Memorable Valentine Activities ❤️

It’s LOVE month and whether you admit it or not, I know you are all excited to plan ahead to celebrate this special occasion. Though it is often associated for couples, as time goes by, people realize that Valentine is for everybody. If you don’t have a lover, you can celebrate it alone, with friends, or with your family too. We can celebrate it in many ways and make this occasion meaningful (though we can still show our love everyday) Since it has been a tradition to celebrate Valentine, I have listed different activities that you can try to make it memorable.

For Lovers

During busy schedule, this is the perfect time for couples to spend quality time together. It depends on your budget, availability, and creativity to make this possible.

1. Romantic date

Option A: If you have a budget for fine-dining, book the best restaurant that offers a romantic view.

Option B: If you have a limited budget, you can opt fo have a private dinner instead in an affordable but classy restaurant.

Option C: If you don’t like going out and you prefer to stay at home, you can just cook a dinner a dinner at home 🏡.

Option D: If you like a simple dinner together and you don’t have a budget and time to go out. You can cook your favorite dishes or just simply order online.

2. Spa Date

This is perfect to those who would like to give the gift of relaxation and of course a quiet “we time” is well-deserved. Have a couple’s massage or any spa treatment in your favorite spa.

3. Staycation / Travel together

If you need a time to unwind with your loved one and spend some quiet time together. You can also travel if you have booked airfare and hotel 🏨 in advance.

For yourself (self-love)

If you don’t have a special someone, it’s totally fine. You can have some “me-time” and spoil yourself.

1. Shop til you drop 🛍

You deserve to give yourself the best treat so go to the mall or shop online and shop for clothes, accessories, skincare, beauty products, and gadgets.

WARNING: ⚠️⛔️ This may cost a lot 😂😂😂 Be careful because impulse buying or splurging can have your card maxed out and you will be in trouble

2. Spa session

It’s time to destress and unwind. Treat yourself so head to your favorite spa and get a relaxing and pampering session.

3. Travel alone ✈️🚘

If you are up to an adventure and you don’t fear of traveling alone, well, go glamping or have a staycation.

4. Food Satisfaction

Love yourself by eating the food that you’ve been craving for. Forget about the diet (just for now 😂)

For your friend/s

1. Coffee or food bonding with your friends.

It’s the time for you to catch up with the lost times, especially all of you are busy —so casual chitchat is definitely cool. If meeting personally is a problem, you can do it virtually.

2. Group adventure

Travel or have a staycation with your barkada in your favorite hotel.

For family

1. Family staycation

It is still best to spend it with your family. Search for the best hotel deals so you can take advantage of the exciting promos. Showing love is spending quality time with your loved ones.

2. Simple Family dinner

Whether you have plans with your special someone, friends, or you intend to have your “me time”, don’t forget to have a dinner with your family. Despite the busy schedule and other challenges we might have, it’s still an affirmation that our love for our family members is still intact.

3. Bonding with the kiddos

It can be Valentine crafts or singing love songs with them at home.

Reminder: Don’t forget to give your special someone with a gift. Please see my recommended affordable gift ideas for Valentine’s Day here. If you don’t have the budget, a simple note 📝 can brighten up their day.

We could go on and on for other Valentine activities, but it would still depend on how you can express your love ❤️. I wish you all an exciting week ahead. I will share how we spent our Valentine’s Day on my next post.

With love,

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