My Hong Kong Disneyland Experience

My First Time in Hong Kong Disneyland

It was my first time in Hong Kong 🇭🇰 , and I wanted to get the best out of my trip, so I’ll share about my Hong Kong Disneyland experience. As a child, I always wanted to visit Disneyland, and I was really excited because eventually I was able to make it a reality. Guess what? I felt like a kid again 😀 Aside from the thrilling rides, I was also dying to see the Disney characters and strike a pose with them, see the fireworks, and watch the incredible shows and parades. So, I have planned my OOTD–in pink shirt, denim overall dress, and white sneakers.

You can check my Hong Kong first impressions here.

How to Get to Hong Kong Disneyland 🚊

It’s quite easy to get to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. All you need to do is to head to the nearest train station near you and use the machine to purchase a single-journey card.

Make sure that you have entered the correct station, because once you made a mistake, you need to exit and you need to purchase another ticket. If you are not sure, ask someone who can speak and understand English. Look also for directional signs that has HONG KONG DISNEYLAND RESORT on it.

The Magical Experience

Our magical experience began while we were on the train with Mickey-shaped windows (from Sunny Bay Station to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort).

It was raining hard when we got there, and even though we wanted to get inside right away, we couldn’t because we didn’t have an umbrella. It took us more than an hour to do that. Despite the rain showers, we decided to go because it would take us forever if we were to wait for the rain to stop.

My first time in Hong Kong Disneyland! Yey!

I printed our confirmation letter with the QR code and the attendant scanned it and gave us access to the park. It will be easier to just show the QR code in your phone.

The first thing we did was to look for an umbrella ☔ We didn’t have any choice– so we bought a black and white Mickey mouse umbrella (It’s worth P1,400). Though it was raining, we were able to go around and explore the park.

There are booths in the park where you can buy souvenirs and other Disney items.

To complement our kiddie outfit, we also purchased Minnie Mouse hairbands with polka dots and red ribbons.

It feels so good to be a kid again--on the Happiest Place on Earth (Hong Kong Disneyland)

Exploring Hong Kong Disneyland

There are seven themed areas in Hong Kong Disneyland Resort: Main Street, U.S.A., Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point, and Toy Story Land. We were not able to visit all these areas.

The Hong Kong Disney Railroad

When you enter the park, the first thing you will notice is the iconic Hong Kong Disneyland Railroad, which is located above the entrance. This features the manicured Mickey Mouse-faced garden.

The Minnie Mouse garden at Hong Kong Disneyland

Main Street, U.S.A.

This resembles the American small towns during the early 20th century. Here, you can buy Disney souvenirs and other stuff.

A rainy day on the Main Street in Hong Kong Disneyland

The Corner Café offers a high-end American menu. We could not try the food there because we had to use the meal vouchers and that is not included in the list of restaurants.

Have a cup of coffee to elevate your Hong Kong Disneyland experience. 
Try Starbucks on the Main Street.

We also went through Starbucks, a Victorian style coffee house, located in a stylish building called “Market House,” that brings the classic coffee style. The store also has exclusive merchandise (Disney characters with Starbucks branding) and collectible Starbucks mug series,


As the name describes, this futuristic attraction takes you on a thrilling space journey. Here, you can ride and dine on spaceships.

Experience the magic at Tomorrowland (Hong Kong Disneyland)


This features a jungle themed area, where you can see Tarzan’s Treehouse, “The Festival of the Lion King,” and experience the Jungle River Cruise.

I wanted to try the Jungle River Cruise, but since it was raining that time, we decided to go back to the castle and do the pictorial.

A rainy day at Adventureland in Hong Kong Disneyland
I missed the Jungle River Cruise at Hong Kong Disneyland


Mandatory pose at the Magical castle to make the most out of my Hong Kong Disneyland experience

This area gives the magical moment experience., as it features the Castle of Magical Dreams (a.k.a Sleeping Beauty’s Castle). This also includes the classic fairy tale characters we loved since we were kids.

The beautiful flower garden at Hong Kong Disneyland

We also saw the Cinderella’s Carousel, and for many times, I have contemplated with myself whether to ride or not; but in the end, I chose not to. Though I’m a kid-at-heart, I think it’s more suited to kids.

My 1 Day Ticket (Peak Day) @ Hong Kong Disneyland

I purchased a 1 Day Ticket for my magical Hong Kong Disneyland experience, and of course, to save money. These are the inclusions:

1 day ticket at Hong Kong Disneyland (peak day)

3-in-1 park meal voucher

This includes the following:

  1. 1 Lunch Combo Meal with soft drink at HK$150 or below at any theme Park Quick Service Restaurant (should be redeemed before 4 pm)
  2. 1 Dinner Combo Meal with soft drink at HK$150 or below at any Theme Park Quick Service Restaurant (after 4:30pm and until 30 minutes before the restaurant closes)
  3. Snack choice of a designated frozen lollipop or popcorn (valued at HK$45) at outdoor vending carts throughout the park.
Popcorn for free for those who have meal vouchers  at Hong Kong Disneyland
Free snacks

Eligible Dining Locations (Theme Park Quick Service Restaurants) at Hong Kong Disneyland

🪄 Starliner Diner (Tomorrowland)

🪄 Comet Cafe (Tomorrowland)

🪄 Clopin’s Festival of Foods (Fantasyland)

🪄 Tahitian’s Terrace (Adventureland)

🪄 Royal Banquet Hall (Fantasyland)

My Disney Park Magical Benefits (e-voucher)

Hmm… We were not able to redeem this one. I totally forgot about it 😭😭😭 We could have gotten a FREE designated special gift (at Center Street Boutique, Andy’s Toy Box or Professor Porter’s Trading Post in the park.

Price: $HKD 1,938 (₱13,731.71 for 2 pax)

The Castle Pictorial at Hong Kong Disneyland

Oh, yeah!  I'm a princess and here's my castle photo , a check on my list at Hong Kong Disneyland
What time is it?  It's the time to make your Hong Kong Disneyland Experience come true!

Everyone wanted a photo with the Sleeping Beauty Castle as a backdrop. Some prepared in their best Disney princess outfits, and some in their cool kiddie look 😁 It’s once in a lifetime like in “It’s now or never,” so time shouldn’t be wasted at all.

Whether you’re pro or not, it’s time to use your creativity to capture those magical moments.

Our Dining Experience

We used our first free meal for snacks–it’s a choice between popcorn or ice cream. We chose popcorn 🍿and we ate it while exploring the park.

Our free popcorn for our 3-in-1 meal voucher at Hong Kong Disneyland

We had lunch at the Banquet Hall (in Fantasyland) — the name itself lets you visualize the splendor and royalty. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the magnificent hallway with other elements which contribute to its castle atmosphere. I know we were supposed to feel like we were in a royal gathering; however, when we got there, it was not the case. Something was definitely off. Probably because it was warm and crowded, although it was raining at the time, so we couldn’t appreciate the beauty of the dining hall.

snacks at the Royal Banquet Hall at Hong Kong Disneyland

It has 4 food stations—Grill (American-style classics), Japan (Japanese food), Entrees Royale (Chinese and Korean food), and International. I queued at the International Station and we ordered a Mickey-shaped pizza and baked pork chop rice.

It took an eternity for us to sit. We practically waited until a family finished their meal before finally being able to eat lunch.

Mickey shaped pizza and softdrinks at the International Station at the Royal Banquet Hall in Hong Kong Disneyland

Hmmm, my disappointment turned into contentment when I tasted the pizza. I totally forgot about it because I’m a pizza lover. My daughter loved the pork chop rice too!

The pork chop rice at the International Station at the Royal Banquet Hall in Hong Kong Disneyland

While we were walking and choosing our rides, we decided to try the Minnie-shaped frozen lollipops.

Minnie shaped frozen lollipops at Hong Kong Disneyland
Minnie Ice Cream 🍨

We decided to leave early because we wanted to have a good rest for the night. We had an early dinner at the Starliner Diner, a spaceship-themed American restaurant (located in Tommorowland). We had a chicken burger🍔 , fried chicken, and French fries 🍟.

Starliner Cafe (located in Tomorrowland) in Hong Kong Disneyland
Red bun!  Yummy chicken burger at Starliner Cafe in Hong Kong Disneyland

The Rides

We first tried ORBITRON (a rocket-like spacecraft attraction in Tommorowland)– we had a spaceship ride experience for a few minutes after getting our boarding passes. It was great to take control of your own spacecraft!

Next, we lined up for the classic attraction DUMBO, The Flying Elephant 🐘(located in Fantasyland) It just felt so good to be a kid again and ride on a flying elephant.

The last and best ride that we had was MAD HATTER TEA CUPS (located in Fantasyland) We enjoyed spinning around the giant teacup, as we control whether we go fast or slow. It’s a good thing, we didn’t feel dizzy at all. I was quite nervous because I thought we might bump into the other tea cups😅🤣 .

This is an experience to remember, a continuation to my Wonderland experience at Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong, where I transformed from The Blogger Princess to Alice!

The Disney Merchandise

Expect that since the merchandise or items are all Disney original, it would be pricey. I was tempted to get more items, but in the end, I just got 3–the black and white Mickey umbrella, the Minnie Mouse pair of earrings, and the Minnie hairbands.

Tips for those who want to go Hong Kong Disneyland

🥴 Bring an umbrella and a raincoat. Just in case it rains, your day won’t be ruined. In the rides, they don’t allow the customers to open the umbrellas ☔️, so you’ll get wet 😁

🥴 Purchase a 1-day pass online (just like mine) with 3-in-one meal voucher because it’s a great value for your money.

🥴 Make sure to spend the whole day at Hong Kong Disneyland (from the moment the park opens until you see the display of fireworks) for the ultimate magical experience.

🥴 Double check your powerbank if it is fully-charged, because you will be needing this just in case your phone has run out of battery. Remember, you will be taking a lot of photos and videos for your social media postings and updates.

🥴 Make sure to bring cash and credit cards in case of an emergency. Shop what you need and what your heart truly desires.

🥴 If you can afford to stay in one of the Hong Kong Disneyland Hotels, I think it’s worth the experience.

My Overall Experience

Though it wasn’t perfect, I can still say that our Hong Kong Disneyland experience was magical. I would have spent the entire day there if it wasn’t our flight back to Manila the following day. The weather and limited time prevented us from exploring the park and making memorable experiences, which is why we had to leave early. I am certain that there will be another opportunity to experience all the things I missed the next time I visit Hong Kong.

Of course, I highly recommend that you visit HONG KONG DISNEYLAND, especially if you are travelling with your family (with children). It’s fun to experience the rides (even if you are not a kid anymore)– just be a kid for a day in “the Happiest Place on Earth.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog post. What are your thoughts?

I am still working on the Hong Kong packages I have to create for Tripsdiary Travel and Tours. We will still see if we can include Hong Kong Disneyland in our land arrangement package. Feel free to send me a message if you have questions. Til next post, #TeamBloggerPrincess!


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