My MARCH πŸ—“ Highlights

I couldn’t believe that 2 months have already passed. I was also busy and engrossed with too much work that I totally forgot to unwind and have some me time or a short vacay πŸ˜… But even if I had a hectic schedule, I even managed

Blog Posts That I Have Published

β€’ Bigger Moves with Modess In the New Normal βœ…

β€’ Packworks Partners with Connected Women To Empower Nanay-preneurs βœ…

β€’ Unionbank Updates MSME App βœ…

β€’ SM Joins Earth Hour 2022 βœ…

β€’ Tripsdiary and LoveToTravel To Launch In May βœ…

β€’ Unionbank Balances Data Collection βœ…

My Top πŸ’― Blog Posts for March

1. My Station Zero Experience: A Review of CRIMSON BORACAY

2. Oscar’s at the Eugenio Lopez Center: A Dinner to Remember

3. My Birthday Celebration Vacay @ Station Zero (My Crimson Boracay Review)

4. Instant Hair Transformation: My Keratin Plus Gold Hair Treatment Review

5. A Budget-Friendly Beachfront Hotel in Boracay (A Review of Hennan Regency Boracay)

6. New Normal Family Bonding @ Cattleya Resort Antipolo

7. My Boracay OOTD

8. A Platinum Upgrade

9. Art Overload @ Pinto Museum

10. 5 Hours of Pampering: A Comprehensive Review of Golden Leaf Health Spa

Similar to last month, most of the results are more about travel ✈️ and food πŸ₯˜

Blog Ranking in Feedspot

#64/90 lifestyle blogs in the Philippines (I’m stuck with 60+ plus it’s better than not being on the list πŸ˜„)

Blog Stats πŸ“Š For March πŸ—“


3242 visitors


The reason why I became super busy lately is because I’ve been preparing for my new travel agency business (Tripsdiary Travel and Tours) which will be launched in April along with its official travel blog called LoveToTravel.PH.

Travel Plans ✈️

Because of the nature of my new business, I’m planning to have my ocular visit in these areas in May:

β€’ Cebu

β€’ Bohol

β€’ Boracay

Spending Habits πŸ’ΆπŸ’³

It’s quite a challenge now because I’ve been spending a lot for business, but I’m optimistic that I will be able to control everything.

Thanks again for taking time to support my blog! More quality content and collabs soon!


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