My 2022 in Review and My Goals for 2023

2022 was a roller coaster ride for me, but it’s more on the scary side than enjoying it. While 2021 has been a good year for me, 2022 has been a difficult and challenging year. Let’s review what happened this year in all areas of my life (family, health, business and social media engagement).

My Learnings

For 2022, I will tell you more about my learnings because this year has taught me a lot of things. If there’s one positive thing I’ve learned from this, it’s patience and resilience. As always, I’m more than willing to correct those mistakes. This is what I have to work on.


As usual, I couldn’t get over it and one cause is impulsive buying and control of credit cards. There were times that I have overlooked the bills, so I constantly remind myself the importance of using a digital and physical planner to track all my bills and other important schedules.


Because I was too overwhelmed with my success in 2021, I became too complacent that I had made the wrong decisions. I didn’t anticipate the consequences as I was blinded by the good results. I should’ve thought carefully before I make any decisions to avoid regretting in the end. Anyway, what’s done is done–the important thing is that I have searched for a solution and I have learned my lesson.

Consistency in my Fitness Routine

2022 started with our poor health, I wasn’t consistent in my daily fitness routine–I often skip my walking program. That’s the reason why I still don’t have a beach-ready body.

I was kinda dejected, but things happen for a reason. It’s true that at the end of the storm, there’s a rainbow 🌈, and the kids believe that at the end of the rainbow, there’s a pot of gold. Oh, well, the lesson here is to have faith,

Highlights in 2022

There’s one good thing that happened to me in 2022, and that’s when I founded Tripsdiary.

The Launch of TripsDiary

In March, I established TripsDiary Travel and Tours, but it was in mid-April that I got my business permits and finally began to operate. I was lost at first, but with the assistance and coaching from some of my friends and colleagues from the ITATOA team, I was able to learn and manage my travel biz.

Goals for 2023

My NYE outfit

Yes, it’s official- Day 1 of 365 days has already started. Though I ended 2022 with a lot of things to improve, I know that Chapter 1 is not going to be easy. I’m still optimistic that 2023 will be a great year for me. I’m claiming all the blessings that will come my way 😁, but of course, in order for me to make this possible, I need to set some goals.



I need to balance my time in managing my two businesses. Careful planning is needed to avoid making mistakes. I’m going to do my best to promote and get my business to the next level. I am motivated to set up a branch in Antipolo (where I live). If it would be possible (in God’s perfect time 🙏), I will build my office this year.


Health is wealth so I shouldn’t skip taking vitamins, eat well and have a consistent fitness routine.


I am working very hard to manage and control my spending habits. This year, I would like to have enough savings for emergencies and for the kids’ education expenses. If there’s a need to downgrade or cut down the expenses, I will do so.

Social Media Content

I need to utilize my social media platforms and post on a regular basis. At least 2-3 blogs per month is acceptable and more videos on my page. It’s hard to be active on social media and manage the businesses at the same time, but I will try my best.

This is just a guide–I don’t want to promise a lot or set too many goals, because I’m afraid I won’t be able to attain those. Just focus on how to make each day of the year a meaningful one. So, let’s be productive, baby! Time to be a bigshot in 2023!


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