Vitabears: An Exciting Way to Take Vitamins

Health and beauty goals have been a part of our New Year’s resolutions and I’m sure you’ve been working hard on it. The thing is sometimes we skip taking vitamins because we forget, we don’t like the taste, or we simply get bored. What if there are vitamins that you can’t resist? I’ve got a secret to tell you 🤫 Recently, I just discovered Vitabears, it’s a chewable vitamin that comes in the form of delicious gummy bears! There is no excuse for you to miss taking it everyday, especially if you will learn about the benefits that you will get. Based from the positive feedbacks about their products, Vitabears is an exciting way to take vitamins! For me to know if those feedbacks are not misleading the customers, Hubby and I personally tried the products to give you an honest review.


Vitabears Fat Buster and Flawless Glow

Vitabears is the first and only FDA approved chewable vitamins in the Philippines in he form of yummy fruity gummies. The products are formulated in New Zealand but the ingredients and manufacturing are sourced from South Korea.


🎯 Pomegranate

🎯 Beetroots

🎯 Citric Acid

🎯 Vitamin B12

🎯 Vitamin B9

🎯 Pectin


Here are the products’ claims: Vitabears can help you with the following:

1️⃣ Flawless Glow 🌟

📌 It helps in achieving natural beauty by taking care of your hair, nails and skin.

📌 It’s filled with enriching vitamins like Biotin, Glutathione, Collagen, and more.

2️⃣ Hair Vitamins

📌 It helps you achieve a shiny and healthy hair.

📌 It’s packed with 10,000 mcg of Biotin and other hair boosting vitamins

3️⃣ Fat Buster

📌 It contains 500mg of pure Garcinia Cambogia

📌 It helps in taking care of your body by suppressing the appetite caused by mindless eating

📌 It increases metabolism for calorie burning

4️⃣ Skin Vitamins

📌 It’s packed with a healthy dose of skin boosting vitamins.

5️⃣ Detox Vitamins

📌It removes toxins and unwanted wastes

📌 With ove 1000 mg of Pure Apple Cider Vinegar, it creates a brighter day ahead of you.

6️⃣ Super-C Booster

📌 It boosts your immune system


Upon knowing that there’s an exciting way to take these vitamins with special benefits— uhm, we thought it’s too good to be true. So, there’s one way to find out. Hubby and I tried Vitabears so we can see for ourselves.

The Experience

It might sound funny but we felt like kids again— yes, we definitely enjoy taking the vitamins because of its yummy flavor! We look forward and didn’t miss taking it every morning (because it should be taken with an empty stomach) and at night time (before sleeping). If we didn’t know that we could only take 2 gummies per day, we would have eaten all the gummies in the bottle 😂 Doing such thing could have a negative effect, and of course we don’t want it to happen, so we should resist the temptation.

The Results


I asked Hubby to try this because he needs help with burning and it might help him in his weight loss goals 😂. Who doesn’t want a flat tummy? As of this writing, we couldn’t see the results for him yet because he still has a strong appetite.

We figured out that in order for the Vitabear gummies to take effect, he should also start dieting (which is really hard and challenging, especially for him). We shouldn’t depend on the vitamins alone so we will give more time and discipline in order for this to be effective. An active lifestyle is definitely recommended. He still have another 2 weeks to correct his mistakes.


I was really interested with this variant because it has all the benefits that would help me glow even more. Gone are the days that I have to go to the spa to have collagen facials. I used to be obsessed with anti-aging treatments a few years ago, but it’s interesting to find out that I can achieve it again without spending too much and in a fun way 😍

For 2 weeks, I couldn’t say there have been a magical thing or miracle that happened. because my skin color is still the same. Probably you’re wondering what improvements have I noticed so far?

✅ helps repair damaged hair

The hair strands have become stronger unlike the usual brittle type I’ve had before.

✅ helps with faster hair growth

I didn’t have much falling hair like what I’ve used to have before.

✅ Helps rejuvenates the skin

There is also slight improvement with my dry skin (for my legs).

What to watch out for? Well, I’m curious for the other benefits:

⏹ supports lustrous hair and healthy scalp

I am dying to have a shiny hair and eliminate dandruff

⏹ helps with skin whitening

Though I am already contented with my skin color, I would be glad if my skin could be lighter.

⏹ helps prevent and reduces wrinkles

We can’t avoid aging, but who doesn’t want to look younger? I need this because we also couldn’t avoid stress, which causes wrinkles that makes our skin look older.

⏹ helps rejuvenates the skin

I have seen a slight improvement for my dry skin, but I’m also dying to see the youthful glow

📣 I shall give you an update after 2 weeks to see better results.


We just finished taking VITABEARS, and after 1 month, we noticed the following:

✅ With Hubby’s Fat Buster, it’s quite a long way and it takes discipline, but slowly, with consistent taking of the vitamins and enough activity, we’re getting there 😂 What’s evident right now is that he has taken cared of his mindless eating. So I can say that it is slowly taking effect on him 👏👏👏

✅ Aside from NO FALLING HAIR, it also has become thicker and healthier— that’s proven. Well. I already have noticed that 2 weeks ago, I just want to make sure of the effect 😁

✅ I got stronger nails 💅 Yes, I can finally say goodbye to broken nails‼️

✅ My skin has become lighter than it was before, no need to apply a whitening lotion 🧴 Yes, the youthful glow is now quite visible. It is indeed a good option rather than using whitening products. Though I’m quite stressed lately, it doesn’t show (probably because the vitamins helped in a way to prevent the visibility of wrinkles.

It’s ME after 1 month of taking VITABEARS

I highly recommend VITABEARS, especially if you are dead bored and forgetful. With these gummies you won‘t miss it because I bet you will ask for more 😂 Curious? Well, you won’t know unless you try. Check the contact details 👎⬇️


💡 Vitabears is a vitamin and not a candy 🍬 so do not exceed the 2 gummies per day.

💡 It is best to have self-discipline in taking these Vitamins.

💡 We may have reactions to these gummies, so if ever you have noticed any negative reaction, stop immediately and consult with your doctor.

💡 Results can also vary. Some can see the result for as early as 2 weeks or 14 days, but according to the Vitabears website, the results can be clearly seen after 3 months.


VIitabears is available in Shopee and Lazada for only P650 per bottle (60 gummies) which you can consume for 1 month.

For more information about Vitabears, you may reach them here:

📍Address: Havana Street, Sta. Lucia, Pasig City

💻 Website:

📧 Email :

📱 Mobile:: 0938- 075 5504

Thank you so much for taking time again to read this review. Always remember that this review is just a guide and based from my own experience. It’s still you who will decide if the products are suitable for you. Til next post!


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