UnionBank Techs Up to Understand and Serve Clients in Trailblazing Ways

Unionbank of the Philippines, through its Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Center of Excellence (AI & Innovation CoE), has strengthened its position as a trailblazer in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (DSAI) as it reports promising results in developing game-changing client solutions.

Features of Unionbank’s AI-driven innovation

Advantages of UnionBank’s Speech Recognition Technology

  • It uses various voice interaction capabilities such as recognition of the intention of what has been said and verification of the identity of a speaker.
  • It provides customers with a more natural experience of seamless interactions with the bank’s services while providing the required level of security.
  • UnionBank’s AI experiences lead to the integration of other indigenous languages spoken, including Tagalog and Bisaya.
  • This will make client interactions with the bank’s touchpoints frictionless and even more efficient.
  • It gives customers a more seamless and less time-consuming experience.
  • It lowers the entry barrier for non-tech savvy and underprivileged groups such as persons with poor eyesight.

UnionBank initially identified that the required features can be integrated with the current banking transactions such as:

  1. paying bills
  2. sending money
  3. checking promos
  4. topping up
  5. updating phone numbers
  6. urgently blocking cards when security concerns are raised

High-tech speaker verification voice biometrics secure the system while enabling users to easily authenticate in seconds.

Here are the statements from UnionBank’s AI Team:

“With this, the user will have a more convenient journey by using voice as naturally and as efficient as possible and will surely be confident about being secured.”

Brayn Bramaskara, a data Scientist from UnionBank’s AI CoE

“Imagine a future when there will be no need to remember a password, because intrinsic characteristics such as voice or behavior will become the password.”

Dr. Adrienne Heinrich, UnionBank’s AI & Innovation CoE Head

“Highlighting the power of voice technology and how it can further be utilized in different use cases such as customer service and fraud prevention, UnionBank cultivates more natural interactions for clients in general, and financial inclusion for the non-tech savvy and underprivileged groups in particular.”

Dr. David R. Hardoon, UnionBank’sChief Data and AI Officer

This new technology allows UnionBank to lower the threshold of technology and digital capacity while expanding its reach.

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