My Spooktacular Halloween 🎃 in Boracay (Day 1)

In my previous post, I have explained why I have chosen Boracay for my long weekend vacation. Assuming there would be heavy traffic on October 31, Shane and I left early. The nightlife in Boracay this Halloween was something I was quite excited about. I was wondering if the situation was the same prior to the Boracay rehabilitation, with the fire dancers and loud music bringing the crowd into a partying mood. I had high hopes that the discipline would remain despite the return of partying.

In case you’re wondering, we didn’t go there to have a party, but I just wanted to observe and have some fun simultaneously. Of course, our travel arrangements were made through Tripsdiary Travel and Tours.

What we prepared for our trip:

QR codes are no longer required. To check in, you only need to present one valid ID.

The Airasia terminal is located at NAIA Domestic Terminal 2. Despite the fact that it’s not as prestigious as other airports, we were still satisfied. Those who want to work on something important while waiting for their flight can use free Wi-Fi access, charging stations, and a laptop area. There are a variety of cafes and food booths to choose from. We didn’t get bored while waiting.

Airport OOTD

We wanted to feel comfortable while still being in style. Since we’re going to the beach, I opted for comfortable clothing.

👚 Cropped White floral print button shirt (Shein) I just think this white top will highlight the blue of the ocean when I take photos or video clips. This simple and classy top is what I needed to look effortlessly chic.

🩳 Hand-painted Light floral denim shorts (from Bangkok Duty Free) It’s easy to move around in light and comfy fabric. The hand-painted flowers capture a fun and playful vibe, which also provides an energy boost.

🩴 Black minimalist faux suede flip flops (I hate removing rubber shoes for security, so flip-flops are better to wear)

Flight experience @Airasia 🛫 (Z2 213)

Taking care of everything is something I am capable of as a travel agent. This time, I chose to fly using AirAsia. Based on my experience, there have been no delayed flights so far.

I chose the Value Pack package for convenience and the fact that everything is already included.

Checked baggage 20kg (I wanna bring more outfits and stuff for OOTDs. I know that it will be more expensive if we will purchase our outfits there.)

7kg carry-on baggage (You can bring your laptop, other electronic devices, and personal stuff here).

Seat 💺 I always wanted to have a window seat for the nice view, and of course, less disruption during the flight.

Insurance I included this for our protection while traveling.

The food 🥘

To satisfy my hunger during the flight, I always order in-flight meals. AirAsia’s menu is something I love because it offers a variety of food options. Here’s what we ordered:

Me: chicken Lasagna and bottled water

Shane: chicken Inasal and bottled water

Arrival in Boracay

The Boracay Airport

It was raining when we landed in Boracay Airport. Upon retrieving our luggage, we began looking for our transfer service.

Airport Transfers

Tripsdiary Travel and Tours has a service that includes round-trip airport transfers via Southwest Tours,

Southwest Tours

We approached the Southwest representative and we were escorted to the bus. The guest will be transported from the airport or jetty port to the hotel as part of this door-to-door service. Just pay P30-50 for the porter’s service fee.

Boracay Ocean Club (Our Home for Day 1)

Our home for 3 days and 2 nights was Boracay Ocean Club. The van dropped us off on an inner road in Station 3, where we had to walk a bit until we saw the beach. We were met by a Southwest staff member who helped us carry our luggage while we were on our way to the beachfront. It was a 3-minute walk.

Arrival (check-in)

I felt a sense of excitement when we finally saw the Boracay Ocean Club signage. It’s a beachfront property, so we can enjoy the beach anytime.

The lovely front desk staff welcomed us. After verifying our identification and checking the room availability, they let us in immediately.

Our room

A staff escorted us to our ocean view room, which is on the 3rd floor. Omg! Imagine–the price of P8000 per night (as of this writing) is really a great deal! It has a floor area of 98 square meters with a king-sized bed and a seating area.

The bathroom is spacious and has a vanity area where we can store our beauty and skincare essentials. The private, spacious veranda with bath tub is what makes the suite stand out, giving you the chance to witness the breathtaking ocean and sunset views.

(A separate article will be posted for my hotel review) For the meantime, please check out my room tour video.

Afternoon Activities

We went to the nearest ATM after unpacking and resting for a while. Just inside the property, near Cafe Surf Beach, there is an ATM machine.

While we wanted to go swimming in the afternoon, we knew it wasn’t possible. Instead of that, we engaged in the following activities.

🏝️ Watched the Halloween 🎃 Party with the kids while having our welcome drinks 🍹

The program was only for guests with children, so while having our welcome drinks, we just watched them play the ‘Bring Me’ game.

🏝️ Short walk

The day wouldn’t be complete without having a walk, so we did it. From Station 3, it’s a 10-minute walk to D’mall. Seeing the calm beach view and the fine white sand on our feet is a great experience. Shane (my daughter) and I had a conversation about our daily budget while we were on our way to D’mall. I informed her that we were there to enjoy the beach and spend quality time together, without spending an excessive amount.

🏝️ Snacks 🍨

So, for snacks, we have a budget of P500 (P250 each). At the D’mall entrance (near the main road), we came across the Boracay Beach Truck. The kitchen is inside a truck and there is also a room upstairs for customers to dine in. Because we were still full, we decided against ordering rice bowl meals. Instead, we opted for Sunrise Milk Tea.

Brown Sugar Boba Black Tea with Cream Cheese (16 oz) ₱160.00

Flavored Boba Black Tea (Cheesecake) ₱130.00

Total: P292.50

We’re pleased to have saved P207.50 for our target budget. We didn’t get to watch the sunset because we were also searching for a cheap dinner while walking back to Station 3.

Dinner 🥘

We stopped by 7-11 at Station 3 and bought a bottle of water and two cup noodles for dinner.

🏝️ Bathtub Dip 🛁

Our private veranda, as previously mentioned, has a bath tub, which is ideal for guests who want to have privacy while enjoying the spectacular view. After dinner, we took a dip in the tub to relax and refresh ourselves.


After taking a hot shower, we got ready for our evening walk. It was time to experience the nightlife in Boracay and showcase our Halloween attire! We missed to witness K-Kitchen’s foam shower, but we were able to watch the fire dance show.

We dressed up for Halloween, but we were careful not to draw too much attention, such as wearing a white lady costume or any eye-catching outfit. For the night, a simple black outfit with Halloween accessories would be appropriate. I opted for a sexy and desirable look by applying a blood red lipstick instead of going for the smoky eyeshadow look. (Sexy witch lang ang peg 😁)

Me: 👗 Black Lace Bustier Cami Bodycon Dress

Shane: Black glittery long-sleeved top and hot pink BARBIE mini skirt

Evening Walk

This activity marks the end of the day. While walking, there were people dressed in their Halloween costumes and accessories too! There were those who just wore head accessories like lighted devil horn headbands. To look different, I accessorized my hair with a creative skeleton and red flower hair clip and I also wore a pair of black skull decor tassel earrings.

It was fun! Nightlife is undoubtedly back, but in contrast to the past, visitors and locals are now more disciplined. Here’s what we have observed while walking:

  • Fire dancers and a live band are mainly performing in restaurants, not at the beachfront.
  • Souvenir stalls that sell various items are back in operation.
  • Potential customers are being urged by the restaurant staff to try their buffet dinner.
  • Locals in Boracay offer various water activities, massage services, and braiding services.

We tried to walk to Station 1, but our feet were exhausted, so we decided to stop at D’Mall and go back to Boracay Ocean Club. We slept early after a long but productive day to recharge ourselves for the next day.

As of this writing, I just recovered from a flu, which is why it took me a while to update you on our Boracay trip. I’ll be posting the other updates from Day 2 to Day 5, including my hotel review of the following hotels over the next few days.

  1. Boracay Ocean Club Beach Resort
  2. Ferra Premier Hotel
  3. COAST Boracay

Here’s my Boracay Day 1 min-vlog. Watch 👎 and follow me also on my FB page.

Please feel free to send me a message to collaborate. I am actually looking for sponsors to run a giveaway for my followers during our upcoming Christmas FB live.

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