SM JOINS EARTH HOUR 2022: Lights switch off, Virtual Run part of activity line-up

Do you know that you can contribute in your own little way and support for the fight of climate change and commitment towards having a better planet? You can do this by joining the EARTH HOUR.

What is Earth Hour?

Earth Hour is an annual campaign launched in 2007 by the World-Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The purpose of this activity is to spread awareness of environmental issues in our global and local communities. It is observed on the last Saturday of March by households, communities, and corporates by simply turning off non-essential lights to conserve energy.

SM’s Active Participation in the Earth Hour

As part of the company’s sustainability efforts, SM Supermalls, through its corporate social responsibility arm SM Cares, is once again joining the world in observing Earth Hour, with this year’s theme “Shape Our Future,” focusing on how we can work together in halting and reserving climate change and nature loss by 2030.

Since its first observance in the Philippines in 2008, SM has been joining the campaign every year, being one of the first in the private sector to support it.

SM’s contribution in EARTH HOUR 2022

This year, SM will continue to promote the campaign by being one of the official partners of WWF for the Earth Hour Virtual Run, to be held from March 26 to April 22. Aside from this, all SM Malls will be joining the light switch-off on March 26 from 8:30PM to 9:00 pm.

“SM is proud to have been supporting Earth Hour throughout the last 14 years. Every year, we partake in this very important movement because we want to inspire people to action and tell them that no matter how small their contribution is, it will go a long way if we work together,” said Engr. Liza Silerio, SM’s Vice President for Corporate Compliance and Head of Sustainability.

“Through Earth Hour, we want to engage a billion people worldwide and engage decision makers whether in business, institutions, and governments, to move the agenda of nature up the priority list in the global sphere and in the national agenda. We want people to lend their voices as we’re shaping our future, and hopefully, we’ll be changing the ending for the positive— for both people and the planet,” explained Atty. Angela Ibay, Climate and Energy Program Head of WWF-Philippines.

How SM supports the environmental protection

• All SM Malls are equipped with energy and water conservation facilities

• The company regularly joins tree planting activities

• SM has was management initiatives such as Trash-to-Cash, E-waste, and used acid lead batteries collection programs, and the plastic waste collection program with the Plastic Credit Exchange

• Eight malls in the country and three in China are now equipped with solar panels, with more to follow in the coming months.

• SM also pledged to increase its use of renewable energy to 50 percent of its overall energy usage by year-end.

SM’s other sustainability initiatives

• Annual Green Film Festival

• Promoting environmental awareness among students and the youth through films

• The AweSMSeas project, promoting awareness on the negative impact of plastic waste on seas and oceans

• The International Coastal Cleanup joined by thousands of volunteers

How SM Cares support the communities

SM Cares is the corporate responsibility arm of SM prime Holdings. Aside from the programs on environment. It also includes programs on the following:

⁃ women

⁃ Senior citizens

⁃ Children and youth

⁃ Bike-friendly SM Program

You too can contribute on saving our planet by joining the Earth Hour campaign. You can also share information and educate the people about climate change.

To learn more about SM Cares, you can reach them on the following channels:



Social media: @OfficialSMCares

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