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It’s been more than a month since we didn’t have an internet connection- it’s not because we were not paying our bills. Actually, we pay all our bills ahead of time. Until now, we still don’t know why we were not able to access the internet. I have contacted the customer service a lot of times and I even booked for a technician to see why we don’t have an internet connection when it shows in my Globe At Home app that our data usage has been replenished. The assigned technician reported that he has completed his task and my internet problem issue has been resolved, when the reality is he didn’t even show up. How could it possibly happen? I reported the incident and because of my disappointment, I decided to terminate my contract with them. The agents informed me that there will be a bill adjustment since I wasn’t able to access the internet for the whole month of December. So to make the long story short, I decided to shift to PLDT Home. Hubby and I were only able to access the internet with our Platinum postpaid plans.

The Application for PLDT Home (Fibr Unli Plan 2699)

The Fibr plan that I applied at PLDT Home

I decided to apply for PLDT Fibr Plan 2699 (300 mbps) because we’re sick and tired of slow internet connection. With Globe At Home Plan 1299 , we have up to 10 mbps plan per month, but the average mbps is from 1-4 mbps 🤣 So, I was hoping to get an upgrade so everyone can work productively. While I was in the salon and having a hair spa treatment, I applied online. I just filled out the form at PLDT Home and had a selfie of my valid ID (driver’s license).

The Result of my Online Application at PLDT Home

The status of my application at PLDT Home.

I was able to track the status of my application here.

Waiting Time ⌛️

When I informed the kids that my application for PLDT Fibr Unli Plan was approved, they were celebrating 🥳; however, I think, it’s more than 15 days already. It’s taking an eternity for them to install our internet connection. We are praying that we this eon’t take long anymore because we are already excited to have a reliable and fast internet that we can use for work and the kids’ online classes.

Update for the PLDT Home Installation


Application Date: December 29, 2021 (done with the validation and processing)

Installation: February 1, 2022 (A technician went here to conduct a survey in our area, and hopefully 🙏 the installation will be done at the soonest possible time. (We really need the internet connection very badly).

The technician from PLDT Home visited us to check if he can install the internet.

😭😭😭 All of us were praying and hoping that the internet connection will be installed; unfortunately, all the slots were taken already. The technician reported that we are willing to wait for another box. Hopefully it won’t take long.

February 7, 2022

The collection team from Globe At Home reminded me that I have to settle the unpaid bill from December to January amounting to P3k plus. What the heck? After I was informed by the retention team that it will be terminated, I was relieved. I informed them how disappointed I was that’s why I decided to switch to PLDT. I was shocked when I discovered that the said broadband account is still ACTIVE when I checked thru Thea of Globe Platinum if my account has been terminated already. I was informed that they did not proceed with the termination because there’s a pending order. I already called them from December last year and the agents informed me that they will request for the order to be closed so it can be terminated already. Every time I speak with them over the phone, I try to be polite, though I am already mad because their service really sucks. There was no internet connection since 3rd week of November , so why the hell am I going to settle the bill for December (that month I requested for termination of account) and January, when there was NO internet connection? 😡😡😡

PLDT, I’m waiting for the installation please‼️

Activation: (to be updated soon)

I will give you an update once our internet connection has been installed and activated already. We will also have a speed test and write my review here. Thank you for taking time to read this post.

The Installation Process

Update: June 10, 2022- Somebody from PLDT Fiber came here for our installation. I was surprised because to be honest, I already thought it was cancelled. I wasn’t able to update here because I was really busy. I actually thought that I did already update about the cancellation. I checked online about the status , I think that was February 2022,and the status was cancelled. Now, this was surprising because after 6 months, FINALLY, we have come to the installation process 😂🤣

Well, I was half-speculating (because there are lots of scammers), but half-hoping as well that our internet connection will be installed. I got a call that afternoon, informing me that the installation team will be in our place not later than Monday (June 13, 2022)

JUNE 12, 2022- Our PLDT Fiber was installed 🥳🥳🥳

So, there it is, it wasn’t a scam, but even if it took you guys too long before you have finally installed our internet connection, we are really thankful. We need a stable internet connection for personal and professional use. I’ll let you know as soon as our connection becomes active.


The Activation

ACTIVATION DATE: June 24. 2022

We were expecting for the activation to take 1 week (the longest waiting time), but it was activated after almost two weeks! I just noticed that there are 6 lights on the modem. I didn’t notice that it was activated already because I didn’t hear a telephone ring at all.

I also received a call from PLDT Home, asking for my availability regarding the installation. I was puzzled at that time, but I managed to tell the agent that the internet connection was already installed and we were just waiting for the activation.

I shall post a separate review about our current plan FIBR Unli Plan P2699. Thank you, everyone! Feel free to comment and please subscribe here if you haven’t subscribed yet.


7 thought on “PLDT Home Switch”

  1. Eunice Camacho Infante says:

    Hiiii. Your blog is really useful. I just applied last June 10 ,2022. Anyway thank you for this information now I’m more determined to leave my hometown province because I’m pretty sure they’ll do the same thing to me. PLDT is so slow. My start date for work in wfh setup is on June 20.

    1. Oh, when did you apply for PLDT Home and from what area .There was no available slot in our area that’s why we waited for so long. I was actually not expecting that they would be here again. We bought 2 prepaid kits already. Try to check the status of your application online.

  2. Mima says:

    Hello, Can I ask if you pay first the 1 month advance service fee before the installation process? Just applied last June 13, 2022 and I already paid the MSF.

    1. Hi. There’s no payment to be collected po even during the installation. The bill will be sent to you via email after the activation. I’m still waiting for our internet to be activated 😄

  3. Steve says:

    Hi! I stumbled to your blog because I too was looking for answers. Because I am planning to switch to PLDT. But the agent I’m talking to asked for a 1-month advance payment, but directly to PLDT. I was alarmed at first because I was also a PLDT subscriber before so I am sure that they don’t ask for an advance payment. But now just this month, February 2023, they have a new update on their policy listed in their website

    “NOTE: As of February 2023, PLDT Home will require ALL new residential online applications to PAY ONE MONTH ADVANCE MONTHLY SERVICE FEE. This fee is equivalent to your chosen plan plus any add-ons (e.g. speed boost) availed upon application.”

    I hope this helps everyone who also stumbled into your blog. Will also follow your blog posts after this. Keep it up!

    1. Hello. Thanks for sharing this update. This would be helpful to new subscribers, but before paying any amount, of course they need to double check with PLDT.

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