A Weekend Roadtrip to Tanay

Tara na, let’s explore the beautiful places in the Philippines!

Last month I already made my travel plans and road trip to Tanay is part of my travel wish list. Fortunately, Hubby is on Health break and it means he can go with me 😁. He couldn’t say “no” either because we can travel by car 🚗 and it’s inexpensive compared to the usual staycations that we used to have. Besides, we badly needed a short trip—to breathe fresh air and admire the beauty of nature. I decided to just have a daytour of two campsites with a spectacular view (El Patio Razon & Ridges & Clouds Nature Park).

Travel time ⏰ for our Tanay Road Trip

I was expecting at least that we will have two hours travel time from Lower Antipolo to Tanay, but I was surprised when we have reached Tanay at 1 hour and thirty minutes. There was no traffic and the sight of greenery made us feel more relaxed.

1. El Patio Razon

El Patio Razon is a must-include in your road trip to Tanay itinerary. The entrance fee: P120 per person for 2 hours


  • Booking confirmation
  • ID


I didn’t expect much due to the low price of admission. I imagined this as the usual camping that I will not be able to enjoy at all. I just decided to go on the tour because I was dying to try the Kawa bath, which is not available in Ridges & Clouds Nature Park. I also wanted to take photographs of other instagrammable places in the area.

I did not book for one night because there is no electricity and the campsite only uses solar power. They simply depend on the natural ventilation of all rooms. Honestly, I just couldn’t stand it.

What I Liked:

• The Kawa Bath Experience

My kawa bath experience in El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal.

ectations, surprisingly, it was the other way around‼️The first thing we did is to experience the Kawa Bath. It was a unique experience— at first I didn’t feel the heat while in the kawa, but after a few minutes, it’s like we were boiled alive 😂🤣 , so we asked the staff to put down the fire 🔥because it was freaking hot 🥵 It was fun anyway , though it’s best if you would do it on a cold weather. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s worth a try.

• The Instagrammable Spots

I took the opportunity to pose (feeling model lang!) 🤣😂

Stairway to Heaven, one of the instagrammable spots in El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal.
Stairway to Heaven

I have an acrophobia and I thought I won’t be able to strike a pose, but it’s not scary after all. If it is dangerous, i wouldn’t dare to do so. 🤣

Round-shaped grapevine wreath in El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal.
Round-shaped grapevine wreah
bee hive at El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal
Heart-shaped wreath at El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal
Heart-shaped grapevine wreath
Bali nest at El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal
Bali nest (Uy, ang sweet naman namin dito!!! ❤️❤️❤️)
Tambayan at El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal
Casual chitchat lang in the “Tambayan” while feasting our eyes on God’s masterpiece
Bonfire at El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal
Bonfire 🔥

• The Hobbit House Experience

Others do not recommend the Hobbit House because of the smell—amoy lupa raw or the odor that comes from the soil. Did you know that the term hobbit means an imaginary race (tiny creatures with hairy feet), and they created their dwellings by digging a hole under the ground— that explains it. Seriously, when we have entered the Hobbit House, there was no foul smell and it was clean—I actually find it really cute 🥰 I just thought I should’ve brought a Snow White costume with kids as the dwarfs 🤣

My Hobbit House Experience at El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal

I was so grateful that we were able to go inside the Hobbit house. I actually booked it a day before for daytour which is supposed to be P2800 (for 2 persons) 9am-6pm, but that night, I was informed that somebody has already booked it. We just came at 9am so we can have a quick tour.

If you book the Hobbit House for Daytour, it includes free entrance for 2 and kawa bath.

Hubby and I at the Hobbit House in El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal.
The Hobbit House

• Affordable meals @ El Cafe Razon

affordable meals at El Cafe Razon in Tanay, Rizal
Lunch @El Cafe Razon
Hotsilog for P150 at El Cafe Razon in El Patio Razon, Tanay, Rizal
Hotsilog -P150

We were surprised 😮 when we have discovered that Cafe Razon also offers affordable meals. We had our lunch at 11:30am and we just spent P400 plus for the meals with rice —Lechon Kawali (P150) and Hotsilog (P150) and 2 bottled water.

• Courteous staff/employees

Probably the reason why we were at ease with El Patio Razon is because of the polite and courteous employees. Special thanks to Ms. Aileen, who let us check the Hobbit House 🏡 so you guys can take a peek too! I would also like to thank MM, who took most of our photos (parang professional photographer—galing!!!) 👏👏👏

What to Improve:

• Renovate the comfort rooms, put a shower in the shower area and fix the door locks and maintain the cleanliness.


Hobbit House (with own CR)

OVERNIGHT: P3800 per night (2 persons) 2pm-12 nn.f

INCLUSIONS: Free entrance fee ,kawa bath for 1 hour use , with battery operated lamp 🪔

DAYTOUR: P2800 per night (2 persons) 9am-6pm

A-House (NEW)

OVERNIGHT ONLY: P4500 per night (2 persons) 2pm-12nn —free entrance

INCLUSIONS: Free entrance fee & kawa bath for 1 hour use, free breakfast for 2, with solar power light


OVERNIGHT: weekend entrance fee-P250 per head, weekend P350 per head, 4 pm to 12 nn.

INCLUSIONS: Common restrooms 🚽

Tent rentals: P1000 (2 pax), P1500 (3-4 pax), P2000 (5-6 pax) and P2500 (8-10 pax) — with matress, pillow, and blanket

Overall Recommendation:

I highly recommend EL PATIO RAZON—it’s definitely worth the entrance fee that you have paid. If you are up to a different experience and you enjoy camping or if you can live without electricity, you should book one of their accommodations.


📍🗺 : Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

📲: 0995 678 7095

2. Ridges & Clouds Nature Park

On our way to the main road, we passed by Ridges & Clouds Nature Park. We had a prior booking at 11am, but it was already 12:30pm so I called them to check if we can still go there at 1pm instead. If we were satisfied with El Patio Razon, I was confident that we would feel the same.

Entrance fee: P200 per person (7 years old and up)

P100 per person (5-6 years old)

Daytour Hours: 7am to 6pm

Picture taking and walking trail only (max of 3 hours on weekdays and 2 hours on weekends)

What I Liked:

The magnificent view at Ridges and Clouds in Tanay, Rizal
Ridges & Clouds ⛅️ in Tanay (Parang nasa Baguio ka!!!)

• The magnificent view is to die for

There is no doubt that you will appreciate the beauty of nature and you will feel relaxed.

• Clean restrooms

I was impressed with the clean toilets 🚽, no yucky 🤢 feeling when there is a need to take a pee or poop. The water is also clean.

• Stunning view for romantic dates

Too bad, we were not able to experience having a romantic date with that breathtaking view. That’s one of the activities they have and I saw their affordable packages for Valentine’s too. You can check their FB page for more details.

What to Improve:

• There’s no other activity during daytour . Kawa bath and romantic dates are exclusive to overnight guests only. Since, we were just there for daytour, we were not able to avail those 😭

Overall Recommendation:

If you are adventurous, you will surely love the place, but if you hate long walks, you can go there just to enjoy the view and for a few snapshots.


📍🗺 : Sitio Maysawa, Brgy. Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal

📲 : 0969- 253 8255

📧: racnaturecamp@gmail.com

It was indeed an unforgettable experience for us— though we were exhausted, but we left with a happy heart ❤️. Haaaay, I want to have another press trip again. Saan naman kaya ang susunod? I hope you have enjoyed reading this article. Let me know your thoughts and please follow me on my social media accounts. Til next time!


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