Modess 9.9 Sale and Deals

It’s back to school! In my previous post, I have given tips on how to become ready now that the big challenge for the FTF transition is on. Teenage girls are ready to make bolder moves, interact with their classmates and get involved in their extracurricular activities. It’s a great pleasure and I’m so excited to announce that this 9.9 sale, Modess has exciting promos and deals for #GenFree girls so they can #BeNextPeriodReady as they go back to school!

Why #BeNextPeriodReady?

#BeNextPeriodReady Menstrual Health Talk 2022 organized by Johnson & Johnson Philippines , Miss Universe Philippines and ABS-CBN Foundation
Johnson & Johnson Philippines, Inc., Miss Universe Philippines, ABS-CBN Foundation join hands to champion menstrual health through the distribution of #BeNextPeriodReady kits containing menstrual hygiene essentials.

Because most of us are back to physical activities, it is very important to mind about our menstrual hygiene as well. A few months back, Modess and Miss Universe encouraged women to do that. You can read the highlights of the #BeNextPeriodReady menstrual health talk here.

As former Miss Universe 2021 Harnaaz Sandhu explained in the said event that women should realize that menstruation is a normal occurrence, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of. And yes, there’s no need to hide those sanitary napkins/pads! You have those because you need to #BeNextPeriodReady.

Part of the challenge, not only for the #GenFree, but for other generations as well is choosing the right partner during these red days 🩸 We need to consider not only the price of the product, but the quality as well.

How can you #BeNextPeriodReady with Modess?

#BeNextPeriodReady with Modess
To be strong, we need to #BeNextPeriodReady

Don’t worry because during your red days, you can count on Modess. How?

  • Modess can give you superior protection and comfort during red days 🩸, so you can move confidently.
  • With Modess, you are guaranteed up to zero leaks since it’s the fastest absorbing pads, so no need to worry about taking bigger moves.

Exciting 9.9 Sale Promos & Deals

Take advantage of the 9.9 sale and stock up with Modess. Get up to 37% off on Shopee! Add to cart now! 🛒

Modess 9.9 Sale 3-Month Pack regular Wings
3-Month Pack Regular Wings

Suggested Retail Price: Php 383.00

Discounted Price: Php 285.00

Discount: 28%

FREE Body Adapt Long Maxi 8s

Purchase on Lazada

Purchase on Lazada

Modess 9.9 Sale 3-Month Pack Overnights
3-Month Pack Overnights

Suggested Retail Price: Php 633

Discounted Price: Php 458

Discount: 28%

FREE Ultra Thin All-Night 10s

Purchase on Lazada

Purchase on Shopee

Modess 9,9 Sale Ultra Thin All Night Long
Ultra Thin All Night 10s

Purchase on Lazada

Purchase on Shopee

Modess 9.9 Sale Body Adapt Longs
Body Adapt Longs

Purchase on Lazada

Purchase on Shopee

Thanks for your time in checking out this quick Promo Update! Stock up now and #BeNextPeriodReady!


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