Suggested Holy Week Activities for Filipinos

Time goes by quickly—it looks like yesterday we just started with the New Year, now we’re almost done with the first quarter of 2023. Oh my. bakit ganoon kabilis? We are always busy as usual (especially for those who are working) that’s why we lost track of the time. For the next month, to celebrate Lent, we have a long weekend ahead of us. The question is, what Holy Week activities can be done to maximize those days? I have listed here some suggested Holy Week activities for Filipinos.

Why do we Observe the Holy Week Season?

We observe the Holy Week season to celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. I need to emphasize about the essence of observing the Holy Week season. Why? Because other people are taking advantage of the long weekend just to have fun and have a short break. I hate to say this, but they are forgetting the reason why we are observing this special week. Hindi ito bakasyon grande! Let us make this a meaningful one, and yes—- we can do it. Here’s how,read my suggested Holy week activities 👎

Pinoy Holy Week Traditions

Do you still remember the days when the Holy Week celebration is still solemn? Here’s what I remember as a child.

  • There were no regular television programs; instead, biblical films were shown instead on the selected timeslots.
  • Only mellow songs were played on the radio.
  • The oldies used to sing “Pabasa ng Pasyon.”
  • There were also people who exhibit the pain and sufferings of Jesus by reenacting the time when He carried the cross while some of the soldiers punished Him. Others were actually nailed to the cross as their tradition or “panata.”

Suggested Holy Week Activities

It depends on each person’s perception on how he is going to observe the Holy Week. Because we are already in the new age, many things have changed. As long as we know the meaning of the Lenten Season, we’re good. If you’re lost somehow, don’t worry 😁 Here are my suggested activities for Filipinos, but other nationalities can also adapt these activities if they want.

1. Introduction about Holy Week

If you have kids at home, explain to them why do we observe the Lenten Season and make a review as well about the important events that occurred during Holy Week

If you can create an attractive visual presentation which would help you easily explain the sequence of events, it would be best.

2. Educate the kids by storytelling and Movie time

It’s time to look back (Most people have already forgotten the amazing stories in the Bible, including what happened to Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. It is also important that children become familiar with the inspirational stories of Jesus. A film is a good way to convey the special message, which children can easily understand. On the other hand, if you want kids to use their imagination to visualize everything, and if you have biblical history books, you can read with them.

2. Create your Holy Week Menu with the help of your family members

“A family who eats together stays together,” is a very popular saying, which I certainly agree with. To make it more fun, why not unleash your creativity by introducing healthy Lenten meals? Well, since it’s a holiday, it would be a perfect bonding with your family too. Catholic families don’t eat meat on Maundy Thursday and Good Friday because during those days, Jesus was suffering and he died on the cross. Instead of meat, you can serve veggies or seafood.

3. Participate in Visita Iglesia

Most people follow the tradition of taking part in the Visita Iglesia (visiting seven Catholic churches on Holy Thursdays and Fridays). They take part in this activity to share the same experience that Jesus had during the crucifixion. They believe that by doing so, their wishes will be granted.

4. Sing for Jesus

Do you still remember the “pabasa ng pasyon”? Uy, inabot ko iyon! As a child, what I know is that it’s an annual tradition that elders do simply because it’s a way for them to repent about their sins. I know that we can repent in other ways, but as I’ve said, it’s a tradition. For them, it’s a form expression of reading and singing verses. As years go by, the style has been gradually changed, from the traditional pasyon to rapping.

For Millennials, Gen Zs, and other age groups, they may also record a song cover, but choose the one with a significant message.

4. Reflect

You can have a self-reflection. Are you worthy of Jesus’s sacrifice? I think this is the perfect time for you to think about your purpose in this world. If you think,

5. Easter staycation

Yay! I heard the bell rang 😂😂😂 Staycation, right? Well, you deserve this for the upcoming EASTER SUNDAY celebration 🎉I just don’t like the idea that you will have a good time during Holy Week kaya bakasyon dito at doon. Pwede namang mag-staycation, but do it to celebrate Easter Sunday when Christ will be risen. You can also play with the kids for some Easter activities 🐣.

6. Easter fun activities at home 🐣

If you want to save some money and would rather stay home, I have other activities for you, Before you proceed, make sure to explain why we celebrate Easter Sunday. Kids are confused because Easter is associated with bunnies and eggs. Even if they have fun DIY Easter crafts and egg color and designing activities, please elaborate that the true meaning of Easter Sunday is to celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

7 Attend your Sunday worship service ⛪️

Naturally, your Easter Week will not be complete without hearing God’s words. I am a Catholic, but every week, I attend the Sunday Worship service at The Good News of Life Church. Thanks to Pastor Fernando Jose and to the GNLC family for the warm welcome. Since I’ve joined you every Sunday, I’ve felt blessed,

Self-Check for the Weekend

On Easter Sunday, ask yourself these questions if you had a meaningful Holy Week long weekend break.

  • Have I understood why Jesus was born into this world m suffer, and die?
  • Have I done meaningful Holy Week activities for my family?
  • Have you reflected on the true meaning of Holy Week?

If all the answers to these questions are YES, then we should celebrate! JESUS is alive in our hearts and we should rejoice.


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