The Thailand Fashion Week AW 2023-2024 Highlights

Fashion is a form of creative expression that reveals a person’s identity and style. As a lifestyle and travel blogger and micro-influencer, I also love to show off my OOTDs in my press trips. I was delighted to be invited in the Thailand 🇹🇭 Fashion Week (Autumn and Winter Collection 2023-2024 ) , held in June 30,, 2023 at the Varavela Garden to cover the said event. In this post, let me share the highlights of the fashion show and some thoughts about the entire collection.

It was my first time covering this event, and I was excited to meet the fashion designers, models, and staff, the most of whom were Filipinos.


Let’s take a peek in the Thailand Fashion Week AW 23-24 main event where top fashion designers showcased the season’s must-haves. With these collections, you can elevate your wardrobe with the latest autumn and winter fashion trends.



I have witnessed how Don Cristobal, the opening designer for the show, stunned the audience with his “LAKBAY” collection.

“LAKBAY” pays homage to the Philippine tapestry, weavers, and artisans, as it celebrates the artistic Filipino designs, showcasing the beauty of the Philippine local fabrics like “Binakol,” “ Yakan, “ “Tinalak,” and “ Inabel.”

As the word “LAKBAY(travel) describes, Don Cristobal’s brilliance is evident in his collection, as he has succeeded in introducing Filipino culture to the world.


Kaylin’s comfy collection (Hong Kong ) features the classic black designs that never goes outdated. Her collection fits every style and can be ideal for every occasion: business/office, fancy dinner, street, or special events. These simple outfits can also make you look glamorous, and it’s easy to accessorize. Just experiment on accessories and other embellishments to add your personal touch.


Another Filipino designer who stood out and dazzled the audience with her glittering black and gold designs is no other than Elsie delos Reyes. She played with shimmering and shining outfits, which creates glamour, and there’s no way you can take your eyes off her collection as the models walked down the runway. Her fabulous outfits are perfect for parties and special events.



Lander Accessories features different jewelry collection to compliment the autumn and winter outfits.


Who says autumn and winter outfits are super boring? Cool and trendy styles by Judy Fantillanan is another Pinoy pride. Based from the word “kikay.” her collection features cute, stylish, girly outfits for all ages. The ruffled dress and black leather outfits are indeed show-stoppers! Definitely, her cute and chic outfits will keep you warm and look stylish during the cool months.


The audience was captivated by the models’ catwalk bounce complimented with the Filipino designer’s creativity as she played with the feminine florals and a splash of colors. For special events, wearing these outfits will make you stand out.


Flashy fashion styles inspired from Batik fabric, made up of vibrant colors from the collection from 16 year-old fashion designer from Indonesia 🇮🇩 Her eye-catching designs have a cheerful and youthful vibe. (The Barbie Pink dress is a personal favorite 😁)


Comfy and casual designs from Black can also be trendy. He displayed his unique selection of blue outfits.


Save the best for last–probably that’s the reason why Roberth Gallardo was assigned to be the show’s finale. He definitely made a memorable and impressive show. Yes, it’s RED for power and boldness! Models walked in red dresses with matching head pieces and salakot for Pinoy accent. They made such a strong impact–strong, regal, and sexy.


BODY ART By Fernie Warisa 🇹🇭

For the second set of the event, the kids and teen-agers were requested to go inside the room because the show is only for adults.

Using your own body as a canvas is another way for others to create art and it was incredibly amazing. BODYART by Fernie is a creative brand that presents a unique form of body arts.

To sum it up, the Thailand Fashion Week AW 2023-2024 was indeed successful in showcasing world-class brands and talents.


If I have the opportunity to choose a designer to dress me up for Autumn and Winter, I’d pick these designers. For the readers to fully understand why I chose them, I have listed the reasons below 👇

  • First of all, this is an autumn 🍂 and winter ❄️ collection, so we have to consider wearing something to keep you warm and comfortable (jackets, coats, vests, etc.) As it gets colder, it means saying goodbye to revealing and less skin showing outfits. So, it would be something comfy, classy, and preferably with a Pinoy touch.
  • Since I am not a party animal, and I’m more on the casual side, it has to be something that I can wear in the streets, and other public places.
  • I also love to mix and match, so this has to be something I can reuse for future events and travels.
  • If it’s something for party or special occasion, the outfit design has to reflect my personal style and taste.


I really loved the “LAKBAY” collection, which features traditional Filipino elements , and incorporates both local weaved and conventional fabrics. This is something I can be proud of wearing when I am abroad–it’s showing to everyone that you are wearing a world-class brand without really bragging about it.


I love the simplicity and elegance in her designs. I could easily shift from casual to business styles from her collection.


For special events, I would really love to wear one of Robert Gallardo’s red outfits. I believe that with his collection, I would be able to flaunt my hourglass shape by showing off my curves.


It’s pretty obvious! I’m a certified “kikay” so I could wear her outfits confidently– this is sooooo me!. I love the designs–feminine and very classy 😁


Choosing an outfit will still depend on your lifestyle and fashion preferences. Consider the following:

  • Have fun in mixing and matching outfits in your closet and add something from the TFW AW 23-24 collection.
  • Invest on accessories and footwears. It can add drama to a simple outfit. Play with your creativity.
  • Always go for cozy, but stylish and cute outfits. Don’t wear something that can get the crowd’s attention just because it is eccentric, if you will become a certified laughingstock.
  • Be practical. Purchase something that you can use again, and not just for one-time use, as we don’t just pick up money.
  • Make sure to pick something that matches your taste and personality; otherwise, you won’t be able to pull off with the outfit.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. Sorry for posting late– I was busy with Tripsdiary Travel and Tours, but I am back!!!!

Feel free to contact me for collaborations.


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