My Travel Wishlist for 2022

Good day, everyone! I hope you have been doing well so far. I’ve got some good news for ya! Yes, we are all well now and as usual, everything should be back to normal. Currently, most schools have suspended their classes (a 2-week suspension plus one week mid-year break) I think most of you have been dreaming of vacation, right? My mind is drifting somewhere else too, I know there will be a proper time for a vacation, and it starts with careful planning. For now, I will share my travel wishlist for 2022.

What’s on my Wishlist?

This includes the places I wish to visit and the travel essentials/must-haves for my press trips this 2022. Of course, this dream vacation would be possible depending on the situation (the IATF recommendations and my budget.) If ever I will be able to go to the following places, there will be a follow-up article with my recommended hotel/s for each place. To give you an idea, I will just put a label 🏷 for the following so you can check if you can afford it. Don’t worry, your highness will only recommend the best hotels. That’s why I need to experience it first for me to recommend it; otherwise, I won’t be credible at all. In addition to that, I hate to give you false impressions. Believe me, when I recommend you a budget hotel, it means it’s already good enough. Here are the categories:

💎 (P20,000 per night and up) for luxurious escapades or if you would like to splurge a bit;

⭐️ (P6,000-P19,000 per night) for average, and

❤️ (P5,000 and below) for budget).

Yes, I won’t just share my experience with 5-star hotels. This time, I will share my recommended budget, and average accommodations too. In fact, I already have done it last year, when I have shared my review of Hennan Regency Boracay on our last day in Boracay after our 4d/3n stay in Crimson Hotel Boracay

Pinoy Turismo

So there you go, I will be sharing my travel wish list for 2022. I swear, this year, we’ll try to make this happen! After all, I announced in my year-end post that one of the changes here in TBP is that Only in the Philippines Blog (a separate blog that I have introduced last year) will be a part of this blog. One of the categories that I have is Pinoy Turismo. Fasten your seatbelt, c’mon and let’s plan ahead for safe travel and check my travel wish list.

Where do I want to travel this year?

1. Palawan

I always wanted to travel to Palawan, but I never get the chance to do so. The reason why I always choose Boracay over Palawan is because I am not an adventurous person. I am not into diving and snorkeling– I only love swimming and admiring the breathtaking view. One thing that I have realized this pandemic is that we have to try new and exciting things because we’ll miss the opportunity to do so when we get older. Yes, I won’t be diving, but it’s worth exploring beautiful places and activities that I am capable of doing. I began browsing different hotels and resorts and I was amazed to find out that there are so many affordable accommodations in Coron and El Nido. Not only that, we will include some activities to enjoy with the whole family or barkada.

2. Siargao

I would also like to discover why Siargao has been a hit with travelers so I also included this in my list. I am not into surfing, but probably we will have a tour to different attractions and island hopping as well.

3. Bohol

I would like to visit the Chocolate Hills, have a selfie with the tarsiers, and hit the beaches in Bohol.

4. Boracay

Boracay is my favorite beach destination and I have managed to travel despite of the pandemic. If ever I will visit the island again (which is 90%), I will make sure to try hotels/accommodations that I have never been before. Actually, I have the following hotels in mind:

💎 Shangri-la Boracay

⭐️ Movenpick, The Lind Boracay, The AuhanaThe Auhana

❤️ Hue Hotels, Ferra Hotel

As usual, we will showcase the picturesque place and exciting activities to do in the new normal.

5. Tagaytay

I’ve been to Tagaytay in field trips, but this time, I would like to experience a family bonding here where we can have picnics , enjoy the stunning view and just relax.

6. Baguio

Baguio City is also one of my favorite summer destinations so I included this in my list. The only thing that I might consider is having my own vehicle in traveling because it would be more convenient. I will still feature the tourist spots, but I might also try other accommodations because I’ve already experienced Microtel Baguio twice (which I highly recommend because of its convenient location.) I would like to give my readers other options as well.

7. Ilocos

I have relatives from Ilocos Sur, but I only got the chance to visit when I was a kid and before I got married. I never got the chance to explore, so I want to discover other places worth visiting aside from Vigan and Pagudpud.

8. Manila

I wanna include a half or whole day tour of Manila (Rizal Park, Intramuros, and Manila Zoo) — this was included in my 2021 Bucket List, but I wasn’t able to do so. I would also love to have an overnight stay in one of these hotels:

💎 Okada Manila

💎 Sofitel Manila

❤️ New Coast Hotel

9. Road Trip in Rizal

While Hubby is on Health break, I would like to have a road trip with him in Rizal, where we can just admire the beauty of nature and unwind. We wanted to free ourselves from distractions and perhaps a time for a special meal too! I will update this post if ever we have decided to push through with this.

Our El Patio Razon Experience

Update: Jan. 29, 2022- We visited El Patio Razon and Ridges & Clouds ⛅️ Nature Park. It was an amazing experience for me to try the Kawa Bath and have a tour inside the Hobbit House.

This list is not final yet. I might add or remove some destinations or hotels so make sure to check from time to time. And who knows, at the end of 2022, I might be able to visit some of what I have listed here. If ever, opportunity knocked for me and I will be able to do so, I promise to share my wonderful experiences with you during my trip, an exclusive property and room tour, plus food vlogs too! I know in this situation, it’s really challenging, but let me share some tips on how you guys can enjoy without having an empty pocket. Let’s dream on and plan our trip!

Travel Must-Haves

You only need to purchase a new one if you need to do so. Adding to mix and match is also doable so you can also use your old stuff)

• Luggage – On my previous trips, I used my old luggage, but I just added one beach bag in my last trip.

• New outfits and accessories- I buy a few per month and place them inside my luggage.

• New footwear

That’s it for now. I will keep you guys updated and put a check mark here if I have been to the places I’ve mentioned above. I will also share my travel purchases for my upcoming trips. Wish me luck!


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