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Every woman is beautiful; unfortunately, only a few have been able to dazzle and stand out amongst others. Most women are unaware that it is possible by using the right beauty products. You’re lucky enough if you have stumbled on this post because I’m going to share one of my beauty secrets. Yes, I have added a few products on my makeup bag that will surely add sparkle ✨ to your looks. Yes, you can dazzle and stand out with Dazzle Me Beauty Products.

About Dazzle Me

Dazzle Me was established in July 2022 with the goal of revealing the real beauty of every Filipina. This is by offering affordable beauty products that everyone can use.

Why you should try Dazzle Me Beauty Products

✨ Very affordable

✨ It comes in attractive colors and packaging

✨ The ingredients were carefully selected not only to give women their unique glow and stand out among the rest, but also to protect our skin and lips 👄

Must-try Products from Dazzle Me

In my recent post, I have shared some tips on how to achieve a perfect summer look. I am very pleased to share the Dazzle Me beauty products that I love ❤️ and these will complete the beauty essentials that every woman should have.


Dazzle Me Attack On Sun SPF 50 sunscreen
Attack On Sun ☀️ Sunscreen 🧴 SPF 50

Let us start by boosting your confidence and it starts by protecting your skin. It is recommended to use SPF 50 🧴sunscreen, which blocks 98% of UVB rays, if you step outside to protect your skin for at least 2 hours. Look toned-up and feel good under the sun by using Attack On Sun ☀️

☀️ Hybrid sunscreen formula (easy to apply and provides broad spectrum coverage)

☀️ Photostable sunscreen filters (Stable formula for excellent protection against UVA)

☀️ Quick-absorbing and weightless

☀️ Radiant finish, no whitecast

Price: ₱199.00

Please click here to purchase the ATTACK ON SUN SUNSCREEN 🧴


Dazzle Me Heart-Melt Creamy Blush

Blushing is important in a woman’s make-up routine since it adds color to her face. With this, you won’t look as pale as a ghost 😁 A blush may make the skin healthier, younger, and it adds a natural glow ✨.

Over the years, we’ve gotten used to powdered blush, but most have used the liquid-based formula because it has a long-lasting effect. The only issue with the latter is the sticky sensation on the cheeks, which makes the user uncomfortable.

The HEART-MELT CREAMY LIQUID BLUSH is a buildable hybrid formula blush that seamlessly blends into skin for a long-lasting flush of color.

  • Unique Staying Power (liquid to creamy texture but stays longer than a powder blush)
  • Seamless blend (blends to create subtle or vividly flushed look without caking)

Price: ₱149.00

Please click here to 0purchase HEART-MELT CREAMY LIQUID BLUSH.


Dazzle Me Misty Matte Lip Cream

Of course, we must also have healthy lips 👄, which is why I love using lip cream rather than lipstick 💄 it moisturizes and soothes dry lips.

MISTY MATTE LIP CREAM is a soft-blur cream that will never dry out your lips. It delivers full pigment and sets to a soft matte finish without emphasizing lip lines.

Price: ₱179.00

Please click here to purchase Misty Matte Lip Cream.


A lip tint can add brilliance and a dramatic color to your lips 👄; however, it is best to use something that won’t dry them out. As the weather changes, our lips tend to dry out, so we must keep them hydrated.

The GLOSSIP GIRL LIP CREAM s the answer to those who struggle with dry lips. It has a gloss-to-stain formula that provides luster of a gloss, pigment of. Lip cream, and a stain of a tint.

Price: ₱169.00

Please click here to purchase Glossip Girl Lip Cream


Dazzle Me Wonderfullip Serum

Using a lip serum will help nourish and moisturize your lips for an extended period of time. It not only heals your dry lips, it makes them soft too.

The 24/7 WONDERFULLIP SERUM is a multi-purpose lip topper and treatment that

👄 conditions lips,

👄 brightens lip color, and

👄 reduces the appearance of lip lines while providing lasting moisture.

Price: ₱149.00

Please click here to purchase the 24/7 Wonderfullip Serum

Having these beauty products in your make-up kit will certainly make you stand out from the others. I also share my video below 👇 on how to get that natural look. Most of the products I used are from Dazzle Me ✨.

In my upcoming domestic and international travels 🛫 🚢. 🚐, I will also share the OOTDs and beauty products that I used.

For those who are requesting my skincare routine, I will share my secret very soon 🥰❤️

Thanks for dropping by. Til next post, #TeamBloggerPrincess 🥰😘


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