Top Things to Do in MAY

So, it’s MAY! It’s almost half of the year and whatever you’re feeling at the moment, I hope you’re all okay. What are your plans for the rest of the month? If you still don’t have the slightest idea, read on. In this post, I will share the top things to do in MAY.

What’s special with MAY?

Ever since I was a kid, I know that this month is associated with the following:

🔘 Flowers 💐 🌺 🌸

There is no spring in the Philippines, but since it is summer, vibrant colors and floral are in ‼️

🔘 Flores de Mayo [Flowers of May) Celebration

This is a festival held in the Philippines throughout the month of MAY in tribute to the Virgin Mary for the cultivation and making the flowers bloom. Apart from the daily flower offerings to her, the highlight is the Santacruzan, with Reyna Elena and Constantine, which takes place on the final day of Flores de Mayo. It is also famous by others as sagala.

🔘 Mother’s Day 👩‍👧

We celebrate this during the second Sunday of May, as a tribute to all mothers for their love.

So you see, there’s a lot of things to do and here are some of my suggested activities 👇

Top activities:

🌸 Participate in Santacruzan/ Sagala

If your town does not celebrate Flores de Mayo, and you could not participate, there are activities that children can do here.

🌸 Show Off your MAY OOTDs and Style ✨

It’s time to glam up and upgrade your wardrobe with summer outfits. If it’s not in your budget, it doesn’t matter… just find something that suits the month of May (floral and bright)

Continue your beauty routine as what I have mentioned in this post. Glow up in your skincare essentials, take care of your hair, or have your nails get pampered too.

If you look good and you feel wonderful and amazing, you will also be productive in your tasks.

🌸 Celebrate Mother’s Day

You can make your mother feel special by treating her during her special day. There are several ways to celebrate Mother’s Day ❤️ I’m going to share my Mother’s Day gift guide in a separate post.

🌸 Beat the heat this summer ☀️

It’s still summer ☀️ and yes, it’s time to hit the beach! If you haven’t had your summer vacation yet, this month is the right time to do it. For those who are dying to do this, but you just can’t as of the moment, it’s alright. There are always alternatives — if the beach is not possible, opt for a small resort with a swimming pool somewhere nearby. A portable pool can also work if you really can’t go somewhere else.

You can also make some refreshing drinks 🍹 or desserts 🍨 and enjoy 😊

🌸 Love your body 🦵

Look at yourself in the mirror 🪞. If your reflection says your figure isn’t beach-ready yet, it’s fine. Though it’s best to keep yourself fit by working out (not only to look good, but to be healthy), whatever your shape and appearance is, it’s totally fine. Accept and love yourself. So what if you are not that slim to wear a two-piece or a sexy swimsuit? The only thing that makes us truly sexy is the confidence we have in wearing any outfit that you are comfortable with. Go ahead and show your summer outfit or swimwear to everyone, you will be the first to show love to your body before everyone else.

🌸 Treat yourself to a Relaxing Spa 🧖‍♀️

If you are stressed because of work and other stuff, take the time to pause and treat yourself. Have some “me time” and feel relaxed.

🌸 Have a good laugh 🤣😂

Take the time to bond with your friends, colleagues, or family–crack some jokes with them, laugh, and enjoy. Another option is to watch something funny on Netflix or movie perhaps.

🌸 Monitor your finances 💸💳

I included this on this list because managing one’s finances plays a vital part in doing good this year. Being broke leads to depression, and of course, we don’t want it to happen. Make sure to monitor whether you are still paying your bills on time, and downgrade or discard what you don’t need. Believe me, if you will do this, then you are on the right track

🌸 Have a Self-Assessment

At the end of the month, you should do a self-assessment. Ask yourself if you did great this month or you need a little push. Based from the results, you need to plan ahead what to do for the upcoming month since it will close the half of the month.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Next will be my post about Mother’s Day Gift Guide and as promised last time, I will share my skincare routine. 🧴 Bye for now ✋😘



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