Balik Eskwela Ready na with PSAHelpline.PH!

Balik eskwela ready na ba kayo? Oooops, I know that reaction 😂🤣 I know, that SY 2022-2023 just ended in some schools, but whether you like it or not, another school year is about to start! (Hwaaaaaat?! Is this for real–as in totoo baaaaaah?!) if you’re occupied with work or you’re planning your vacation, there’s a way to accomplish this on the side. You don’t have to worry because it’s easy to be “BALIK-ESKWELA READY” with PSA Helpline.Ph!

What are the requirements for enrollment?

Busy parents have to prepare these requirements to ensure that the kids will be enrolled this coming school year.

  1. 🏫 SF 9 (latest report card)
  2. 🏫 certificate of good moral character
  3. 🏫 SF 10 (form 137)
  4. 🏫 copy of birth certificate from PSA

Numbers 1-3 can be requested from the previous school, and the copy of a birth certificate can be requested and ordered online via PSA Helpline.PH, which is very convenient because it will be delivered right into your home.


Probably you are wondering why it is important for an individual to submit a birth certificate when enrolling in a school? It’s because class advisers have to update their Learner Information System (LIS) and examine the learners’ personal information. Here are the reasons why the school is requesting for a copy of the PSA birth certificate:

🔘 It is a valid proof of one’s identity, and nationality.

🔘 It confirms the student’s age and the right grade level.

The Ordering Process

Last year, I shared my own experience in ordering PSA birth certificates online. It’s very easy— as easy as 1-2-3 and A-B-C 😁 Just follow the instructions and after you have filled out the important details about yourself and your child, you will be prompted to the payment page. A copy of the PSA birth certificate can be requested for only P365.00 (inclusive of delivery), which is very convenient.

PSA Birth Certificates Delivery

Once you have placed an order for the PSA birth certificates, you will receive a notification via email and sms about the status of your order. The courier will contact you as well for the delivery schedule.

I wasn’t there when the first delivery attempt was made. I forgot that I had to attend a training. We have set another schedule for the delivery, and this time, I made sure to personally receive the documents.

Upon delivery, the rider will verify the validity of the ID you presented and confirm your identity.


💡 Make sure that you are present at the time of the delivery; otherwise, it won’t be handed to another person even if you left an authorization letter with your ID.

💡 Make sure that you have your valid ID with you for verification purposes.

Here are some helpful links for you for the upcoming enrollment:

Be “Balik Eskwela Ready” Na!

So, what are you waiting for? If you are a parent, you can order your child’s birth certificate here. If you are an educator, or just a responsible Filipino citizen, please help spread this information by sharing this post. Tara na, at lahat tayo ay mag-Balik-Eswela Ready na!

For more information, you can contact PSA Helpline.PH, the accredited partner of Philippine Statistics Authority.

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