Birthday Month Vibes in Boracay (Day 2)

It’s NOVEMBER, and yes, it’s my birth month! So, it calls for a little celebration 🥳🥳🎈🎉 We had a great time staying in our ocean view suite at the Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort and surrendered to the soothing warmth of the sun, basking in its radiance throughout the day.

Morning Activities

Coffee time ☕

Having a cup of coffee on our spacious veranda was the first thing I did, while the beach’s unparalleled beauty left me spellbound. I also checked my emails, updated my Facebook page with some photos and video clips.   I was able to do business on the side while having a good time thanks to the strong WIFI connection!

Morning swim 🏊

The beach provided us with privacy that we enjoyed. The Ocean Club’s location in Station 3 means it’s not too crowded. The beach beckons us with its soothing whispers, washing away all our worries (If only we can stay there forever, hahaha!) Like kids, we splashed around in the cool, clear water. We seized the opportunity to make the most of our vacation.

The beach is just a few steps away from our hotel, making it easy to swim whenever you want. If you prefer a beachfront hotel, I recommend Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort.

Breakfast buffet

The breakfast buffet was what we were looking forward to!


We started with the morning OOTD. I just picked something from my wardrobe — I wore a navy blue beach dress that my aunt sent me. The black floral dress that we ordered from Shein made Shane look stylish. Unfortunately, we were unable to have the usual morning walk due to the rain during that time, so we just went to K-Kitchen for the breakfast buffet.

The food 🥘

I’m a very picky eater, did I mention that? I was totally satisfied with the food, so this is something that I can recommend.

The egg station offers a selection of scrambled, sunny side-up, and omelet options. You can choose from pandesal, white bread, and waffles at the bread station. Although there are many options available, I decided to go with fried chicken, adobong kangkong, cabbage, and pasta bolognese. Shane enjoyed various fruits while we had orange juice.

We had a hearty breakfast and spent the morning in our ocean view suite. We followed our usual routine of charging our phones and updating our social media profiles.


Shane and I went to the D’mall to find inexpensive food due to our daily budget.   We stumbled upon Mang Inasal, where we were able to enjoy Chicken Inasal with unlimited rice and a glass of Coke.

(For our meal, we paid ₱396)– not bad, right?

Afternoon Activities


At Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort, our hotel ocular is one of the main highlights of Day 2.  In order to promote the hotel and create travel packages, we had to be knowledgeable about the various rooms as their travel partner.

The Pool Access room, Diamond Suite, Family room, and Premiere room were the rooms we viewed. These rooms will be covered in a separate post for my hotel review.

Special thanks to Ms. Kristel (Sales Manager), and Ms. Belle (Sales Associate) for accommodating Tripsdiary Travel and Tours.

🏝️Afternoon Swim

After enjoying the beach earlier in the morning, we opted to swim in the infinity pool on the sixth floor. We chose not to swim in the pool on the ground floor because we wanted some privacy. We took advantage of the opportunity due to the limited number of guests who swim here. We were able to witness the breathtaking sunset as well.


For our swimwear, we wore red for the birthday vibes. For dinner, we just picked from our extra clothes, something from our old summer outfits.

Dinner 🥘

For dinner, we walked from Station 3 to Station 1. I was craving pizza, but we needed something within our budget, so we came across Yellow Cab. We spent P587 for the Cheese pizza and desserts (Ok na rin because we didn’t have our snacks, so we saved money)

Netflix night

We headed back to our suite with a satisfied stomach and spent the night watching Netflix.

You can view my Boracay Day 2 mini-vlog below. Please follow my Facebook page if you have not done it yet.

I apologize for the delay, it was over two weeks before I was able to post my Boracay articles because I was not feeling well. I will work on the other articles in the next few days. (Next will be Boracay Day 3 and Boracay Ocean Club review)

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