Modess joins forces with ABS-CBN and Miss Universe Organization for the #BeNextPeriodReady outreach program

Johnson & Johnson Philippines kicked off the outreach program dubbed as “#BeNextPeriodReady“ in Paranaque, Metro Manila alongside ABS-CBN Foundation and Miss Universe Philippines.

Highlights of the event

  • High school students from San Antonio High School attended the event, where they discussed the importance of having the right sanitary pads for their menstruation needs, especially as they go out and make bigger moves.
  • Jason Khu, senior brand manager for Modess of J & J Philippines talked about the reality that most of our teens experienced during the peak of the COVId-19 pandemic 😷. Many young girls had their first menstruation at home during the lockdown, and this was the first time they were able to develop menstrual health habits.
  • It was also emphasized in the event that the young girls’ period experience during the pandemic will be totally different as they go back having face-to-face classes, meet up with their friends, and engaging in more activities outside their homes.

Modess’ advocacy

Modess is committed to help the teens improve the state of their menstrual health, hygiene,and habits, so they can be #NextPeriodReady

“For all the girls, we as a brand, are committed to continue in normalizing the conversation and be an inspiration to more teens to be next period ready. We are looking forward to meeting more girls in the future to continue our advocacy of menstrual health education. It is our hope that more and more #GenFree girls be able to make bigger moves with Modess.”

Aldelyn Po, Marketing Mamager for Feminine Care, Johnson & Johnson Philippines.

ABS-CBN Foundation’s involvement

The ABS-CBN Foundation has also joined efforts to promote menstrual health and hygiene for the young girls. They would like to help distribute 2500 menstrual hygiene kits to various schools and communities across the country as girls return to face-to-face learning.

“Like always, we at ABS-CBN Foundation have always trusted J & J Philippines and Modess in continuing our shared advocacy on menstrual health and hygiene education. Together, the benefitof having girls learn and treat conversations like this as a norm will bring back a lot of lessons to them personally. As for kids receiving the kits, alam ko madami ang matutuwa at magkakaroon ng bagong approach sa menstrual health ngayon matapos yung conversations natin dito with our panel.”

Levi Ambon-Rota, program head of ABS-CBN Bantay Bata 163

Miss Universe Philippines ‘ participation

Miss Universe Philippines 🇵🇭, also in full attendance, participated in the “BeNextPeriodReady outreach program as they, too, believe that teenage girls today need to be educated about menstrual health and should have better access to products like Modess, that would improve their menstrual cleanliness and sanitation.

Celeste Cortesi, Miss Universe Philippines 2022 and Anabelle McDonnell, Miss Universe 1st runner up came to support the event. Celeste gave advice to young women who are grappling with anxiety and anxiety because of their current menstrual health habits influenced by pandemic lockdowns. She strives to be the voice of today’s youth, to shed light on the issues, and to address concerns around the taboo topic of menstrual hygiene.

The need to bring this conversation into normal situations should come from a place of love and pride. Young girls should be proud that they are menstruating and can talk about it freely with other people. This way, girls can be ready together and be more open about the need for access to menstrual health and be next period ready. As for my connection with Miss Universe Philippines, we continue to inspire girls through our way of being relatable and campaigning the message heavily everywhere, so that young girls especially, will feel the need to value themselves as someone to be proud of.”

Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Celeste Cortesi

In the event closing, the students along with the ABS-CBN Foundation and the J & J team join in on the mural painting, where the girls were asked to think of one word or phrase that they wish to empower themselves, a goal that has been set by the brand’s campaign.

The Modess advocacy

Modess continues their advocacy in creating safe and comfortable spaces for teenage girls, so during their next period, they are finally equipped with the right, knowledge andproducts to help them navigate the outside world confidently and worry-free.

For more information about Modess, please visit or follow their social media accounts.

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