Hello, November! Let’s Celebrate my 2022 Birthday 🎂 Month ❤️

Hello, NOVEMBER—it’s time to celebrate 🎉 because it’s my birthday month ‼️ Well, even if we don’tIt won’t be possible without YOU have a grand birthday celebration, there are lots of ways to celebrate my special day 🥰💖 Last year, I came up with 30 days of celebration 🎉. To be honest, it was a bit challenging to update on a daily basis, but I had to admit that it was fun 🤩 Now, I”m still thinking how we can do it together. it won’t be possible without YOU, so c’mon, let’s celebrate my 2022 Birthday 🎂 month.


Basically, a simple birthday celebration can be done with the following:

  • Birthday cake 🎂 A birthday won’t be complete without a simple birthday cake. Of course, the highlight is making a wish after blowing the candle.
  • Party food 🥘 🍝🍧🥤 It doesn’t have to be expensive. a plate of pasta 🍝 (which symbolizes long life), ice cream, and a refreshing drink 🍹 will be enough.
  • Gifts from my loved ones 🎁💐💝 Accept any gift from your loved ones. It’s not actually the cost of the gift which matters, but the thought of the giver.
  • Special visitors 👯‍♀️👯 The presence of the special visitors is also enough to make the celebration special.


I thought of this a thousand times, and I’m glad that I have finally figured it out. My birthday celebration will be special if I can celebrate it with my followers . Of course, it will only be possible with the help of some friends and sponsors.

So, I’m calling the attention of brands who would love to collaborate with me on the Blogger Princess’s Birthday month. You can help me celebrate by providing one what I have mentioned on my list above 👆 The best thing is, we can also share a giveaway to my followers. Let’s go LIVE on my FB page on November 13. If you also have suggestions, you can drop your proposal to jasmine@thebloggerprincess.press.

NOTE: I will share some photos of my simple birthday celebration soon!

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