My February 🗓 Highlights

February has ended and yes, it’s been quite a challenge, but I am still managing to keep my head up and I still stand tall and proud—yay! 👏👏👏 So here’s what happened this L❤️VE month 🥰— some sort of achievement, ahem! Probably I was so inspired because it’s been a productive month for me.

Blog Posts That I Have Published

Well, I’m being consistent in publishing interesting content for my blog and this year, I want to take it to the next level by producing more about travel (my trips and food reviews soon 😄. Watch out for it ‼️. It’s something you should really look forward to.

My Tanay Road Trip Experience ✅

Our Brunch Experience at Kaulayaw Coffee ☕️

Affordablle Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 💡 ✅

My PSA Online Experience ✅

Memorable Valentine Activities ✅

My New Normal Valentine Celebration ✅

Vitabears: An Exciting Way to Take Vitamins ✅

My Top 💯 Blog Posts for February

1. My Station Zero Experience: A Review of CRIMSON BORACAY

2. Oscar’s at the Eugenio Lopez Center: A Dinner to Remember

3. Instant Hair Transformation: My Keratin Plus Gold Hair Treatment Review

4. My Birthday Celebration Vacay @ Station Zero (My Crimson Boracay Review)

5. A Platinum Upgrade

6. New Normal Family Bonding @ Cattleya Resort Abtipolo

7. My Boracay 2021 OOTD

8. My PSA Online Experience

9. Le Vain: The Leading Bakery in Baguio City

10. A Budget-Friendly Beachfront Hotel in Boracay (A Review of Hennan Regency Boracay)

Based from the results, I think I should post more about travel ✈️ , product/service reviews , beauty, 💄 and fashion 👗 too!

Blog Ranking in Feedspot

#64/90 lifestyle blogs in the Philippines (I’m stuck with 60+ plus it’s better than not being on the list 😄)

Blog Stats 📊 For February 🗓


3146 visitors

My Travel Wishlist Update ✈️🚘

I have something in mind about travel but I will just share it with you after I have finalized everything 😉

Special Moments 🥰 💝

Well, Hubby and I had a wonderful date night at Yellow Lantern Cafe and a destressing session at Soulscape Spa. It’s very simple and not so expensive, but we have enjoyed the moment and it’s truly a day well-spent with Hubby 🥰

My Fitness Routine Update: 🏃‍♂️

I’ve been consistent with my WAH routine, as usual— that’s my 2022 challenge. I just had my booster shot (Astrazeneca) this weekend. Nice move, because we are now in Alert Level 1, so the more exposure to public places and more people, the more we need to be protected.

Weight: 53.50 kg. 😉👏

Diet: I think I’m good— limit of 1 cup rice per meal, I get to reward myself most of the time, but eating and indulging in sweet temptations moderately during weekends (which is my cheat days) 😁

Spending Habits 💶💳

Honestly, I thought I was going to save in February but I spent more than I had last month— but it’s more on the business side, so I think it’s fine. I also spent for future hotel booking, that’s why. For March, I still have business-related purchases, but I hope I can balance things and spend less this month. I took some risks, but that’s part of the game, but no matter what happens, I will make sure that I will be able to take responsibility of my actions if ever I fail, but one thing is for sure— I will make a way to correct and address the issue right away.

Thanks again for taking time to support my blog! More quality content and collabs soon!


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