My January 🗓 Highlights

I can’t believe one month has already passed. Despite of the challenges that our family has encountered in the first week of January, I believe that I have survived my first month. So, today is page 31 out of 365 — so far, so good! Here’s a roundup of what happened this January ❤️

Blog Posts That I Have Published

Way to start the year‼️ 👏👏👏 I was surprised because I have published ___ blog articles for one month. Last year, in the first quarter of the year I think I have done 2 or 3. Hmmm 🤔, does it mean I was motivated to be that productive?

New Year 🎉, New Challenges

Health 🏥 Wishes for 2022

My Diet Resolutions 2022

My Budget Plan 2022

My Travel Wishlist for 2022

Healthy Weight Week Update

My PLDT Fibr Switch

• My January Highlights

My Top 💯 Blog Posts for January

1. My Station Zero Experience: A Review of CRIMSON BORACAY

2. Instant Hair Transformation: My Keratin Plus Gold Hair Treatment Review

3. A Platinum Upgrade

4. My Birthday Celebration Vacay @ Station Zero (My Crimson Boracay Review)

5. New Normal Family Bonding @ Cattleya Resort Abtipolo

6. A Tour to Soulscape Spa Marcos Highway

8. A Budget Beach Wedding for a Limited Time

7. Our Mother’s Day Staycation: A Review of Le Blanc Hotel & Resort Antipolo

9. Renewal of Vows on a Budget

10. My PLDT Fibr Switch

Based from the results, I think I should post more about travel and product/service reviews.

Blog Ranking in Feedspot (as of Jan. 29, 2022)

#62/90 lifestyle blogs in the Philippines (I’m grateful because I still manage to be on the list— that’s enough achievement already. It motivates me more to produce quality content that will be helpful to the readers.

Blog Stats 📊 For January 🗓


1119 visitors

My Travel Wishlist Update ✈️🚘

Yay! We were able to have our

✅ Tanay Roadtrip 🚗

1. El Patio Razon Campsite

2. Ridges & Clouds Nature Park

(A separate article will be posted regarding this next month! ) 🤪.

My Fitness Routine Update: 🏃‍♂️

I’ve been consistent with my WAH routine, having rests only during Sundays amd when I am sick or not feeling well.

Weight: 54.80 kg. 😉👏

Spending Habits 💶💳

It’s still within the budget, thanks to my budget planner👏👏👏 — it’s really a lifesaver!!! Now I can monitor if I have exceeded in spending or not. I can control myself when it comes to shopping 🛍, especially online. Recently, I purchased some phone accessories, I thought about it a lot of times, and after deliberating with my other self, I decided to proceed with the purchase because I realized how important those are for my press trips. I am hoping though that I will be able to save next month 😊 I think there will be no major purchases (except for Valentine’s Day) ❤️, but I have planned it ahead of time so less spending on my part 😜

Thanks for taking time to support my blog! I promise to do better in the next months- more collabs and press trips to come!


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