Traveling is an experience that creates lasting memories. Every trip is filled with joy because I get to explore new places and learn about other cultures. Although I’ve heard many horror stories about solo travelers, I took the risk on my recent international trip to Bangkok. Allow me to share in this post on my experience as a first solo traveler in Thailand.

Why did I travel solo?

I made a bold decision, but why? Here are the reasons:

  1. It was an opportunity that I couldn’t miss– to cover the Thailand Fashion Week Autumn and Winter Collection for 2023-2024. This is the first time I’ve covered a fashion event and I was curious to find out what to discover about the different fashion trends. This was something to be proud of, as most of the participants were Filipino fashion designers.
  2. It was a chance for me to step outside my comfort zone. I had a burning desire to uncover more about myself. (What else am I capable of?)
  3. It was a quick break from the real world or should I say a few days of “me time?”
  4. It was more on the thrill and excitement.

Kwentong Immigration (My Immigration Experience)

Well, despite of the reasons’s I’ve mentioned above, I couldn’t deny the fact that a part of me was feeling nervous😬 I made an effort to condition myself as there was no way to quit. Working as a travel agency manager enabled me to have sufficient knowledge of the requirements. Although Thailand is visa-free for Filipinos, immigration officers may ask the passenger to present additional requirements if they appear suspicious. If the IOs believe that their purpose is to work and not to have a tour, they may be offloaded. This is done on a case-by-case basis and depends on which IO is assigned to the passenger. It his or her discretion whether you can pass the immigration or not.

When it was my turn to face the immigration officer, here’s what transpired. I was too confident because I knew the purpose of my trip, so I couldn’t imagine being offloaded. No way! I prepped myself just in case. I tried not to get nervous, and I responded in a flippant manner.

IO: (Checked my passport and air tickets then asked me to face the camera📸)

I expected him to inquire about my hotel and activity booking, but he instead asked me where I work. That’s it 😄 I couldn’t believe that was effortless! I thought to myself, “Yey! Salamat naman at ang bilis!”

I already lined up and prepared to put my bag and gadgets on the tray, when another agent asked me to go to the side. My heart was pounding (I thought we’re done with this, 😂, what the hell is happening?

Officer: Sino po ang kasama nyo?

Me: Ako lang po.

Officer: (Looked at my passport) Pupunta ka pala ng Thailand pero galing ka na doon.

Me: Yes po last September with -other travel agency owners.

Officer: Galing ka rin pala sa Vietnam.

Me: Last December po.

Officer: ikaw nagbook ng ticket mo?

Me: Yes po, sa travel agency ko Tripsdiary Travel and Tours

Officer: May imimeet ka ngayon sa Thailand?

Me: Wala po. Mag attend lang ng Thailand Fashion Week.

Officer: May invitation ka? (Balak pa yata akong ioffload)

Me: (I showed him the email and my media pass)

End of the story.

That’s the sad reality. Immigration officers tend to be strict when you are a solo traveler. I couldn’t blame them–ang dami kasing pasaway ngayon. If in case that you really need to travel alone, you just need to be prepared and confident in answering their questions 😅; otherwise, you might get offloaded.

I was able to breathe normally after passing through the immigration process. Finally, I will be able to explore on my own and I was truly looking forward to a productive day.

Cebu Pacific’s Delayed Flight

I was at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 at 3:47 am. My Cebu Pacific flight was scheduled for 7:35 am, and the boarding time was supposed to be 6:50 am.

At 7:24 am, we were asked to wait for the final boarding announcement. We were disappointed to learn that the plane’s estimated arrival time in Manila was 1pm after a few minutes. They gave us 2 free meal vouchers to compensate for everything 😂😂😂 (Pampalubag-loob)

Well, it’s better than nothing–what else can we do? As if we had a choice. Nobody even apologized to us and explained what happened. We had to ask and wait for an announcement. Honestly, I was really disappointed–sayang ang ginawa kong itinerary for my early BKK flight 😒🤬 The plane should be able to land in Bangkok at 9:55am and approximately, I should be at the hotel before lunch. Grabe itong Cebu Pacific na ito—consistent na yata for delayed flights! Nakakainis!

At 12:29 pm, we started to get ready for boarding, but we still waited for a few minutes.

At 1:52 pm, we were still inside the plane, waiting for the completion of the documents before flying. The passengers were really upset 😭, including me, but we had no choice. At 2:26 pm, we were finally ready to take off.

Grabe ang pagod ko!!!

I had my pre-ordered in-flight meal, which was supposed to be my breakfast, but it ended up being a merienda. To keep myself energized for the tiring day, I had to order coffee.

I wasn’t aware of the Cebu Pacific policy on delayed flights, until a former college classmate sent the image below in one of my FB posts. Cebu Pacific did not send us any travel voucher nor offered for us to transfer to another carrier. 😥😞

So, yes, my precious time was wasted. I imagined myself resting and spending my time in the hotel room because I was really exhausted.

Thailand is Lovelier The Second Time Around

Despite what happened, I had to come up with a way to make the most of the remaining hours of the day. How the hell can I make it productive? Was it even possible? Should I just rest? My mind was shaking, and I was glad to be able to think properly.

At the Suvarnabhumi Airport

The plane landed at the airport at 17:50 pm. I claimed my luggage and got through the immigration. I went to the ATM to withdraw money in Thai Baht to make it easier for me to transact anywhere.

At 18:53, I saw the representative who is going to drive me from the airport to the hotel.

On my way to the hotel, I was also having problems with my mobile data. I was debating with myself mentally whether to just stay at the hotel or go out. My mind was saying I should go, but my body was too weak 😭😭😭

Stay at Baiyoke Sky Hotel 🏨

I booked an overnight stay at Baiyoke Sky Hotel for my first night because it is close to the market.

Thanks to the hotel staff who escorted me from the hotel entrance to the lobby. After I checked in, he also accompanied me to my room. Sorry, I forgot your name, but meeting you was one good thing that ever happened to me after the devasting experience with Cebu Pacific.

Let us have a quick room tour (Junior Suite-Lady @ Sky Zone)

I arrived at night that’s why it was like a haunted room that I see in horror movies 😨 I was waiting for a ghost to appear 👻, buti na lang walaaaaa! Haaay, I think I have gone crazy–kung anu-ano na ang naiisip ko.

At least from here, I can see the stunning view of Bangkok’s mega city skyline. (Medyo nawala ang stress ko!)

Here, I wanna show you the living area, perfect if you will have your snacks while watching TV 📺

Mirror Selfies

Of course, here’s my mirror 🪞 selfie 😄kahit pagod

Although the hotel room was somewhat old, it was spacious. As always, there was a mandatory mirror selfie. (Sayang naman ang OOTD in hot pink ko di ba?)

Bathroom check

If there’s one thing that I like about my Junior Suite room, that’s the spacious bathroom with a bathtub, vanity area, and a separate shower area.

I chose not to use the closet because it would be time-consuming when I get ready to check out the following day.

I have a part of me that would like to stay in the room and rest and sleep early. It was a long and exhausting day, and if I just want to think of what I deserve to have that time, I would have done that. I had initially planned what I would do if Cebu Pacific’s flight was not delayed. It could have been a productive day as I would have gone for a swim in the pool, have an authentic Thai massage at the spa, shopped in the market, and dined with a breathtaking view.

In the end, I made the decision to go out and make the most of the time.. I felt refreshed for a moment after taking the hot shower.

I had dinner at Baiyoke Coffee Shop at 9:11 pm because I felt hungry at that time.

Hawaiian pizza + lemon smoothie + amazing view = good mood 😁

After that, I went to the market (just in front of the hotel) to shop for souvenirs. The shirts were inexpensive, but good quality. Next time, I will buy more.

I didn’t get the chance to experience and vlog about the Thai streetfood due to limited time, but next time, I will.

After buying some stuff, I went back to the hotel.

Before I finally go to bed and have my beauty rest, I headed to the rooftop bar and paid 300 Baht for the punch. I thought it was free for guests 😅- but at least I have checked the place.

Though I wasn’t able to enjoy my first day in Bangkok as I have planned, I still managed to do some activities despite the fact that I was dead tired during that time. Below is my Bangkok Day 1 mini-vlog 👇You can also follow my FB page and post a comment too!

👚🩳 Hot pink blazer and shorts ccords by Shein

💄 Dazzle Me

🛫 Tripsdiary Travel and Tours

Thank you so much for dropping by. More stories in my upcoming series of blog posts… Thailand Fashion Week coverage and Bangkok Day 2-4.

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