and vanity area, I also looked for  the pressing board and the iron.  I had to press my wedding gown for the renewal of vows the following day!  I didn’t bother to avail the pressing service because it would cost me around 1k approximately.

beach aftie

First, we walked in the beachfront– (we were tempted to swim in the beach but we didn’t do so because we had to get back at the hotel soon as my Papa will get hungry and there was nothing to eat.  We opted instead to use the way leading to the main road.


And here is what we saw:  TRAFFIC everywhere because of the road construction.


I would like to thank Mr. Russel Palmer of Crafts of Boracay for allowing me to document our grocery shopping in their store.    We bought red wine and dark chocolate for the renewal of vows the following day (wine and chocolate ceremony).  We also bought plastic plates, spoons and forks, powdered detergent, chips, bread, cup noodles, coffee, sugar, crackers, candies and bottled water.

After eating dinner (we just bought food in Andok’s), we went out for a walk to see how is the nightlife in Boracay now.  There were NO parties in the beachfront and firedancers just like before– we actually loved the NEW Boracay.  The people seem to be disciplined already.

family night

As much as we would like to rest already,  the night won’t be complete without the night swimming so we called the kids because they were looking forward for this.

The pool has floaters already that the guests can use.  They also have a lifeguard to look after the guests especially the kids.  We used our towel cards to exchange for towels in their booth so no need for the guests to bring the hotel towels in the pool area anymore.


outfit for the day.jpg

Top:  From Cynthia’s House of Sale in Marikina (P100)

Shorts:  Barbie at around P500-600.

I would like to thank Ms. Mariel of BPHT for her patience.  We have changed the time twice– at first when I told hubby he thought the 1pm island hopping would be super hot so we changed it to 9am.  ms Mariel immediately informed the boat provider and the pastors about the updated time.  After dinner we realized that we would be in a hurry because the breakfast at Al Fresco restaurant will begin at 6:30am and if we would finish by 7am or 7:30am, I only have 1,5 hours to prepare and we still have to go to Astoria because that’s the pick-up point.  I called her to inquire if we can have the activity at 11am so I can still do my make up and hair for the special event.  It’s a good thing that she understood that and granted my request.

It was such a tiring day so we slept early to recharge and to prepare for the important event the following day. (My Renewal of Vows will be written in another post)


  1. It would be better to prebook the meals and baggage allowance to avoid paying expensive fees.  We should have brought larger suitcases instead of travel bags.
  2.  Was it the right decision for me to book Ambassador in Paradise for the first two nights?  YES because its location.  I just didn’t feel the sincerity of the staff– I mean they do their job because they are obligated to do it and not because they like to do it.  Since it is tagged as a five-star hotel, I have very high expectations about the service and the hotel itself.  It can’t be compared to Shangri-la and Discovery Shores.  There were no welcome fruits and they didn’t make us feel special and feel at home.
  3.   In the first night, we realized also that we just can’t think about ourselves– we need to consider the other members of the family.



How I renewed our vows

Hello! I posted last year about my plans of renewing our vows in Boracay but due to the island’s rehabilitation and closure in 2018, it did not materialize.

Probably you are asking why do we need to renew our vows? First of all, we were not able to have a decent wedding in 2002, it was just an ordinary civil wedding ceremony in Taytay but years passed by and as my kids grow and as we age as well, I realized that I wanted to march down the aisle — not in the church but at the beachfront of Boracay.

I started planning about it- I started with Estacio Uno but I cancelled it due to financial problems. I had to think of cheaper options until I thought of having it in Diniwid Beach instead and Mama’s Fish House for the reception.

I actually forgot about the whole thing until this March, Ms Ella, my make up artist reminded me about it and that’s when I started to fix everything at about 2 months before the event– when everybody is super busy and I feel stressed as well.

I thought of having my intimate renewal of vows in Ambassador in Paradise resort in Station 1 where we booked for April 29 to May 1. The package is around P52,000 including the food for 5 pax, but still I want to cut down the expenses, so I decided to contact BPHT and arranged for a renewal of vows on a boat and they will just decorate it with white and pink roses and sheer organza. I really loved the idea and it’s a lot cheaper as well. My only problem is the reception area. I’m torn with having lunch in Tabon Baybay in their buffet lunch area, having a private dinner for two either on Discovery Shores or Ambassador or having it in Mama’s Fish House.

This one is much different than a traditional wedding so less preparation and stress on my part. I already purchased my white beach dress and accessories online. I am arranging whether we can have a pastor to officiate the ceremony, but just in case, a family member can officiate it. We did not hire a professional photographer, I just have my eldest kid Kyle and my Papa to assist me with the videos and photographs. There will be no favors as well as we did not invite guests, it will just be a very intimate ceremony and lunch.

So, how did I manage to have renewal of vows with a P20k budget?

  1.  This is a very intimate event so I did not invite guests- just hubby and I, our 3 kids and my father.
  2. I just arranged a boat renewal of vows which cost me around P6,500 plus decorations of pink and white roses for P400 per dozen.
  3. We just had family dinner @ Mama’s Fish house.  I didn’t ask anymore about a special set up because it will cost me P3,500.  We just ordered a la carte.
  4. With the help of BPHT, we finally had a pastor to officiate the renewal of vows for P5k.
  5. We did not have the exchange of rings (we were not able to buy a set yet).
  6. Instead of buying sand ceremony kit, I opted for the dark chocolate and wine ceremony.  We bought these in the grocery store a night before the event.
  7. I cancelled the make up artist service 3 weeks before the event because I will save P9,100 (that actually I have used to pay the pastor and for the family dinner)

It’s not how expensive your wedding or renewal of vows is, but how memorable is it.  I do not have to spend a fortune to have a unique and memorable event.

Interested in renewing your vows or getting married in Boracay Island? Watch out for my blog posts and vlogs about the preparation and for the event itself. I might go live on Facebook  later.  See you!

nexus reception

the friendly staff @ Nexus 1 Body Spa

As part of my preparation for our upcoming summer trip in Boracay next week, I booked a body scrub, Swedish massage , manicure and pedicure at Nexus1 Body Spa in Xentro Mall Antipolo.   I would like to achieve that summer glow  ( radiant skin before our trip and I wanted to destress as well) Well, I’ve made the right decision to try their service.  At first I was hesitant because I thought I would also be disappointed like what I have experienced in Nails Glow Xentro Mall, but because it is the nearest nail salon/spa in our area and I didn’t want to come back anymore at Nails Glow, I had no choice but to give it a try.    In my first visit, I was very pleased and amazed because the staff treated us well and unlike the other spa attendants who refuse to answer queries and quite rude to their clients.  Even the owner greeted us with a smile. No wonder why their clients keep coming back (they have excellent service, affordable prices and nice treatment to their customers).


Just in case you have followed my previous posts, you might have discovered that I really like to destress and I am very particular with the place, class and exceptional service.  Sometimes, you can be fooled by a classy reception, but when you enter, you will discover how untidy the place is and how gross the materials they use.  I requested for a quick tour and I was glad that they have granted it 🙂   Now, let us have a tour of the 100 square meter establishment.


They have 6 rooms for body scrub and massage.  The massage area was larger than what I expected– each space is separated by curtain but the furnishings and designs are of excellent taste.

While waiting, because they still have to prepare our rooms and my father’s foot wash, we were offered with the very refreshing ginger tea.  I also booked a Swedish massage and they gave us 20% discount because he is a Senior citizen.  My hubby didn’t book for a service but they offered him a tea too.

ginger tea

ginger tea for me and hubby 🙂


While my father was having his foot wash, I was in the massage area and after I have worn the boxer shorts and cover, we already proceeded with our body scrub session.

inside the massage area



They have two kinds of body scrub- the Apricot and salt.  I already have tried Kojic salt that’s why I chose Apricot this time.  It’s cream based but it has also beads and I didn’t feel itchy during and after the treatment.

apricot body scrub

cream based Apricot body scrub

body scrub


When I go to the spa , I always check the restroom/shower area.  So far, the spas that I have visited with clean and impressive restrooms are Soulscape Spa in Marcos Highway and Z Spa in Pasig City (with sauna and bath tub)  .  I didn’t expect that it would meet my standards, but congratulations, you’re now in my list as one of the best spas I’ve visited.

I was impressed with their restroom and shower area– the rooms are very clean.  They already have prepared the towel, new cover and boxer that I will use.  After the hot shower, I headed to the room for the Swedish massage.


I enjoyed the Swedish massage– I requested for light pressure as I don’t want to feel like being beaten after the treatment.

Swedish massage.jpg


After the relaxing massage, April gave me hot towels and ginger tea.

ginger tea after the treatment


It was already past 6pm when we were done with the massage, so we headed to the nail area right away,


I quickly chose the colors for the toenails and fingernails.  I settled something green for the toenails and bright pink polish from Orly.


Now, I am summer ready– thanks to Nexus 1 Body Spa for the affordable packages!  You may check them at Xentro Mall and avail their summer promo.    For the complete video, please click the link and subscribe to my YouTube channel.  Til my next post “-)


2/F Xentro Mall Antipolo, Mambugan, Antipolo City

                                                 Mobile number:  0966 761 1735




Hello, everyone!  I got my new Iphone 6s plus last week because I have renewed my postpaid plan with Globe for another 24 months.  I would have preferred the Iphone X but since I am cutting down our expenses, I settled for the unit with no cash out.

My Postpaid Plan

I chose the Plan P1799 because it has almost everything that I want to have except for the unli Smart calls.

  • I have unlimited calls to Globe and TM and this is what I use to contact my family members.  They have postpaid Globe plans too under my account.
  • Another thing that I like is that I won’t worry anymore about texting Smart/TNT mobile numbers because I have unlimited text to all networks (awesome!)
  • I have 11 GB of data (which I really enjoy) because I check emails and messenger once in a while.

So far, I am happy with my phone and I downloaded the apps that I will be needing for work and play 🙂

  1.  GMAIL


This app is a must for me because I receive email messages daily.  I have three Gmail accounts:

  1.  For work – I have a Deped email account that I use in school
  2. For my business which I use to send invoices and proposals to clients and where tutor applicants send their resumes.
  3. For personal use (my blogger/vlogger account)



This is where I post my daily status, share pictures to my friends, get announcements for work-related posts, etc. so I really need this.




This is not just for personal use, I use it to communicate with my students and co-teachers.


fb page manager

It’s easier for me to check my inbox for my business page account and share photos in my blogger fan page account.  I get important chats from our clients and messages from tutor applicants here.



Though I have Safari for searching, I still prefer Google.  I just use this for emergency– if I have to do some research.



Ever since I decided to vlog, I have this app in my phone.  This is where I post the video and then share it to my personal FB page and fan page.



I use my phone in taking photos and videos for my blog posts and vlogs so it’s very convenient to have this app in my phone.  It’s easy to use — in editing and adding audio and text to my videos.  After that, the video can easily be shared in YouTube and Facebook.



I just added this so I can easily check my stats and edit or post easily if I want to.




This is a must in my phone because photos are automatically shared to my Facebook page.



I use this to check the meaning and pronunciation of the words if I am not sure before I teach in front of my students.

11.  WAZE


We use this if we are not familiar with the place

12. GRAB


We use this if our car is under coding and we have to go to an important meeting.  We also use this if we do not have somebody to drive for us.



I use this to reserve a hotel room without paying in full using my credit card.


disney life

My Globe Postpaid plan comes with a free 6- month subscription so we have to take advantage of this,  I downloaded this in my phone and gave access to my 3 kids.


If I don’t go out, I just choose items here and they deliver in in our doorstep.  There were times though that the quality was in bad taste.  Zalora is better in terms of quality of products, but I just have these apps for convenience.

So far, these are the useful apps that I am using.  That’s it for now.  Next time. I will post about the preparation for our summer trip.

OMG!  It’s only a week away and we are all set to our 6-day family vacay in BORACAY.  I am soooo excited already and because of that, I really need to make sure that I have planned everything well– and that starts with packing the stuff that we will be needing.

countdown to summer

Oh, yeah!  my pink luggage is ready again!  I’ve been using this for all my trips and I’m glad it’s still in good condition.   I have mentioned in my previous post that I am saving money and getting practical now, and because of that, I didn’t shop for new outfits that much– even the planned Divisoria shopping challenge did not push through and I only have a week to prepare.  Well, actually, I a;ready have packed my things this morning and if ever (probability is about 30%) , there is still a chance to add stuff, I will just add another bag or ask one of my companions to have my additional stuff in their bag.  So, I will be using some outfits and swimwear that I have worn in my previous summer trips to be more practical.  I will show my daily outfits in my vlogs (I will be covering the 6 days summer escapade with my family).

pink luggage

My PINK luggage

Because we will stay longer than the usual, this luggage is not enough, so I have to bring a travel bag plus the big VS bag that I usually bring with me.  Aside from the 7kg baggage allowance, I had to book an add-on for the extra 20kg for my stuff.  Ok, now you’re all getting curious, let’s find out what I packed in my bags.


  • Moisturizing cream (Pond’s Day & Night cream)


It’s a BIG no-no for dry skin (especially for my event which will take place @ the boat under the heat of the sun). As part of my beauty routine,  I wash my face when I wake up in the morning using Pond’s Age Miracle Facial Foam and when I go out, I use the Pond’s Age Miracle day cream before I apply makeup.  After I have cleaned my face with Micellar Water, I apply the Pond’s Age Miracle night cream.  I think this is one of my secrets why I look younger (hi hi!)


sunscreen and lotion

To protect my skin, from getting dry, I prepared different sunscreens (from Belo & Beach Hut)  but they are already in the suitcase so I wasn’t able to take the photos.  I have something for the body, hair & scalp, for the face and one for the kids.  Of course, we don’t want to damage our skin with the sun exposure, that’s why it’s really a MUST to have this in our Boracay trip.

  • BABY WIPES and COLLAGEN makeup remover

I always have baby wipes in my bag so no dirty or messy moments.  I would love to bring my Micellar water but I am not sure if it will be permitted in the airport, so I just put the Collagen makeup remover instead.


I cancelled the make up artist for my event so I will have to do everything on my own.  You will see my summer look in my vlogs.


I decided to bring this to style my hair for my very important event since I do not have a makeup artist with me on that day.  I don’t know yet if I will just have my hair straightened ot have few curls.

hiar straightener and curler


I do not have expensive brands of make up but I think these will be enough for me to achieve the summer glow  in my event.  (L’oreal primer, foundation, face powder, BYS blush on, bronzer, highlighter, and lipstick)  I just want something light to look natural, but I want to make sure that I will have a different glow.  (On April 30, I will have my very first make up video that will be posted in YouTube)Oh my!  hahaha!  I think the challenge for me is how to cover my dark circles.  I have a Maybelline concealer but I don’t know if it will cover the dark circles that I have.  Let us all find out!  We will have an honest to goodness beauty product reviews here and in my Youtube channel.  I want you guys to watch out for that- it will also be shared in my Facebook page and personal FB account.



  • gym outfits

I have not worked out since I had my D&C operation last September and cancelled my club membership @ Fitness First.   I was afraid that if I do, I might bleed again. The last bleeding I had was last month.  Now, I’m doing a 5 minute biking @ home because I need to have a summer-ready body in one week.  I brought these outfits just in case it will be possible for me to hit the gym for few minutes.  We need to make the most out of our 6-day vacay in Boracay and it would be bad if we couldn’t take advantage of using the gym in Ambassador in Paradise and Alta Vista de Boracay.


  • swimwear

I packed my fave swimwears (one piece, tankinis and bikinis that I ordered in Zalora before.  I ordered a new one from Bench but I don’t know if  i will get it before the 29th.



  • cover ups

These are very useful to cover unwanted fats especially now that I don’t get to work out, I really need these 🙂

  • maxi/summer dressesdress

I usually wear maxis in our morning walk.  I bought most of my beach dresses at the SM Store.

  • shorts (I have only few pieces —  I will see if I can still add more).
  • summer tops (I also have the old tops I used before)
  • dresses for the occasion

I ordered dresses that i will use for the special dinner with my family using Lazada app. 


slippers and sandals

I bought few pairs of beach slippers that would be perfect to use while walking in the seashore and strolling.



Sweet Valley pocketbook

I decided to bring a book just in case I get bored, I have something to read.  This is my fave pocketbook series way back in High School 🙂  I ordered this in 2017 via Amazon but I never get the chance to read this – hopefully in Boracay i will be able to read this.



For me to be organized, I need to have my planner with me  (for the schedules and to do list ) , my blogging journal (this is where I jot down important information that I have to include here in my blog) and lastly, the vlogging checklist (it includes all the necessary things that I have to include in the vlog in proper sequence).



I bought a  BARBIE plastic envelope @ National Book Store for all our boarding passes and hotel vouchers.  This will keep the papers safe from getting wet.






sling bags

I ordered a pink beach bag that I ordered from Zalora for our island hopping on the 30th.  I also included a pink sling bag and another one I bought in SM Masinag.


  • Mobile phone, charger and powerbank

I do not have a professional camera yet, I am just using my smartphone powered by Globe to take pictures and videos.  I also use this for business so I really need to have the phone with me everywhere I go.  I also have the monopod and tripod in my bag.

  • Laptop

I bring my lappy with me for posting entries in my blog and this is also used by Shane for her reading app.


I am now beginning to be health conscious so I will bring my vitamins with me (Vitamin C and ferrous sulfate) and also Strepsils for my voice.


Of course, we will be needing cash to buy groceries and pay for the accommodations @ the Ambassador in Paradise Hotel and Alta Vista de Boracay.    

Thanks to Eastwest Dolce Vita Titanium card — I used this to book some flights and purchase from Zalora.

NOTE:  For the complete packing list ,I will be posting my vlog on YouTube and it will be shared on Facebook as well.  I will do the shoot after resting or getting a power nap after checking in.  I will show you what’s inside my pink luggage while I unpack.  Til next post 🙂

Hi!  I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I will be launching my YouTube channel on April 30, 2019 in Boracay.  I definitely need YOUR help with this.  Actually, I created my YouTube channel a year ago but I only uploaded one video and that was intended for the Boracay event.  It’s just recently that I’ve decided that I would like to vlog too, but I was a bit disappointed with myself that I didn’t upload videos.

Now that I am into vlogging, I have discovered that in order for me to monetize my channel thru Adsense, I need to have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours!  As of this writing, I am managing to squeeze some time to gain subscribers while working.  Yes, I still have a week to finish paperworks and I’m kinda pressured already because I only have 59 subscribers as of the moment.

My vlog launch will be on April 30 already and most of my content will be from my Boracay trip.  I also plan to upload something about beauty tips/routine and home and living tips prior to that event.   I am doing my very best to offer fresh and quality content in my vlog, but I need to have more subscribers to maintain my channel.

I’m currently learning how to do things since I am a newbie here and I’m not much of a techie.  I tried some editing apps and software but I am more comfy in using Splice and only using my phone for vlogging.  In the next few months, I think there’s a need for me to have my own PINK studio/vlogging corner where I share some tips/ideas with you when I am just staying at home.

So, the question is —  how to gain more subscribers?  I do not give up.  I have 5k friends in Facebook and what I do everyday is to message them with a link to my channel and get them to subscribe.  I also have 4k plus fans in my FB page, so probably I would do the same process when I’m not busy anymore.  Another thing I thought is to ask you guys for your help.  Please do subscribe to my channel and if you want, I will subscribe back.  Please comment down if you already have subscribed together with the link to your YouTube channel.

Thank you in advance and I’m looking forward to share more vlog posts to you 🙂


Last year and until this year, I have experienced a LOT of STRESS and two of the major roots are: (1) health issues and (2) financial crisis.  Because of this, I have to make an important decision — and that is to make a sudden lifestyle shift.

Fitness day 2

1. Before, I was very conscious with my figure- to the point that I have registered myself for a fitness club even if there were times that I don’t feel well.  A week before my heavy bleeding last year, I still went to the fitness club and probably that was one of the reasons why I felt weak.

DECISION:  I cancelled my membership to that fitness club.  Not only would it help me in keeping my body healthy (because I bleed for strenuous physical activities); it would also help me in saving money.  P2,200 can be allotted to other expenses like food or other bills.


2. Before, I don’t take vitamins, but since I had my heavy bleeding for months, I felt that I should give importance to my health.

DECISION:  I bought Vitamin C and Ferrous Sulfate for  to keep me healthy.



3.   Before, I book staycations often and shop til I drop using my credit cards and as a result, I am now in deep trouble.  I paid two credit cards already in full and as of this writing, I still have two cards to settle.  It’s easily for you to get tempted at first and yes, you will be able to manage your cards for about 2 or 3 years but after that, you will be completely stressed if you were not able to pay the full amount.  I have about 8 credit cards – I got rid of RCBC, and my Metrobank On.  I still have my PNB credit card but I couldn’t use it for emergency , that’s why I do not recommend PNB.  Now I only have Metrobank Mastecard and Visa, 3 Citibank credit cards and My Eastwest Dolce Vita Titanium.  I’ll get rid of the cards I’ve mentioned as I get a lot of harassing calls and messages already– the only one that I will keep is my Eastwest credit card .

DECISION:  After I have settled Metrobank and Citibank, I will already close my accounts to have peace of mind.


4.  From having a postpaid account in Globe Telecoms, I am now considering to shift to prepaid.  I got my Iphone 6 two years ago by availing the postpaid plan.  I usually pay P1,200 or more for my monthly mobile phone bill.  When I forget to pay on time-( in most cases we cannot avoid that because as a working mom, I am really super busy) , they would have service interruption and they will restore the service once you have settled the payment.

I am currently using Smart  prepaid for the tablet I am using for business. I  just spend P850 per month (P350 for unlimited calls to Smart and Talk & Text and unlimited text to all networks.  For the data plan, I register for P99 per week for free Facebook and messenger and 1 gb of video everyday– not bad anymore!

DECISION:  My postpaid plan contract will end this April and I might consider not to renew anymore with Globe.

UPDATE:  Because I’m already having problems with my Iphone 6 (I got that two years ago through my postpaid plan with Globe).  The problem I have is the battery gets drained very fast– I need to have a powerbank with me and I have to charge it after an hour or less.  Unfortunately, I do not have a budget right now to buy a new phone so I just applied an additional line and I will just say goodbye to the phone I’m using right now together with my contact number. 

So, the ending is that I am still with Globe for 24 months  (just for the sake of getting a new phone). 


I am now vlogging!

5.  The best shift is that I added vlogging to what I can do.  I am now in the process of having quality content while I am waiting for my adsense application to be approved.  I am asking your help to please help me in this new interest.  I need to have 1,000 subscribers in my YouTube channel so please subscribe!

I know there are still lots of things to improve, but I can start from here.  By 2020, I should be debt-free and healthy.  Til next post, my dear readers 🙂






My 6-Day BORACAY itinerary

I can already feel the heat and YES, summer is here!  This month, I have scheduled our family getaway in my favorite summer destination– in Boracay island!  You are probably thinking why I have decided to stay longer– I could have booked for the usual 4/d 2/n trip, but I would like to make the most out of this vacation with my family.  So, in order for us to have a hassle-free vacay, I have designed this itinerary for us to enjoy in paradise.

DAY 1 (April 29, 2019)   

-arrival in Boracay and transfers via BPHT Booking Services

-check in @ Ambassador in Paradise

-vlog about our arrival, Day 2 and room tour @ Ambassador in Paradise 

-dip in the pool and have afternoon swim

– go to the grocery shop and buy food and supplies

– special dinner


DAY 2 (April 30, 2019) 

 – breakfast (watch out for my vlog in my channel

– do my own makeup for my first make up vlog for my event


-island hopping surprise 


-vlog about the special event and DAY 2

-back to the hotel and get some rest


-beauty rest


DAY 3 (May 1, 2019

 – breakfast

-morning walk and swim



-check out @ambassador and head to Alta Vista de Boracaylta Vista de Boracay to check in

vlog about Day 3 and Alta Vista de Boracay room tour

-afternoon walk and dinner @ Lemon Cafe

beauty rest and have a relaxing massage

DAY 4 (May 2, 2019)

– breakfast

– morning walk and swim


vlog about Day 4

shopping @ D’Mall

night swimming


beauty rest

DAY 5 (May 3, 2019)   

– breakfast

– morning walk and swim

-check in @ Estacio Uno

-vlog about Day 5 and Estacio Uno room tour

-night swimming


nightlife vlog

DAY 6 (May 4, 2019) 

– breakfast

-pack things and get ready

-check out @ Estacio Uno

-back to Manila


NOTE:  This might be changed but this will serve as my guide 🙂  I promise to post quality content here and in my vlogs.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel

Hello, dear readers!  It’s been a while since my last post.  I tried to squeeze some time to write blog articles but because of my very hectic schedule, I wasn’t able to do that.  There were times that I wanted to write, but it would require more time– time to edit and polish everything before I post it, and so, the result is to just wait for the proper timing.

Probably you are wondering why the hell did I shift to vlogging.  Well, I didn’t really shift– I just added vlogging to what I can do.  In my travels, I think my followers would appreciate the hotels, places and establishments that I visit if they will see videos rather than photos.  On the other hand, in terms of explanation or if you would like to dig into details, it would be an advantage if I will create a blog article so the readers can’t miss any information.  The only thing that challenges me right now is that I am a newbie in vlogging and I’m still in the process of familiarizing myself with everything.  I do not have the professional equipments but I can start with a my phone, tripod and green screen for now.  I am also still learning about the apps used in editing videos.

Also, I’m still having health issues– a  week after my monthly period that lasted for one week. I had my bleeding again so I had to rest for days, but because I still need to report to school, I had no choice. Everyday, I post my #countdowntosummer on FB and I really can’t hide how excited am I to go to vacation.

Now that it’s finally over, I can get some beauty rest and a good night sleep.So, what do I have exactly in mind when I mean that it’s vacation time?

1. Celebrate my daughter’s graduation with my family.

2. Prepare the easter eggs for Easter Sunday.

3. Celebrate my daughter’s 12th birthday here at home.

4. Pack for our Boracay 2019 getaway.

5. Schedule my hair and body spa treatment and get a manicure and pedicure.

Next month, I’m planning to launch my vlog in Boracay for my Summer Diaries 2019 Special.  My 6-day family vacay/press trip is the perfect time for me to practice vlogging by means of recording and going live on Youtube/Facebook.  Watch out for this– I promise to give you quality blog/vlog posts.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel



Dining @ Ban Be Ca Phe is definitely one of my memorable press trips I had in 2018. Aside from this was the last restaurant that I had to review for the year because I’ve been very busy also with work and and there were lots of activities everywhere, , this family dinner was special because that night, we also celebrated my son’s birthday.

Ban Be Ca Phe is located in upper Antipolo, (near the Pasalubong stores if you will be coming from Masinag Market). The cafe is in the left side contrary to the Waze’s directions that it is located on the right side. I was so excited because it was my first time to visit a Vietnamese Restaurant and taste Vietnamese food. As expected, I was not disappointed with the food; however, the challenge is for you to get a nice spot to park your car.

In this post, you will be able to tell why you should vsisit Ban Be Ca Phe if you haven’t visited the restaurant yet and try their food 🙂

The cafe can can accommodate 50-60 people. It has 3 areas where you can hang out.

  1. The Veranda (Outdoor/Smoking area)

This is perfect for barkadas or groups who like privacy (if there are many people inside) and you would like to breathe fresh air.


Upon.entering, there are usual tables and chairs that you can.use.


viet seating.jpg

shanayas place.jpg

As much as we would like to experience dining in the traditonal Vietnamese seating area, we opted to stay in the traditional dining area because there were people who were sipping coffee and playing board games at that time.

The place inside is not too spacious, but there is a homey feeling that will make you feel comfortable and I think it’s one of the reasons why customers keep on coming back aside from the food.

Now, let’s talk about the main reason why you should try BAN BE C PHE. It is my pleasure to present to you their bestsellers.

Because I’m a coffee lover/addict, just as what I previously confessed in my past blog posts, I wouldn’t let it pass without trying their Vietnamese coffee.

hot coffee.jpg


iced coffee

CA PHE SUA DA (Cold Coffee) P85




This is one of their dry noodles made of white noodles, pork, Shanghai and beef rolls.

Pho No.jpg



LAU (Hot Pot)

Because December was super cold, I prefer to have hot soup. It’s a good thing they have different soups that will suit the preferences of each individual. I liked the simplicity of the Pho Bo which is made of white noodles and beef while my hubby liked the sweet and spicy taste of the Lau. For the Lau, you can choose whether you will be having the egg noodles (P250 medium) and white noodles (P290 medium). Additional ingredients are available at additional cost like squid balls, veggies, shrimps and beef.


Goi Cuom


This is one of my favorites and I was amazed because it was my first time to eat Vietnamese spring rolls made of veggies, shrimp and fresh noodles, served with peanut sauce. I am a very picky eater and this dish has passed my standards. Well, it’s not just delicious, but healthy as well. THUMBS UP!

Vietnamese Shanghai

SHANG HAI (Ban Be Shanghai) P130

If I was impressed by the Goi Cuon, how would I describe what I felt when I have tried the Vietnamese Shanghai? I was super impressed! Actually, it’s hard to find an adjective to describe that feeling. I am not much into seafood and meat though I eat Shanghai rolls (but very seldom)– so when I discovered that this is not made of pork, but actually noodles and veggies, I was indeed very pleased because I could eat as many as I can. And if I haven’t known what it’s made of, I would have thought that it’s made of pork because there is no difference with the taste and the good thing is that this meal is healthy for the body.

com chien


Another thing that I liked is their Vietnamese Fried Rice– it is so flavorful that even without viand, I would be pleased already, but that would be very impossible for us to resist such tasty and healthy dishes. If you will be coming as a group, 1 order won’t be enough cos I’m sure you will be requesting for more.

viet grilled pork


And because we had 2 kids with us at that time, there was no question why the dish vanished in a matter of seconds, hehehe. My faher and I wasn’t able to try the Grilled Pork and he wasn’t even aware that we had tha on our table. Obviously, the kids enjoyed that 🙂 So, if you will be coming with your family and you have kids with you, you know what to order.

After we have enjoyed the Vietnamese food at Ban Be Ca Phe, it’s hard to leave without having photo session in their traditional Vietnamese seating area. After the pictorial, the kids played boardgames and bonded with each other.

vietnamese seating

shane with guitar

I was very pleased with their food. Their dishes were done with a twist– suitable for the Filipino customers. I highly recommend this place to those who haven’t been here. This is a kid-friendly place as well as I didn’t expect the kids to enjoy the food, but they did. Aside from serving Vietnamese food, they also have Chicken sisig in their menu for those who are craving for Filipino dishes. Kudos to Ms. Redd and to the staff who made the restaurant a big click to those who would like to try Vietnamese food but in very affordable prices.

What are you waiting for? Ban Be Ca Phe is worth a visit!


Banker’s Village 2, Sumulong Highway, Dela Paz, Antipolo City

0966 814 4492

I always love Italian food since I was a child.  I  always have spaghetti in every birthday celebration and in my shopping and mall sessions, I always go for pizza.  The explanation to this is–probably in my past life, I was born Italian 🙂  I know that there are already many restaurants that offer Italian cuisine, but I am already sick and tired of the same brand and taste.  I thought of trying something different and I was lucky to have an opportunity to taste an authentic Italian food @ BURP RESTAURANT.   The restaurant is located in Uptown Pioneer (near Legend Villas) in Mandaluyong City.

The place looks small but it can accommodate up to 40 people inside and 12 more pax outside.  It is very cozy when you enter– you will feel at home.  In fact, while waiting for your food, you can read their books in their mini reading nook, watch TV or simply have a casual chitchat with your relatives/friends.  The staff are also very polite and friendly.


Upon entering, you will be greeted by one of their staff and will be given a menu for your orders.  The glasses and refreshments will be prepared as well while waiting for the meals.

They have ala carte food in the menu but they also have exciting promos ideal for those who will come in groups.


The group meals (good for 3 people) can be availed for only P410 with a choice of fish or chicken and 1 pasta in the list.  For this, we have tried both fish and chicken and two of their pasta meals.


Fried Mozarella Sticks

Fried Mozarella Sticks

This is one of my favorites @ Burp because I loved the cheesy taste.   I knew that it’s not yet the main course so I controlled myself in eating all of the mozarella sticks, hehehe!  Oh, well, it was served with the Pomodoro sauce that made it even more yummy!




Fried Chicken Strips

Chicken is a must in all my press trips that’s why I am very particular with it.  It’s not a shame because their chicken is crispy and I liked their honey mustard dip as well.   I was kinda guilty because I ate the last piece that was supposed to be eaten by our youngest child.  I didn’t know that he only liked chicken that time.


Fish Fingers.jpg

Fish Fingers

I’m not much into seafood but my family especially my father and hubby loved the breaded fish served with pesto mayo.

Of course, our visit at BURP won’t be complete without tasting their pasta.  I prefer the Creamy Mushroom Pasta but I also liked Spaghetti  Pomodoro.

spaghetti pomodoro

Spaghetti Pomodoro

The kids didn’t like the Spaghetti because they’re used the usual sweet Filipino style spaghetti that we cook at home.  What they have at BURP Restaurant is an authentic Italian spaghetti.  Spaghetti Pomodoro is  actually one of their bestsellers.   Its main ingredients are:  spaghetti, onion, garlic, butter, tomato, basil and pomodoro.

Cremy Mushroom Pasta

Creamy Mushroom Pasta

This is my favorite!  Even the kids love the creamy taste of the pasta.  The main ingredients are: penne, shitake, button mushrooms, garlic, bechamel and cream.  One plate (to share) isn’t enough for a family of 6 members because I’m sure they would be requesting for another plate.


mango creme.jpg

Mango Creme’

coffee jelly.jpg

Coffee Jelly

Burp Restaurant has been in the food business since 2013 and for 5 years, they have served customers who craved for authentic Italian food.   The restaurant is managed by Ms. Ara, who worked as a manager for Italliani’s for 5 years.  She is currently helped by her siblings, Dan and Ms. Sofia, who accommodated us during our visit.

Too bad, I wasn’t able to taste the pizza and their coffee– probably next time 🙂

For Italian food lovers, BURP Restaurant is open from Sundays to Saturdays from 7:30am to 10:30pm.

burp staff.jpg

BURP Staff


Wait, do you think that their food is only available at the restaurant?  It’s good news because they also have catering services for different occasions or events.  For catering, the food isn’t limited to Italian cuisine as you can customize your own list.  You can avail their catering services for as little as P15k for 20 to 30 pax.



G/F Uptown Pioneer Center 56-58 Madison St., Mandaluyong City

Phone:  (02) 531 8384 /0917 5066 168

life is coffee

“Life Begins With Coffee”

“Life begins with coffee,” that’s what coffee addicts like me believe in.  No matter how complicated life is, one cup of coffee will definitely ease your burden and would make you feel better.  I’ve been in several cafes and there were times that I was disappointed with what I expected from the quality and taste of the food and drinks. I must say that my visit in Cafe Esse is one of the best experience I had.



Cafe Esse is located at the 2nd floor of CEO Building, L. Sumulong Circle, San Roque, Antipolo City.  My colleagues hang out here once in a while and now I know the reason why they keep coming back– it’s because of the superior quality of coffee and delectable food that they serve.


The word esse came from the word EXISTENCE or essence.

Cafe Esse was established in May 15, 2014.  For four years now, they continue to satisfy their customers.  It caters not only to barkadas who would like to chill, but to families who would like to spend quality time together and even for colleagues or business partners who would like to have their meeting.  When we arrived at past 4pm, there were different groups outside in the smoking area (barkadas).  Inside, there were few tables which can accommodate 20 pax.  Near our table, there was a college student who was doing her assignment or research work while sipping her coffee.  (There is FREE WIFI that customers can use).


It’s very obvious that I enjoyed their coffee 🙂


Cafe Esse has a function room for special events which can be rented for P5,000 (P1,500 for 3 hours use and P3,500 for consumables).  Extension per hour is P500.

wooden frame

Here are their bestsellers:


Hazelnut Latte

Hazelnut Latte  (  16 oz  P130 /20 oz P140.)

vanilla machiatto

Vanilla Macchiato   16 oz P130 / 20 oz P140

matcha latte

Matcha Latte  (16 oz. P145/ 20 oz P155)

Of the hot drinks, I like the Vanilla Macchiato next to the Hazelnut Latte.



I remember the famous choco-banana fruit shake in Boracay (Jonah’s fruitshake) when I tasted the banana choco-nut frappe.  I prefer the choco mint frappe though because it was very refreshing.



Strawberry Milkshake   P155

Because we brought a 4 year old kid with us, this one is the perfect drink for him.


I super loved their pasta!  I loved both the Spicy Seafarer and the Creamy Carbonara.  The kids are not pasta lovers like me but they loved both also.

spicy seafarer.jpg

Spicy Seafarer  P195

creamy carbonara

Creamy Carbonara   P195

choco ala mode waffle

Choco ala Mode Waffle P115

I felt like a kid again–I loved the combination of chocolate syrup and the waffles topped with cream.

cheesy meat fries.jpg

Cheesy Meat Fries P110

We love french fries, but we love it even more when it is topped with cheese.  In a span of less than 3 minutes, the plate was emptied.  I was about to get another round but the food just vanished instantly.  I didn’t scold the kids for that– actually, it was already a big achievement if you let them finish eating in a matter of minutes.  Usually, it took a long time for them to eat.

3 little pigs

3 Little Pigs   P190

This is one of the most popular bestsellers, this sandwich comes with potato chips.

classic blt

Classic BLT P190

Classic BLT is short for sandwich with bacon, lettuce and tomatoes.It is also served with potato chips.

all day breakfast

All Day Breakfast  P195

Since the cafe opens at 10am, the All Day Breakfast can be your brunch.  For breakfast, I’m already solved with one sunny side up egg and one regular sized hotdog, but in Cafe Esse, they have 3 small pancakes with a sunny side-up egg, jumbo hotdog, and bacon strips.  This is perfect to be paired with a cup of hot coffee.

enjoying the food

Hahaha!  It’s evident in the photo that I really love the food.  One sandwich can already fill your tummy so it’s worth every penny that you will spend in the cafe.


Cakes and pastries

Unfortunately, we were nnot able to taste the sweets but definitely we will when we come back.

CR/Washroom Inspection

In my feature about Comida China de Manila, I have mentioned that I was impressed with their washroom.  Well, in Cafe Esse they have a small but very clean washroom.  They have quotes and note written on the wall creatively.

outside cr

The staff were very friendly and polite.


The Cafe Esse Staff

Recommendations Button                             HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

yman and bruce

You will definitely love their drinks and food and I assure you that you will come back.  For reservations, you may call the contact numbers below.


2/F CEO Building, L. Sumulong Circle, Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City

Tel. no.: (02) 507-3956 ; 0927 8610571



It’s still my birthday month and as what I have mentioned in my previous post, I will feature restaurants where you can celebrate important events.  It’s one day after my son’s birthday so technically, we had his post-birthday celebration last Saturday.  This is one of my unforgettable trips because I was able to bond with my family in a not so distant place from ours and savor the beauty of nature.

This hidden gem  is already part of Baras, Rizal (though the address in Google is Antipolo).   Park, Rest & Dine Restaurant is a place where you can literally park your vehicle and taste delightsome”lutong bahay” food.  Being at the place made me feel more relaxed and for that particular moment, I had peace of mind.  Temporarily, I forgot about all the negative things I had in my mind and felt secured and relieved.

parking area

the parking area




I was curious with the title– how they come up with such name and it’s a good thing that the owners were very accommodating though they were really busy at the time we visited.

We were able to have a short chitchat with the owners Ms. Melody and Sir Romano Syaman and asked about the concept of the place.  They lived in New York for 10 years and  during their stay in the United States,they would often see the sign “Park, Rest and Dine.” and from there, they got an idea what to name their restaurant.  It is for travelers who would like to park for a while, check in a room or dine for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Originally, when they started out in 2013, they had two rooms available for rent, but they decided not to offer the rooms anymore because they have limited supply of water.  They opted to just focus on the restaurant.

While waiting for the food to be cooked, we explored the place outside.  We didn’t even notice that 20 minutes have already passed.


You will definitely feel at home when you enter– the typical wooden furnitures, sofas, modern lighting and native decors will set your mood to relax and enjoy.

inside seating area

table inside.jpg

This is a 12-hectare property— actually, they can accommodate more customers because they still have more tables with umbrella outside, but according to Ms. Melody they are just accommodating small groups.  Inside the restaurant, seating capacity is 20-25 pax.  The entrance can accommodate 10 pax and the veranda for another 20 pax.


       Park, Rest & Dine is open from 7am to 5pm.  Though they close that early, they are open for walk-in customers who would like to dine for dinner.  You can also call their Globe number for reservations (0926- 0560103).  They are open from Sunday to Saturday and even holidays.

Basically, the restaurant is just for families and barkadas.  They do not sell alcoholic beverages because they do not want to deal with drunk customers and they want to preserve the cleanliness of the place and maintain its wholesome image.

front area



family pic

These are some of the bestsellers that we have tried.  For the starter, we were served with a bowl of Sinigang sa Sugpo.  Not only the adults loved it, but the kids as well.

sinigang sa sugpo.jpg

Sinigang Sa Sugpo P280

diced chicken with veggies

Diced Chicken with Mixed Veggies P280

Chicken is one of my favorites and I was really glad that we were served with this dish.  That made it even better because it was served with half-cooked veggies (very good for health-conscious eaters).

sotanjon guisado

Special Sotangjon Guisado –  P280

This is an all-time favorite especially during parties.  What made it more special is the pork and veggies.

tanigue steak

Tanigue Steak     P380

The Tanigue Steak is one of their bestsellers because of its taste.  This is made of fried fish steaks cooked in soy sauce, topped with white onions and red bell pepper.


Bulalo     P480

This soup is made of beef, cabbage and potatoes.  This is a hit for the adults but the kids prefer Sinigang sa Sugpo.


Pancakes    P280

This is what I will remember about Park, Rest & Dine– I had the best and most delicious pancakes here!  Their pancakes are quite big and thick and they come with scrambled eggs and sliced hotdogs.

unli coffee

Unlimited Brewed Coffee   P60

Here at Park, Rest and Dine, you can have unlimited brewed coffee for only P60.  Yes, you read it right!  So for coffee lovers, this is surely something you won’t like to miss.

If you would like to have a unique dining experience, go out with your family or barkada and  give this a try!


Marikina-Infanta Hi-Way, San Jose, Upper Antipolo

Mobile:  0926-0560103




family pic1.jpg


       Special ocassions are meant to be celebrated with people who are dear to you– friends, colleagues, your someone special and family.  In my birthday month, I am featuring cafes/restaurants that are perfect for celebrating special events.  In my previous post, I already have featured a cool place to chill with stunning ambiance and cozy hang out place in Antipolo- Yellow Lantern Cafe. This time, because I will be sharing about my birthday celebration as well, I decided to celebrate my special day in one of the premier restaurants in Pasig– COMIDA CHINA DE MANILA.

Comida China de Manila is formerly known as Panciteria San Jacinto– one of the few restaurants that serve authentic Chinese food.  It was established in 1894 in Manila and in 1996 it has moved to E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue in Ugong, Pasig City( along C5 across SM Hypermart).  It was just in 2011 when the management has decided to change the name to Comida China de Manila– new name but still the same touch of authentic Chinese food that they serve to their satisfied customers for 124 years.


       Upon entering the restaurant, I couldn’t help but to appreciate everything that I see.  Others might visualize the place as a typical Chinese restaurant because of the table designs– I couldn’t help as well but to reminisc the days when I was a kid, we always go to Mamon Luk where we eat mami noodles), but here @ Comida China de Manila, everything is exquisite– from the contemporary furnishings, cleanliness of the place, delectable food and first class service. 

       In my press trips for restaurant reviews/features, we do not just check the ambiance, food and staff, we actually check the restrooms.  It was similar to the five-star hotels that we’ve visited like Shangri-la and Marco Polo because of their impressive, well-maintained and very clean washrooms.

       The restaurant is commodious enough to cater families and barkadas and other groups for lunch, merienda, dinner to late snack.  They open from 11am to 10pm from Mondays to Saturdays and 10am to 10pm during Sundays.

       They have a conference room (good for 20 pax) for business meetings and function rooms where you can hold events like christening, weddings, birthdays and Christmas parties.  (You can get info about the function room rates here).

function rooms


On my special day, I wasn’t feeling well, so instead of having an overnight staycation in a hotel, I opted to have a simple birthday dinner with my family @ Comida China de Manila.   After waiting for hubby and the kids, we headed there right away.  I thought this will just be a simple dinner, but I was really dumbfounded when I entered the place.  I was treated with such royalty that I was indeed wearing an invisible crown and dazzling diamond jewelry set.   Well, I was quite speechless but after a second that seemed like eternity, I was back in my senses.  There we were, escorted by Harry, Norlan and Racquel to  the conference room to use which can accommodate 20 pax.


        Actually, the room was too big for us–there were two long tables in the airconditioned conference room.  We occupied one table and because we have a hyper 5-y/o kid with us, it’s fine for him to run around the room because the door is closed.  At the time that we arrived (8pm), the restaurant was already jampacked with people.  I suggest that you reserve the conference room (if you will come in small group) if would like to have privacy and enjoy the ocassion with your visitors/companions.


          Are you wondering why people keep coming back to Comida China de Manila?  I will share the bestsellers that we have enjoyed in my birthday celebration.


            At Comida China de Manila, they have set menus that you can choose from (for meetings and events) but you can customize your own.  If you plan to just hang out and have simple lunch or dinner, you can order ala carte instead.  Here are the recommended dishes if you will be holding your event here.

cold cuts

Cold Cuts Platter (M) P603.00

This comes with their famous Asado, Pata Jamon and Lechon served with Chinese Sausage, Century Eggs and Seaweeds.

Comida China Soup

Comida China Soup (M) P522.00

Comida China Soup is their House Special (also known as the “balut soup” ) because it looks and tastes like “balut.”  This is made of eggs, minced porl, peas, carrots and seaweeds.  This is a must-try for first timers in this restaurant.

Bird's Nest with Quail Eggs Soup.jpg

Bird’s Nest with Quail Eggs Soup (M) P420.00

When the staff saw that we have kids, Ms. Raquel suggested that it would be better if we will have either Bird’s Nest qith Quail Eggs Soup or Sweet Corn Soup.  I chose this and I was right– my five-year old kid loved the soup!  This is their version of the traditional soup made with nido, minced pork and quail eggs.

Comida China Chow Mein.jpg

Comida China Chow Mein (M) P552.00

Because it was my birthday, and as part of tradition (I’m 1/4 Chinese), we have noodles or pasta on the table everytime we celebrate our birthday.  The Chinese believe that the noodles/pasta will give you long life.   It has shrimp, pork and Chinese brocolli leaves, carrots and black mushrooms.  I loved the sauce and the half cooked veggies.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Yang Chow Fried Rice (M)P441.00

I love flavored rice that’s why I was delighted when I saw the Yang Chow Fried Rice.  I didn’t even force the kids to have more rice because of its taste.

China Chicken.jpg

China Chicken  (1/2) P428

I always look for chicken in parties and I was really glad it was included in the dishes for my birthday celebration.  My father told me that my Chinese grandfather used to cook something like this before– golden brown chicken with soy sauce gravy.  Of course, the presentation here is quite different– they topped it with crispy shrimp crackers. 

Sliced Fish With Sweet & Sour Sauce.jpg

Sliced Fish with Sweet and Sour Sauce  (M) P524.00

For fish lovers, this plate of golden-fried sliced parrot fish topped with fresh julienned vegetables with sweet and sour sauce is also a must-try.  

fried shrimp bals.jpg

Fried Shrimp Balls (M) P1,116.00

This is the star of our feast and a big hit to the kids– we loved the scrumptious shrimp balls.  Every bite is sooo heavenly that we had to eat slowly to savor every minute of it.  This is one of their most expensive dishes, but this should be in your list especially if you have kids in the event.


Butchi (3 pcs.) P99.00

          My hubby and father enjoyed the butchi but the kids and I wanted and was craving for something.  I was feeling dizzy even the day before (abnormal uterine bleeding and mild anemia), so I just stayed in my bedroom and didn’t even manage to order a cake and ice cream for myself.   After few minutes, Sir Norlan came in with a birthday cake from Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe. That made my day!  I’m a kid at heart so definitely the sumptuous meals won’t be complete without the luscious cake 🙂  

             We were extremely satisfied with the food but we didn’t manage to have another plate for another round– it’s because our tummies are already full.  


          Thank you again, Comida China de Manila— that was so sweet!  I was speechless for a while but I managed to express my gratitude to them and to their staff who were with us in the conference room to attend to our needs.   


Comida China de Manila’s staff

with norlan

With Sir Norlan

For a hassle-free meetings and events, Comida China de Manila will take care of all your needs.  No need to worry about cakes and other desserts because Mom & Tina’s Bakery Cafe is just beside the restaurant.  

mom and tina's facade



TBIP highly recommends Comida China de Manila. 

Please refer to these details:



Address:  FRDC Bldg., 106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City 

Tel Nos:  (02) 671-5942 /(02) 914-0832



Few cartwheels and somersaults away from my home in Antipolo City is the Xentromall, but my brilliant discovery that I would like to share with you is the Yellow Lantern Cafe, a cool place where you can hang out with your friends, chill during weekends, bond with your family and celebrate your special occasion.  I had my pre-birthday celebration here last weekend and we really had a blast!   Yellow Lantern Cafe is situated in Comoda Ville in Mambugan, Antipolo City (near Cafe Lupe).

jas tables

Upon entering the cafe, you will be filled with positive energy and happiness because of the yellow vibrant color that eliminates all the negative vibes. The cafe is furnished with tables and yellow chairs with a mini yellow lantern and sartin cup on top of each table.  I couldn’t help but to notice the creative yellow chandeliers made of bottles.


yellow lantern and sartin cup for each table

Christmas is already in the air!  They have the Christmas tree and Santa Claus in the entrance door and we couldn’t let the day pass without having a photograph beside it.  The atmosphere creates a homey feeling wherein you can simply stay and enjoy the place with your friends and family.

The interior design of the cafe is impressive– it actually displays the artistic side and showcases Filipino touch in their furnishings and displays.


Each table inside the cafe can accommodate 5-6 pax.  They also have tables in the veranda wherein you can enjoy watching the overlooking view and sunset.


In time for meetings, videoke sessions, celebrations or special events, YLC has two function rooms (Simone’s Room and Sadie’s Room) which can be rented for P5k for 3 hours (with consumables and videoke) and can accommodate 20 pax.  The 2 rooms can be combined to accommodate more people (10k for 3 hours with consumables and videoke).

So, what else made YLC exceptional?  Aside from the charming and homey ambiance, what you should check here in YLC are their bestsellers.  Traditional dishes are complimented with Filipino touch– It’s comfort food presented in a classy style and affordable prices.







We had Gambas for the starter.  The kids and I loved this shrimp dish because of its sauce. (What makes the marinate special is the shrimp extract that gives the dish extra tasty flavor) I am not much into seafood but this definitely is a must try 🙂

battered chicken fingers

Battered Chicken Fingers P385 (3-4 pax)

Battered Chicken Fingers is served with camote chips.  For picky eaters like me, this one is a life saver! It is also best to order this if you have kids with you.


umaapaw in paellera


This is YELLOW LANTERN CAFE’s  signature dish.  We were amazed to experience having the traditional paella served in Filipino style.  Instead of the usual seafood and meat in Spanish Paella, Umaapaw in Paellera has bagoong rice, topped with dilis, scrambled eggs, salted duck eggs (itlog na maalat), longganisa, eggplants, onions, and mangga.  They serve it with homemade spiced vinegar and chili garlic.  Instead of lemons, it is served with calamansi.

papa bbq ribs

american bbq ribs

American BBQ Ribs with Hickory Sauce   P585  (5-6 pax)

This is also one of the kids’ favorites in YLC.  The meat is so tender and tasty.  We loved the potato wedges as well.


chocnut cheesecake

Chocnut Cheesecake  P145

This is their signature dessert– cheesecake combined with Chocnut.  I couldn’t help but to reminisc my childhood days wherein I used to eat a pack of Chocnuts (hihihi!).

fruit platter


We had a platter of fruits for finale –  slices of watermelon, apple, orange, pineapple, etc.


The drinks were refreshing, but I prefer the fresh lemonade.  Thank you, Sir Oliver for preparing these drinks!  They also have a bar wherein you can enjoy having your favorite drinks with your friends.


The meals I presented above are their bestsellers.  They still have other dishes in their menu which you can check out here.

YLC is open everyday except Mondays from 11am to 12 midnight.

jas and shane

We really had a blast!  Aside from the family bonding and the sumptuous meal that we had, we felt at home.  We would like to express our gratitude to the YLC staff  especially to Chef Carl Bautista in making my pre-birthday celebration extra special.

staff yellow lantern

The YLC Staff

with Chef Carl Bautista

With Chef Carl Bautista, Operations Head of YLC

What are you waiting for?  Come and check this out!


267-268 Comoda Ville, Sumulong Highway, Brgy. Mambugan, Antipolo City

(02) 631-5648 / 0995-0898538


84 Lilac St., SSS Village, Marikina City

(02) 231993 / 0923- 4471158/ 0995- 0898538





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