LOVE is in the air! ❤️ it is actually everywhere and it has no boundaries— no matter what gender, age,size, or social status, we are all equal and fair when it comes to love. LOVE. It is a wonderful feeling,—it can be done with simple gestures and words; yet, some don’t really know how to express it. This coming Love month, most of us are excited to celebrate LOVE, though some are worried 😟 Some are creative and expressive, but some are dull and timid. Some just don’t feel like celebrating it because they know how to prepare for it and has no time to plan at all. Whatever the reason may be (time ⏰, money 💴,creativity or ideas 💡, there’s nothing to worry about! I’ve got you covered 😉‼️ In just a snap of a finger, last minute surprises becomes possible and that dream Valentine’s celebration can be a reality! In this article, I will share some affordable Valentine gift ideas that you can give to our loved ones (or any day or occasion) from FlowerStore.PH, the number one online gift store in the Philippines.

Why I Choose Flowerstore.Ph

Same day delivery from Flowertore.PH, the number one online gift store in the Philippines where you can get your Valentine gift ideas
Fresh flowers from Flowerstore.PH

Whether you are planning to just have a simple or luxurious celebration, indoor or outdoor, it can be perfect to be paired with a special gift from Flowestore.PH.

• The store has a wide range selection of affordable floral and gift items for all occasions and same day delivery with FREE shipping in Metro Manila (Isn’t that cool?) We live in Lower Antipolo, but I got the products on the same day! If you are abroad, and you would like to surprise a loved one here in the Philippines, this is perfect for you. They also have nationwide shipping, but orders outside Metro Manila may take 2-10 days to be delivered.

• This Love Month, the prices are discounted, so you can save a lot!

• I have received the products in perfect condition—all are well protected and packed . The flowers are still fresh and there is care instructions in the box. has different payment options like credit card, PayMaya, GrabPay, PayPal, Gcash, and COD.

Affordable Valentine Gift Ideas 💡 from Flowertore.PH

Like any typical woman, I know how it feels like to receive gifts, especially during Valentine’s Day! I personally recommend these affordable Valentine gift ideas from Flowerstore.PH Each gift 💝 depends on the personality of the receiver. You can also opt to have add-ons like chocolates, music box, greeting card, balloons, stuffed toy, to make it even more special.

1. Pink Eternal Heart Box

One of my Valentine Gift Ideas:  :Pink Eternal Box can last for years and it  can be a substitute for fresh flowers.  This elegant gift can be purchased from Flowerstore.PH.
Pink Eternal Box

Who says there is no such thing as “forever?” Giving this unique gift is a promise of love and another way of saying “My love for you is eternal or neverending.” The container itself is a symbol that you are giving your heart and the eternal pink roses symbolize happiness. I was delighted when I opened the classy black heart-shaped container. Inside was properly arranged pink roses or eternal flowers. Unlike fresh flowers, the advantage of giving this is that this can last for years (as long as you follow the care instructions found inside the box). This is made of high quality soy wax and is created to have a texture of a real rose.

Pink, Eternal Box is one of my  recommended Valentine gift ideas from Flowerstore.PH that you can give your special someone.
Pink Eternal Box

Tip: Give this to someone who is very sentimental— I’m sure that he/she would prefer this over fresh flowers. This would also be perfect with a greeting card and special handwritten message.

2. Sunny Morning 🌻

one of my Valentine gift ideas:  Sunflowers from Flowerstore.PH can brighten up your day!
Sunny Morning 🌻

This really brightened up my day and made me smile—a sunflower 🌻 arranged in a fancy bouquet and elegant wrapper 😍 Because of its vibrant color, it sets up a happy mood and can cheer up a lonely heart and lift up down spirits. Because I would like to share the good vibes in our home, I placed it in a flower vase in the living room.

My Flowerstore.PH Unboxing (Sunny Morning) 🌻

Tip: It’s not only for Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t require any occasion for you to give this. It’s not only for lovers—you can actually send this to anybody that you would like to cheer up. It would be best to give additional chocolates 🍫 and a sincere note appreciating the person.

3. Lovely Teddy

One of my Valentine Gift Ideas:  Send a Lovely Teddy bear from Flowerstore.PH this coming Valentine's Day
Lovely Teddy 🧸

What I love about this unique bear-shaped art made of artificial red roses is that it can also be used as a decoration. (I put mine in my WFH area so I can be inspired to work 😀 ) Unlike the usual teddy bear, it is a constant reminder that you are being loved— isn’t that romantic? Red roses symbolize love and romance, so if someone gives you this, it means you are so special. The advantage of this gift like the eternal flowers is that it can also last for years. If you would like to give roses, but you are hesitant because they might wither after a few days, this can be a good choice.

4. Chocolate Love

Tip: Give this to someone who loves something cute or for teenagers or a kid-at-heart with a few pieces of chocolates or greeting card with a cheesy message 🥰

One of my Valentine Gift Ideas: A bouquet of 3 red roses is one gift that you can purchase from Flowerstore.PH
Chocolate Love ❤️

Why do most women love chocolates? It’s a special treat to relieve stress and it’s also a symbol of love and affection. Who can resist sweets, especially if it has been transformed to a luxurious chocolate bouquet 💐(20 pieces of Ferrero Rocher)? Isn’t that sweet? I’m sure you can relate if you have a sweet tooth like me. I super loved my Chocolate Love bouquet from Flowerstore.PH and I bet everyone who would receive this will feel very special.

Tip: Give this to someone who loves sweets and you can also add a small teddy bear or balloon.

5. 3 Words

One of my Valentine gift ideas is the classic bouquet of 3 roses which means "I Love You."
3 Words ❤️❤️❤️

I also loved the classic bouquet of 3 red roses 🌹🌹🌹 because it symbolizes love. I remember the feeling when I receive red or pink roses, it always feel thrilled and elated. If you can’t say or it’s hard to express or confess your love to a special someone, by giving this bouquet, you are also sending the message – “I Love You 😘 “.

One of my Valentine Gift Ideas:  the classic 3 roses
It’s another way of saying “I Love You”

Tip: Give this during your Valentine’s dinner if you have plans in setting up a romantic date. If you can’t give the flowers personally, you can still surprise her—Flowerstore.PH will deliver this for you. Either way, I’m sure she will definitely fall for it 😍❤️

These are just some of my recommended products, but you can also browse for more affordable Valentine gift ideas on their website.

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So, have you decided which gift are you going to send your loved one this Valentine’s Day? If not, this is the right time to order. You can order the Valentine gift ideas I have mentioned above or you can reach here:

☎️ 02 8539 1488





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