The Blogger Princess’s Adventures in Wonderland (A Review of Hotel 🏨 Alexandra Hongkong)

Hong Kong 🇭🇰 is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia because of its tourist attractions, vibrant nightlife, bustling markets and rich culture. As I said in my previous post, while our vacation was not perfect, we were able to create unforgettable memories. It became possible through our magical experience at the Hotel Alexandra Hotel Hong Kong, a Victorian- inspired 4-star hotel 🏨, which was our home in Hong Kong during our 4 day and 3 night stay.

Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong is operated by Harbour Plaza Hiotels and Resorts, which is a member of CK Asset Group.

The Location

Hotel Alexandera Hong Kong is strategically situated in North Point, in the heart of Hong Kong Island. It is very convenient for guests because it is within walking distance of the Fortress Hill MTR Station. There are also restaurants in the vicinity such as Mc Donalds, Starbucks, market, money changer, and ATM machines.

It is also a 10-minute ride to Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (where the ITE Hong Kong 🇭🇰 2023 was held) .

How to Get There

1. From Hong Kong International Airport, via the Airport Express, you can get to Fortress Hill Station in 40 minutes. From the MTR exit, you can see McDonalds. Just walk across and look for Garden City Road. From there you can see a large building with the red A logo.

To check the MTR fare, click here.

2. You can get a taxi or cab 🚕 , and it will cost you around HKD$411 and up for the trip.

3. You can take a bus 🚌 also, but we have not tried it (probably next time)

We had option one because we wanted to have some sort of adventure and getting lost on the street is a bit fun 🤩.

My First Impression

We didn’t expect much… I imagined an average and fancy hotel, but surprisingly, it turned out to be a 4.5 star luxury hotel. From the Blogger Princess, I instantly became Alice, who was transported in time from reality and present time to Victorian era and Wonderland.

The facade

Watching the exterior of the large building will give you no idea what a magical experience is waiting for you inside.

The lobby

The Grand Entrance

As soon as the lift opened, leading to the lobby, our jaws dropped as we immediately marvelled at the elegant and modern design of the hotel, which instantly transformed into a palace. Alongside the lift doors (above the lift knob), there were crystal-shaped lights, creating a whimsical atmosphere and stimulating an urge for another adventure.

The hall and corridors were decorated with grand chandeliers and enormous mirrors. There were flower- engraved golden doors and fixtures, pink sofa chairs, red velvet curtains, and black and white diamond-shaped marble floors.

The dominant colors are gold that symbolize luxury, royalty, and fortune, and black and white, symbolizes yin-yang (opposite forces tend to balance each other in the natural world.) The property itself conveys a message that everybody has a portal of reality to fantasy, and simplicity to royalty.

The Check-in Process

It was an honor to meet Mr. Alan Kuk, the front desk manager. He personally assisted me and we had a smooth check-in process. What made it even cooler was that he speaks English fluently, so I had no difficulty understanding him and expressing everything I wanted to say. He even accompanied us to our room.

Our Assigned Room

We stayed in room 3203, one of the 21 sq. m clover 🍀 seaview room (triple sharing) with stunning views of the city and Victoria harbor.

My Mandatory Mirror Selfie 🤳

I knew I was in Wonderland, but I couldn’t help, but to ask the magic mirror 🪞 in front of me, “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?” I am not a beauty queen nor a supermodel, but I feel like an extraordinary goddess oozing with beauty and appeal, all because of this full-sized mirror, where you can see how you look from head to toe. (Ang lakas makaganda 😆)

The Mandatory Mirror Selfie 🤳 (Syempre, pose agad 😂😂😂)

Actually, in the hallway, there are more full-sized mirrors like this 😁

Bathroom Check

I always check the bathroom, and with Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong, it goes beyond my standards. As long as it is clean, has a shower room, toilet, and vanity, with all the essentials of the bathroom, it is quite good for me. Their bathroom is more than what I wanted. Later, you will find out why.

The Stunning View of the Harbour

The Harbor view

Having a spacious and clean room is just what we need for this stay; it was just a bonus that we had an amazing view of the harbor (perfect for my coffee break!)


Let me give you a quick room tour. I really documented this to capture the moment and our reaction as well when we saw our room.

Room Categories

Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong has 840 rooms and suites, overlooking the stunning harbor views.All rooms are equipped with a dining space, working desk, and a stable wifi connection.

Displaying the splendor and unlocking the magic experience of the hotel, guests will get a taste of Wonderland with its card-themed rooms.

The rooms

Diamond 💎 – cityscape views for 2 pax

The room has a working desk which makes you feel relaxed even while working. It can also be space for dining or coffee break.

Clover 🍀 – modern designer room (city or harbor view) for up to 3 pax.

Heart ❤️ – cozy and stylish connecting rooms with full-sized windows for 4 pax

Spade ♠️ – design-led connecting rooms that offer panoramic city views for 6 pax


King Suite- incredible city views in the spacious modern suite.

Queen Suite– spacious modern suite with contemporary living room and private bedroom

The Hotel Amenities

Fitness centre

The hotel has a fitness center for the active ones, where guests can have cardio exercises and burn some calories.

The hotel has changing rooms where guests can take a shower after the intense workout, or change if they will head to the outdoor pool to take a dip or a quick swim.

Kids zone

This is the place for the kids where they can have fun with toys and games.

Swimming pool

This is the fun part for guests, especially for families-splashing into the glass-walled outdoor pool where guests can also unwind.


Café A is the hotel’s restaurant, with a sumptuous international buffet and à la carte menu.

The Grand Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom with the golden-engraved doors provide a space to host for special occasions, celebrations , and meetings. It can be set up in six more intimate meeting spaces.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_6706-768x1024.jpg

The Restrooms/Toilets

As expected, the regular toilets for guests are also elegant. Upon entering, a classical music can be heard, which sets the mood for positivity.

What I liked about Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong

🔘 Our clover ☘️ seaview room

I loved our room 💖–simply because we felt comfortable during our stay. It has two single beds and a sofa bed. We enjoyed the intimacy and were able to chill out.

I love the view!

🔘 Efficient Housekeeping Team and staff

Good job to the housekeeping team for being consistent in cleaning our room and for replenishing our toiletries, towels, tea and coffee on a daily basis.

I would also like to commend the staff- from the front desk, concierge, dining, and security for being polite and professional.

🔘 Spacious bathroom

Why do I love our bathroom? Though it was not as spacious as the other toilets we had in the five-star hotels we previously checked in, it has everything you need. The bathroom has a toilet, vanity and shower area. The water does not go out of the sliding glass door in the shower area and it does not flow on the floor as well. It also became our charging station because it is the only area in the room which has an outlet for Type A plug.

🔘 Dining experience

We had an incredible dining experience at Cafe A. We tried their buffet breakfast and weekend brunch buffet.

Buffet Breakfast
Price per adult: HK$132 | Price per child: HK$100

We had a great meal before heading to the ITE Hong Kong 2023 event. Luckily, we had rice and of course, a cup of coffee to give me strength for the day.

Weekend Brunch Buffet

Price per adult: HK$488 | Price per child: HK$368 | Price per senior citizen: HK$418

🔘 WIFI connection

The hotel has a strong and stable Internet connection that makes guests connected with their loved ones, and even work whilst relaxing. I easily updated my social media accounts with Hong Kong content by uploading pictures and reels. I was also able to access my inbox and respond to my clients’ inquiries.

🔘 The Outdoor Pool

The glass-walled pool was our stress reliever– gliding through the water, we felt like mermaids for a moment. A few minutes in the pool can take all worries away.

🔘 Comfortability

We were comfortable during our stay and we can say that we are happy with the impeccable service.

🔘 Sleep quality

We were able to sleep soundly– no itchy linens, and free from distractions. After going out and feeling exhausted, we can finally relax and get our strength back for the next day.


  • Consider installing a bidet in the toilets. For Filipinos, we prefer using water than toilet paper.
  • Provide spa services such as massage, body scrub, and other packages for other guests who do not like to leave the hotel.
  • Offer a transfer service for clients (just in case there is no taxi or in case of emergency)

Is this worth your money?

Oh, yes. There are cheap hotels and other accommodations in Hong Kong, but this will not give you the convenience and magical experience you can have at the Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong. This is certainly something you must not miss.

Overall Impression & Recommendations

Overall, it was an amazing stay. I highly recommend Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong for an affordable taste of luxury. The hotel also serves as an avenue to discover yourself.

Will I return? Of course–and I’m always up to another adventure.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to the management team of Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong.for having us. Special thanks to Ms. Dina Quah, their sales manager, for the guidance and support, especially during the hotel ocular. Thank you so much for the unforgettable stay.

.Disclosure: Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong has provided us with a complimentary stay on our first night and a special rate for our second and third night. All the opinions expressed on this blog are mine and I have not been influenced by the company.

Hotel Alexandra Hong Kong

📍32 City Garden Road, North Point, Hong Kong
(MTR Fortress Hill Station, Exit B)

  📞+852 3893 2888 

📧 Email:

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