My First Solo Press Trip (Bangkok Day 2)

My first solo adventure removed all my fears. In my previous post, I explained why I made that decision. Yes, it was also my first solo press trip for the Thailand Fashion Week Autumn & Winter Collection 2023-2024. My first day was a total disaster, but I made sure that I would be able to recover the following day.

A Brand New Day 🌤️

I began the new day with optimism and a fresh start. By getting enough rest and sleep, I was able to regain my strength for the long day.

Productive morning

I had a productive morning because I felt energized and had to check out at 9am. The following is something I couldn’t believe I had accomplished.

Had the leftover pizza 🍕 and coffee ☕️ in the living area

The first thing I thought of when I woke up was breakfast. I needed energy to stay focused throughout the day. I originally planned to have a buffet breakfast on the 81st floor at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, while admiring the panoramic and dramatic view of the city. Having to check out at 9 am, I made the decision to eat the leftover pizza and have a cup of coffee in my suite. (I also need to be practical–sayang ang food di ba?)

Gusto ko sanang mag buffet breakfast with a breathtaking view, but it will consume a lot of time, that’s why I decided to stay in the room. Besides, may leftover pizza 🍕 pa!

• Take photos and short video clips

Because of what happened, I had to do what I failed to do the previous day. I took some photos and video clips for my Bangkok content.

Pack the clothes and prepare my luggage

I opted not to unpack when I arrived and use the closet because I knew I had to pack my things early. I just sorted in a separate bag what I needed to bring with me in the TFW rehearsals.

Soaked myself in the bathtub 🛁

I was hoping to take a morning swim, but it was not possible, so I decided to soak in the bathtub and enjoy the warm bath.


I also had to pick an outfit for the TFW rehearsals — simple, but classy, and not too flashy. I was informed that the theme was black, so I brought black tops and ta-da! I chose a black top with floral sleeves and jeans 👖

My TFW rehearsals OOTD

I was ready to check out at 9am!

The driver came to pick me up and dropped me off at Nappiness Hotel (my home for 3 days and 2 nights in Bangkok). The check-in was effortless and I just left my luggage with Som and asked her to place it in my room.

As much as I’d like to take a peek in my room, I couldn’t because I had to leave so I could make it to the TFW rehearsals at 11am.

Nappiness Hotel, my home for 3 days and 2 nights in Bangkok (June 28-July 1, 2023)

You can check my separate post about my stay in Nappiness Hotel here.

The Thailand Fashion Week AW 23-24 Rehearsals

I had no idea what was in store for me on my first solo press trip. I just knew that I have to do my task with all my heart ❤️ So, I went to the Varavela Garden to watch the rehearsals.

Probably you are wondering why I flew all the way to Thailand and covered the Thailand Fashion Week. I am not a fashion blogger. I’m more into the lifestyle and travel, but fashion is one of my interests. Glamming up is a way for me to express myself and I love it. I wanted to get a taste of what it’s like to cover a fashion event.

I have observed how everyone worked professionally. They got the clothes ready for fitting, and rehearsed according to the fashion show sequence.

I was taken aback to learn that Filipino fashion designers, models, and volunteers were present at the event. I seized the opportunity to have a brief interview with them.

Short Interviews 🎤📸

Don Cristobal

It was an absolute pleasure to meet the event’s opening designer, Don Cristóbal. I am truly thankful that he took the time to discuss his ‘Lakbay” collection, which features traditional Filipino elements, incorporates both local weaved and conventional fabrics.

I visualized which styles can be created from Filipino fabrics and a little excitement was there to discover how creative Don Cristobal is. I was thinking that if he’s the show’s opener, he must be exceptionally talented.

Princess Lising

Moreover, I had the chance to meet Princess, one of the promising models from Robert Gallardo’s team. You can watch her video here.

Robert Asaph Gallardo

I was fortunate enough to have a brief conversation with Robert Gallardo, who discussed his Avant Garde Collection (red dresses with matching headpieces and salakot). The first set’s finale was his collection.

I didn’t finish rehearsals because I wanted my beauty rest in order to save for the main event the next day.

My Canal In Love room @ Nappiness Hotel Bangkok

We stopped by Mc Donald’s drive-thru on our way to the hotel and ordered my late lunch/dinner. The spacious room was a great place to enjoy my privacy, and I love it!

You can check my separate post about my stay in Nappiness Hotel here.

Learnings for the Day

My realization? I was truly impressed with myself. I still couldn’t believe that I have managed to go on a solo press trip. Although it can be scary at first, it’s achievable if you have faith in yourself.

You can watch my Bangkok Day 2 mini-vlog below 👇

💄Dazzle Me PH

✈️ Tripsdiary Travel and Tours

🏨 Nappiness Hotel Bangkok

Thank you so much for reading this. Up next is my Bangkok Day 3 which features my Thailand Fashion Week AW 2023-2024 coverage.

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