My Healthy Weight Week Update

Holiday is over! I’m just curious if you were successful with your holiday burn? 😂 I am sure as well that fitness routine is listed in your New Year’s Resolutions, right? Oh, well 🤒, let me just remind you that January 19-25 is Healthy Weight Week! 💥 Have you tracked your weight after New Year? I hope I haven’t been misunderstood, but healthy weight just don’t mean losing weight. So, how would you know you’re doing the right thing?

The Blogger Princess’s Usapang Kalusugan

Know Your Ideal Weight

There are variety of apps that you can use or simply find out in the Google search bar, and you can determine your ideal weight. You just need to input the following details: age and height. When you have seen the result, you will have an idea on how many pounds or kilos should you lose.

How to Lose Weight Using the Right Way

Losing weight just by starving yourself won’t help at all— the worse thing is that, you might end up in the hospital. I’m sure you don’t like that idea. Achieving a drop-dead gorgeous body requires hard work and discipline, honey! You should begin with a healthy diet (control your own calorie intake) and fitness routine. There’s no such thing as miracle in weight loss; it actually requires you also to be patient.

My Result!

I got a healthy weight result! From 60 kg last year, I lost 4.8 kg— not bad at all.

My Secret 🤫

• Thanks to my WAH (Walk at Home Routine). I don’t have to exhaust and kill myself just to lose weight— sweating for a one to three-mile walk per day really helped a lot!

• I also control my rice 🍚 to just 1 cup per meal. Sometimes, I just eat hard-boiled egg and water for lunch and dinner. For breakfast, sometimes, I replace rice with bread.

• I replaced 3-in-one coffee with sugar-free and I drink 8 glasses of water or more daily.

• I get enough sleep 💤 and rest.

What are you waiting for? Check your ideal weight now and in case you’re not happy with the result, then it’s time to plan and do something about it. If the result is good, congratulations 🎉🍾🎈 You just have to maintain it. Remember that being healthy is one of the gifts that you can give to yourself in order to achieve all your goals for this year.

Thank you so much for dropping by. I hope that this article is helpful in a way.


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