Alay kay Inay: A Mothers Day Gift Guide

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and I know that most of you have already planned how to celebrate this event to the most special woman in your life. If you haven’t planned anything yet, I’ve got you covered, because in this article, I will share a Mother’s Day Gift Guide 🎁💐 that you can use.

About Mother’s Day 👩

Mother’s Day is a celebration honoring the mothers worldwide every second Sunday of May. (This year, it will fall on May 14, 2023)

Reasons why we should celebrate Mother’s Day

Mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.“

Marion C. Garretty
  • We want to make our mom feel special.
  • It’s a way of expressing how much we love and appreciate our mother.
  • In this occasion, we honor the contributions of mothers in general

What to Consider in Giving a Mother’s Day Gift

👩 Your mom’s personality

  • SIMPLE AND SENTIMENTAL – Mostly, the moms with this personality doesn’t expect anything extravagant. ( A simple, but heartfelt greetings can actually make their day. Give it a personalized touch like creating your own Mother’s Day card, an appreciation letter or social media post, special song dedicated to her. You can also give her your precious gift of time by spending quality time with her)
  • SPORTY & FIT-CONSCIOUS – You can give some stuff that she can use for her daily fitness and sports routine (tumbler, towel, fitness outfits or shoes)
  • BEAUTY CONSCIOUS – You can also book her to a beauty treatment session in a salon or spa, buy her favorite beauty and skincare brands)
  • FOODIE– ( Treat her to her favorite restaurant. If she’s into cooking, buy her new cooking or kitchen utensils )
  • FASHIONABLE(Go treat her to a shopping 🛍️ spree and let her buy her favorite brands)
  • WORKAHOLIC AND BUSY— This is for the working moms who spend most of their time at work (watch, planner, desk items)
  • TRAVEL FREAK -This is for the moms who travel a lot. (suitcase, passport holder, travel kit, backpack 🎒, sling bag. If you are generous enough, you can book an all-in travel package for her 🛫

You can add a Mother’s Day cake 🧁, flowers 💐, and chocolates 🍫 to brighten up her day.

👩 What SHE wants, NOT what YOU want 🥰

It is important to know what she wants to receive for Mother’s Day. You can ask her casually 😉

👩 Her schedule 🗓️

Take an effort to know her schedule too to avoid ruining your plans.

👩 Your budget 💸💳

Plan within your budget. Don’t try too hard if you can’t afford what you have in mind. i’m sure you can come up with affordable gifts for her.

Always remember that it doesn’t matter how expensive your Mother’s Day gift is, it’s the sincerity when you have planned all of this, and of course, the love that you have for your mom. Let’s make this memorable and make her feel loved. Alay natin ito kay Inay 🥰❤️


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