Our Brunch Experience @ Kaulayaw Coffee

Kaulayaw Coffee is one of the most popular restaurants/coffee shops in Antipolo City, and I was really dead curious to find out why 🙀. It’s probably because others find it as a a cozy place for intimate conversations or place to hang out with for barkadas or family while taking a sip of their coffee and other drinks and enjoying a hearty meal. I believe this is the reason why the founders or owners came up with the name “KAULAYAW”, which means a close or intimate companion. Since it’s only a few minutes drive from home, I took advantage of Hubby’s health break while we still have time. Part of my Travel Wishlist is also to feature must-visit restaurants and foods to try.

The Pre-arrival Experience

I reached out to their Facebook messenger to see if they would agree to walk-in visits. I was kinda surprised 😱, but I think they have a reason for not doing it. Due to the pandemic, most restaurants and coffee shops require prior booking. I have visualized ourselves queuing to get a table, but I think they have figured out a way to prevent long waiting time because that will drive their customers away. Anyway, I was very pleased with my experience in communicating with them either in messenger or text messages— they respond promptly.

The Location

Kaulayaw Coffee is located along Sumulong Highway in lower Antipolo, a few minutes drive from our place. If you come from Masinag Market, the restaurant is on the right side and you can easily see the signage so you cannot miss it.

My First Impression

Kaulayaw coffee in Lower Antipolo
Kaulayaw Coffee

The staff was accommodating and highly professional, which created an inviting atmosphere. At the sight of the small white 3-storey building, I was excited to find out what was inside–the interiors, and of course, the food. As soon as we entered the area, someone helped us to park our car and the staff immediately asked for the total number of persons, names and vaccination card. They also informed us that there’s an available table in the third floor where we can see the stunning view.

The Ambiance

The breathtaking view at Kaulayaw Coffee

Kaulayaw Coffee had a rustic feel that made us relax while selecting what to order from the menu. It’s like a typical Filipino house with simple tables and chairs, accompanied by folk songs, and a breathtaking view. I know that it’s best to visit in the late afternoon to gaze at the sunset, but there’s a possibility that it will be crowded during those times, especially they don’t require reservations. What’s more interesting is that even the food names in the menu are in Filipino, which is pretty impressive. It would be better for the staff to wear Filipiniana and barong Tagalog too.

The Service

The personnel were polite and courteous. They explained everything about breakfast and lunchtime and the availability of our orders. I would like to order Paraluman (Carbonara) and Chicken Satay with Fried Egg and Peanut Sauce for Hubby, but unfortunately these were not available during our visit.

The Food

We were supposed to be there for lunch, but we arrived at 11:30 and ended up eating breakfast instead

The menu offers a variety of affordable dishes from morning specials, entree, hors d’oevres, pastries & desserts, and drinks.

We just tried some snacks though, because our stomachs were already grunting and we couldn’t wait 12:30 pm to order.

KALINAW (Shrimp Aglio e Olio) P249-

Kalinaw (Shrimp Aglio e Olio) at Kaulayaw Coffee

It was exceptional and definitely one of the tastiest pasta I tasted. It was done al dente and I enjoyed the spicy taste.

MABINI (Ham and Cheese Tosti with Tomato Dip) P119 –

Mabini (Ham and Cheese Tosti) at Kaulayaw Coffee

According to Hubby, there’s nothing special with the taste 😁

For iced drinks, we had:

Lila (Blue Ternate with kalamansi and honey juice) P199. –

Hubby said it was refreshing and he didn’t have any complain at all 😁

Barista special (iced mocha) P199-

Enjoying my Iced Mocha at Kaulayaw Coffee

I always like having iced or cold drinks when I go to cafes or restaurants, unless I am in Baguio or Tagaytay, I would like something hot. I liked the rich chocolate and coffee mixture, that was exactly what I wanted.

Additional Information

Opening and closing hours:

Mondays: 1pm to 10pm

Tuesdays to Fridays: 8am to 10 pm

Weekends: 7 am to 10pm

Brekfast is until 11:30am

Lunch starts at 12:30 pm

In addition to their restaurant/cafe, they also help farmers and local suppliers make a living selling coffee products.


1. It would be better for them to consider taking reservations to control the number of customers (they have a few slots for parking space) It would be humiliating if they would drive the customers away if the place is already full. For them to be secure, they could ask for a 50% down payment and set a specific time for table reservation like 5-7 pm.

2. It would also be preferable that they put 11:30-12: noon for lunch.

Overall Experience and verdict

It was still a pleasant experience for me, though Hubby didn’t totally enjoy it. I think it’s because we were only able to try snacks for breakfast because we arrived at 11:30am 😂. I might consider hanging out at Kaulayaw Coffee again to try the other meals and drinks.

Thank you so much for taking time to read this post. Until next restaurant review 😊

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