Modess and Miss Universe Philippines encourages women to #BeNextPeriodReady🩸

Are you one of those who are not comfortable and confident with yourself during MENSTRUATION, PERIOD or RED DAYS 🩸? Women, especially the Gen Zs have been struggling about that awful feeling. 😑 🫣 It’s about time to have a different perspective about menstruation. Everyone in the community should be aware and be educated about menstrual health. In this article, I am sharing the highlights of the #BeNextPeriodReady Menstrual Talk that I attended last month.

The #GenFree’s Challenges in 2022

In my previous article, I have mentioned how the Gen Zs have been dealing with the big shift or transition from the virtual world to face to face interactions. Though during the pandemic, they have unleashed their creativity, it is still a challenge for them to face the real world where the action is. Aside from the physical activities, most of them are still clueless and need assistance with regards to menstrual awareness and hygiene.

Modess Partners with Other Organizations

Johnson & Johnson Philippines, Inc., Miss Universe Philippines, and the ABS-CBN Foundation join hands to champion menstrual health through the distribution of #BeNextPeriodReady kits containing menstrual hygiene essentials such as Modess pads, a portable bidet, and door lock.

Modess collaborated with Miss Universe Philippines because they believe it is the perfect platform to share Issues and the candidates are good ambassadors for this advocacy. They have also joined forces with other organizations, including the ABS-CBN Foundation and Johnsons & Johnsons. They work in partnership with organizations and people who share common values. Their projects include:

Building period-friendly bathrooms

Distributing hygiene kits to 25 communities nationwide.

Helping teen girls to be #NextPeriodReady.

Highlights of the #BeNextPeriodReady Menstrual Talk

In the #BeNextPeriofReady Menstrual Health Talk held at the Manila Hilton last April 26, 2021, reigning Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu and Miss Universe Philippines 2021 Bea Gomez shared some tips on how the teen girls can manage their period.

Words of Encouragement from Harnaaz Sandhu

Reigning Miss Universe surprised everyone, not only with her elegant and exquisite looks, participants of the said event couldn’t help but to admire her thoughts about menstruation. She encouraged the women to be confident and to her, having a period is normal 🩸 She emphasized, “It’s ok to menstruate. Menstruation, pads, period is normal.” She shared about the discrimination that women had experienced in India. She also mentioned that before, people had to choose between menstrual pads and food, which was awful and heartbreaking 💔

She spoke on behalf of the youth who don’t have the voice and power. She encouraged everyone to spread the message– to stop menstrual taboos and period shaming 😡 Women should realize that menstruation is a normal occurrence and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. So what if it’s your period? There is no need to be embarrassed and hide those pads.

Sandhu has also mentioned that she continues to work with different individuals and groups to convert period poverty to period powerty, so the women can have the access to resources and tools which they need to improve their state of menstrual health.

Tips from Miss Universe 2021 Bea Gomez

In the said event, Miss Universe Philippines 2021 stressed, “It is important for us to empower and enable Filipina teens to take charge of their menstrual hygiene and health. We can do this by teaching them what to do, providing them with what they need, and helping them build new and healthier habits, especially as they slowly but surely go back out into the world.”

She also shared some tips 💡on how we should handle the red days.

🥗 Have a healthy diet.

Exercise regularly.

Use the calendar method 📅

Miss Universe Philippines 2021, Bea Gomez, was joined on stage by Mica Geronimo, a senior high school student who shared the different challenges teens like her face when they have their period.

The Voice of the #GenFree

Micah Gernimo, one of the representatives of the #GenFree shared that one of her struggles is having difficulty with resources and proper knowledge about menstrual health and hygiene.

How we can help the #GenFree

1. Proper knowledge and support from the family

Everybody in the family should show concern and support for family members who have their monthly period, especially the teens. It starts from basic sharing of knowledge and proper menstrual care.

2. Discussion from school

The school should also be responsible in disseminating information about menstruation and proper menstrual hygiene. The female students should also be taught how to dispose their used pads properly.

3. Men can also participate to educate.

It doesn’t exempt men just because they do not menstruate. In fact, they can also do their part by educating their sisters and other relatives about menstruation.

4. Get partners

We can also tap the assistance of other individuals, organizations, and companies to help spread awareness, by volunteering, or by giving financial support to those who are in need.

5. Help the people with special needs

The teens with Special needs should also have a basic knowledge why they menstruate and teach them on how to take care of themselves during red days.

#BeNextPeriodReady with Modess

Aside from educating the young Filipinas to take care of their menstrual hygiene, Modess offers products that will give the #GenFree superior protection and all-day comfort. With Modess, they are guaranteed up to zero leaks since it’s the fastest absorbing pad compared to other leading brands. It also comes with non-irritating hypo-allergenic cover to keep them comfortable throughout the day. Now, they are ready to conquer the new normal– physically, emotionally, and socially.

It’s me!!!

You too can contribute as a steward of menstrual health. You don’t need to be a celebrity, beauty queen, or an influencer to do that. You can encourage the other women to be confident during red days and you can start by being #NextPeriodReady.

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