Mental Health Talks (Your Mental Health Matters)

It matters to check and ask yourself once in a while–“Am I okay?” We can admit to the sad reality that we are NOT okay. Eh, ano kung hindi ka okay, di ba? We CAN do something about it. Because today (October 10, 2023) is WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY, I dedicate this article to all the people who are suffering from depression and experiencing anxiety attacks. Usapang Mental Health (Mental Health Talks) muna tayo because your mental health matters! We can think of ways how to overcome our problems and how to deal with it. We can start by creating awareness about the importance of mental health.

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

It will be easier for people to help other people if they understand how they feel when they experience depression, anxiety, and stress.

How can you Manage your Mental Health?


Sometimes, when we are alone, we reflect. Minsan nga kinakausap natin ang sarili natin. Well, it’s fine. Actually, talking to yourself can help in a way– to assess and evaluate yourself. There are also times when you have no one to talk to, and you feel uncomfortable talking to yourself, keeping a journal works for some people. Yung di nila mailabas or ma-ishare, they will write it down.

Talk to your friends

This is really a big help because talking to someone will lighten up your mood and it’s a different feeling if you feel that you are loved. When somebody cares, nawawala ang mga masasamang bagay na naiisip mong gawin because it gives you HOPE and inspiration para lumaban. Ang sarap sa pakiramdam, yung may mahingahan ka lang ng sama ng loob, it really means a lot.

If your friends are not physically there for you, you can take advantage of the technology. May videocall and messenger naman– or a simple text message or chat can be enough to let your friend know that you are there for him/her and that you care.

Keep yourself busy

You need to keep yourself busy to forget. Instead of thinking about other things, like drinking liquor or getting into drugs, think of activities that would not only entertain you, but will help you think positively.

Appreciate yourself

Think about your strengths and appreciate yourself. When you finally thought of your worth as a person, you will have a different perspective in life and inspire other people.

Love yourself and have your “Me Time”

It’s true that it’s okay to breathe and pause if we feel exhausted. Lahat naman ng bagay, kailangan ng pahinga, tayo pa kaya? A quick break or pamper yourself by having a relaxing massage is just what you need to feel better.

I hope this article helped you in a way. If you know somebody who is suffering from depression and experiencing stress, you can help by sending that person encouraging messages or bond with them. You can also spread awareness on the importance of mental health by creating and sharing a post about World Mental Health Day.

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