Staycation with the Fishes @ H20

How does it feel to have a staycation with real fishes as a backdrop? 🤔 🎏 This is pretty cool and definitely a one-of-a-kind experience, right? This is what I really wanted, but because of my busy schedule, I was unable to do so. It was just perfect timing when I came across Hotel H2O’s reopening promotion on Facebook 🤗 It just happened that I had a free time that week, so I grabbed the opportunity to book an overnight stay in their signature aqua room for only P3400 net and aqua supreme room for only P4300 net. It’s definitely an irresistible deal because aside from the free breakfast for 2, it also comes with two (2) complimentary tickets for 2 at the Manila Ocean Park.

The Location

Hotel H20, the Philippines’ one and only marine-themed park/resort, is situated behind Quirino Grandstand, within the Manila Ocean Park. This is a short walk from Rizal Park.

My First Impression

This is the second time we’re going to Hotel H2O and honestly, I was quite disappointed with our previous booking a few years ago. During this time, the hotel was crowded with people, so we simply chose to remain in our suite. Although it was not a pleasant experience, I still consider going back and have a staycation in one of their signature aqua-themed rooms.

Second Time @ Hotel H2O 🥳

Anybody deserves a second chance, don’t you think? This time it was not a disappointment at all! It could be because it wasn’t crowded as before, and we got the chance to explore around and enjoy the attractions of the Manila Ocean Park. Their reopening promo comes with 2 free tickets 🎟 @ the Manila Ocean Park– so it’s really worth the price.

We arrived late in the afternoon, so we were unable to see anyone other than the hotel staff. We waited for Hubby in the waiting area near the parking space After we were helped with our luggage, we were escorted to the 3rd floor where the lobby is.

In the waiting area near the parking space

The Check-in Process

Check-in was a breeze ⚡️. The valid IDs 🪪 and vaccination cards 💳 were also collected for verification. Welcome drink stubs, breakfast stubs, and free Manila Ocean Park tickets were also provided to us after we completed the forms for each room.

We booked 2 Aqua rooms and 1 Aqua Supreme room.

The Aqua room 🎏

This is what the kids and I would love to experience… A staycation with the fishes in the 25 square meter signature room of HotelH2O. The kids were amazed to see the different fish species of various colors, shapes and sizes as they swim in the aquarium wall.. It has a king-size bed, a 37-inch LCD television, and a work desk with high speed internet access.

The Aqua supreme room 🐠🐟

I have chosen to stay in the 39 square meter room with the same features of the aqua room. The only difference is a bigger washroom and it has a bathtub 🛀. (I like to soak in the bathtub, relax and have a good time).

Room Tour

Okay, dear friends! Our review is not complete without the mandatory room tour! So, let’s goooooo!

The Aqua Supreme Room

The Hotel Amenities

Hotel H2O, like the other hotels, is also complete with amenities that the guests can enjoy.

🐠 gym 💪

🐠 spa

🐠 lounge on the ground floor and the lobby on the third level

🐠 outdoor swimming pool 🏊

🐠 Makan-makan restaurant and White Moon Bar

Makan makan is located on the 2nd level of the hotel 🏨- this is where the guests have their complimentary breakfast.

The White Moon Bar is located outside Makan makan, where guests can order dinner 🥘 if they do not wish to leave the hotel premises. It has a relaxing ambiance if you want to relax and just look at the view of the bay while enjoying your meal, this is the perfect place.

🐠 The Manila Ocean Park

What I liked

Let us start with the reasons why I liked our overnight stay at H2O.

✅ Safety protocols

I have been communicating with the reservations team via email. (For some reason, their phone numbers are not working 🤔, but to be fair with them, they respond to my concerns via email). They have emphasized that guests who are 18 years old and above should be fully-vaccinated. The vaccination cards were also checked during check-in.

✅ Cleanliness

The whole surroundings were spotless and it was evident that they clean and disinfect the areas on a daily basis.

✅ Freebies

Coffee ☕️ and bottled water

There’s no way I can live without coffee. I’m super glad 😀 that they provided free sachets of coffee and tea 🍵) because I need to keep myself energized when I need to work.

✅ The Relaxing Aquarium Wall

The aquarium wall @ the Aqua Supreme Room 🎏

I usually go for a room with a spectacular view and a veranda, but of course, the aqua rooms are an exemption. We were relaxed with the sight of the colorful fishes gliding in the aquarium.

✅ Spacious bathroom

I also love the spacious bathroom–there’s a separate shower area and toilet. There’s also a bathtub 🛀 near the aquarium and vanity area.

✅ Entertainment

There’s a LED Tv in each room and we didn’t have any problem at all. We were able to watch our fave teleseryes.

✅ Front desk staff/concierge

Based on our experience, they were polite and efficient (before check-in and during our stay). It’s just on our last day that nobody assisted us with our luggage until we reach the parking space.

✅ WIFI connection

We were able to connect to their stable internet connection— so, multitasking became possible 😀, it’s easier to do business-related tasks while having some fun if you have an internet access.


We have enjoyed the delectable food in their free buffet breakfast 🥞 at Makanmakan. Honestly, we were just expecting a plated breakfast, but I had scrambled eggs, pasta, and chicken adobo.

✅Sleep quality

We had a comfortable sleep 😴 — soft pillows, clean linens and the aircon didn’t malfunction at all during our stay.


🤔 Swimming pool/s

H2O has an outdoor pool, but we didn’t bother to ask about the swimming reservation (if they do) because of privacy issues. You need to get out of the hotel 🏨 and pass through the public entrance. That also means exposing yourself in public wearing a swimsuit while walking to the nearest shower area to change clothes.

If it’s possible, the hotel can consider putting an indoor pool where guests can swim or take a dip.

🤔 Complimentary water

It’s quite ironic that the hotel name is H2O which means water, but there is only 1 complimentary bottled water for each guest. Even in the White Moon Bar, they did not offer a complimentary glass of water to their guests. Please consider placing a water dispenser for each level in your hotel, wherein guests can have free drinking water during their stay.

🤔 Give FREE sanitizing kits

It’s still not virus-free yet, so it will be appreciated if there are free sanitizing kits for each guest. (pocket-sized alcohol/sanitizer and 1 or 2 pcs of disposable face masks).

🤔 Its about time to purchase new towels and say goodbye to the thin ones.


Hotel H2) is one of the places I recommend if you want to have an affordable family bonding (staycation with the fishes 🐟🐡🐠 and the Manila Ocean Park attractions)😉 🤗. So, it’s.A big YES 👍 for me, especially if you are on a tight budget. You can add Rizal Park, Intramuros, and other places in your Manila trip if you have time. If you haven’t been to Hotel H20, this is an experience you shouldn’t miss ‼️

Our Manila Ocean Park Highlights


Trails to Antarctica

Christmas Village

Super Toy Collection

Jellies exhibit

Creepy Crawlies

PS: The other photos featuring our family bonding at the Manila Ocean Park will be posted on LoveToTravel.PH 😘 I will also share our short Rizal Park trip photos and my first calesa ride 🥰

Thank you so much for taking time to read this. It’s super late, but as the old saying goes, Ït’s better to be late than never.” 😂😂😂

There’s another post coming up— about the #BeNextPeriodReady Menstrual Health Talk that I attended last month at Hilton Manila (this event was made possible by Modess and Ms. Universe Philippines 2021). Super busy lang, but the Blogger Princess 👸 is still here, hoping to be more productive this month. More updates on my next blog post 😘


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