My Office Improvement Update

Hey, everyone! This is good news because now that most businesses are back, it is a sign that we can easily recover from the losses we incurred during the pandemic. As this is the new normal, we have the option of doing transactions in person or working remotely. For me, I do more on online transactions since I am still on the WFH set-up. In line with the Improve Your Office Day celebration, I would like to provide an update on the improvement of my office during the last quarter of 2022.

Why do I celebrate Improve Your Office Day?

Every October 4, I celebrate this event, although I am based here in the Philippines. Well, I personally thought I could take advantage of this event as well. Here are the reasons why I take part in this said activity.

  • It encourages self-discipline. By setting up a routine to keep your desk clean, it also makes you better as a person.
  • It boosts productivity. A clean and healthy environment and comfortable workspace can help you work without distractions.

How can you improve your working environment?

  • Make it cozy. Always consider what will make you comfortable while working. This includes choosing the furniture and organizing your workspace.
  • Declutter. All that must be discarded must be put aside. If you have doubts and don’t want to discard them, you can choose to donate instead.
  • Disinfect to get rid of germs. Always clean your office. Provide a sanitary area with a bottle of alcohol and a box of face masks) that you and your colleagues can use.
  • Repaint or put wallpapers. This will bring a whole new look to your office. It can bring a dull area to life.
  • Redecorate. Don’t forget to play with colors and design. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it’s just a matter of being creative. You can use your old decorations for the holidays or you can opt for DIY if you have time.
  • Personalize. Of course, the design or decoration should be suitable for your personality. Choose the colors and theme you love, so you can make the work fun and enjoyable.
  • Promote positive vibes. You can place a motivational poster on the wall for you to stay inspired as you work.


  • I’m thinking of transferring my business at home (for practical reasons), but it requires a lot of planning and paperwork. I have started inquiring for the initial step.
  • Once I complete the transfer, my small workspace will be turned into a larger one. It makes me excited because the challenge also has to do with interior design. 😃

It is good practice to always give space for improvement. It’s not that here is no satisfaction or contentment if we participate in this activity, but it is an initiative to rectify our situation. In fact, it does not need to be done on a specific date. Do it if you feel a sense of urgency to do it.

PS: I will post photos of my WFH space as soon as I’m done with the total makeover. (I’m decorating it for Christmas 🎄)


My Office Improvement Update

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