Spreading Positivity: A September to Remember

Hello, SEPTEMBER!!! One thing I realized for the past few months is that we have to be prepared for everything. Yes, you should expect the worst, so that you will know how to cope with each difficult situation you are in. I was too overwhelmed by the good results of 2021, which I didn’t understand that 2022 is going to be totally different. Well, it’s not too late to end the curse 😉 As September is a self-improvement month, in this post I’m going to share about my September positive thoughts. I have also written a post last year about my reflections.


It’s about time to assess myself since we still have four months left to deliver good results. Why do we have to do this? With this self-assessment, we will be able to figure out the best way to improve ourselves.

1. Did I follow a certain routine for my personal and business activities?

I have a digital planner and a notebook planner as well where I list my activities for each day and track bills and other deadlines as well. The thing is, there was a point in my life though that I’ve been busy and I did not follow the monthly schedule📅. This made my planner useless and is an alarming thing that I should pay attention to. Now, checking my planner on a daily basis is certainly a lifesaver. 😁

SUGGESTION: Stick to your routine, even if you are so busy. It’s a matter of self-discipline and determination.

2. Did I overspend for the past few months?

Not really. It’s just that I wasn’t able to track the payment deadlines, so I had to think of a way to cut down the expenses.

SUGGESTION: It’s best to downgrade if you can’t afford or need a service/product.

3. Did I have a consistent workout and health routine?

For this past month, I haven’t–probably because of stress. There was also a point that I became lazy and as a result, I really looked terrible 😨 Now, I am back to my walk routine.🚶

SUGGESTION: Pay extra attention to your health, self-love, and fitness routine.

4. How did I manage the business?

Honestly, I am still struggling (that’s the result of the wrong decision that I that I had made last year). What I have learned from this situation is not to give up and be positive that something good is about to happen. Unbelievably, I have survived every month– that’s enough proof that everything is possible if you just believe in yourself.

SUGGESTION: Be patient with everything you do. Always reflect and you can clearly think of a way to resolve your problem instead of giving up easily.


These past few months have not been easy for me, but I was given the opportunity to BELEIVE in myself. Hopefully this post will give you enough courage to go one step further if you feel stuck. And yes, it’s already the start of the BER months, so let’s keep the ball rolling and make a better version of ourselves. Forget about mistakes and concentrate on how we can get better 😁. Oh, before I forget, have you started creating your Ber months checklist? If you still haven’t done that, here’s the one I created last year.

Til next post, loves 💖🥰 I will be updating you with my upcoming adventure VERY SOON!

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