Araneta Fiesta Park: The Newest Outdoor Fun Park You should Check

With new parks and attractions emerging on the metro, you may have forgotten Araneta City. I assume either that you are not familiar of that place, especially if you are from the province. Let me tell you why the Araneta Center In Cubao is memorable, especially for the 80’s kids like me 😁 How can I forget those childhood memories?

What’s remarkable about the Araneta Center

  • The iconic Fiesta Carnival (where I had my first roller coaster ride–that was priceless!)
  • Mall Hopping experience Before Gateway Mall was built, we shopped from Isettan, Alimall, SM Cubao, and Farmer’s Center.
  • A&W Rootbeer, Wendy’s and 3M Pizza
  • Free Christmas show at COD
  • The basketball games and other events at the Araneta Coliseum

Although we cannot avoid being nostalgic while remembering these times, there is no reason for us to be disheartened. Yes, Araneta Center might be gone because it is now known as ARANETA CITY. With a new modern look, it’s always the same place that brings the kids laugh and a place where good memories are about to happen.

About Araneta City

Araneta City is managed by ACI Inc., one of the five business units of the Araneta Group of Companies. With a long history of pioneer business ventures, the progressive and diversified Araneta Group is anchored on property development, food service, leisure and entertainment, and hospitality.


Here’s the good news! The newest outdoor amusement park in Araneta City offers a fun experience for the whole family. Now the children will surely enjoy this newly opened outdoor attraction and will bring a smile to their faces. It offers a wide array of fun rides and activities for the young ones and the other members of the family.


The ARANETA FIESTA PARK can be found just beside the Araneta City Bus Station (along Times Square Avenue)

What the Kids can Try @ the Araneta Fiesta Park

  • Ride the cool kiddie F1 Cars

  • Ride the Prehistoric dinosaurs in Jurassic Adventures

  • Have a Boat Pool ride
  • Try the Mini Trampoline, Soft Playground, and Happy Inflatables

  • Have a fun time at the Express Train and Happy Car
  • Enjoy the carnival game booths with fun prizes to be won
  • Enjoy the yummy foods at the stalls

All the rides and attractions were shipped from Taiwan, and are operating for the first time in the Philippines via Araneta Fiesta Park.

Don’t miss this opportunity and have a fun and excitement with your family at the Araneta Fiesta Park!

Araneta Fiesta Park Schedule and Fees

The Araneta Fiesta Park is open daily from 4 to 10 pm.

P50.00- price of tickets for each ride

P500.00- ride all you can!

For more information about the Araneta Fiesta Park and for updates on Araneta City, please refer to the contact details below.

AIC Inc.

📩 25th-26th Floor, Gateway Tower, Araneta City, Quezon City 0810, Philippines

📞 02 8 588 4000



Instagram: @aranetacity


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