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Your Royalty In Chaos

Everybody has his own weakness and nobody is perfect. With that in mind, I have somehow managed to accept my human flaws and imperfections.   I know that it is indeed normal to commit mistakes, but there is a certain limitation to everything. No matter how hard you […]

FREEZE! The Toxic Month Update

Hello, dear readers!  Ever since the month started, I haven’t had any opportunity to squeeze my precious time for beauty, destressing, staycation, fitness and pigging out sessions– it’s because I’m loaded with paperworks in school.  Next week will be even more toxic because we will start computing the […]

8-Duterte English Page

Hello. Here are the names of students who did not submit the following requirements.  Please see me if ever there are clarifications. READING JOURNAL Adrias, Angelo Canoy, Eduardo Capsa, Kenneth Carbayar, Paul John Capongcol, John Lloyd Conjurado, John Zeus Carullo, Zedrex Cascante, Kent Andrew Castillo, Ivan Castro, Gian […]

8-Magsaysay English Page

Calling the studentss of 8-Magsaysay!  REMINDERS  I need the advertisement using one of the propaganda techniques in your blog.  Those who have not submitted their Reading Journal, you can still submit yours on January 11, 2018. Portfolios will be collected on January 3, 2018.  Give your portfolios to JM […]