Health Wishes for 2022

It’s the first week of the year— how’s your health? I hope you’re not of those people who have been sick lately. Actually, all members in our family have also experienced that. All of us are well now, except for my son who just got his flu this morning. I felt relieved 😅 and thankful as well because it’s nothing serious. It’s understandable to panic and feel depressed because we were sick at the start of the year, but let us not lose hope. It doesn’t mean that 2022 is a bad year for us.

It is just the first week of the month and you can still manage to have a blast this year. It’s just a matter of self-discipline I must say. If you are one of those who got sick this year, let us reflect on these:


1. Did I go to public places with the kids during the holiday season? If yes, did we follow safety protocols?

2. Did I go to leisure trip with the kids not following safety protocols?

3. Did I join a gathering or family reunion?

4. Did I go to public places such as bazaars or tiangge?


1. ❌ I was guilty of going to the mall with the kids who are not yet vaccinated, so I have realized that we really need to have them vaccinated to protect them from the virus. My father is actually against the vaccination for the kids (He listens to a radio station which tells that vaccination is not the cure to the virus because humans have their self-immunity). Well, the kids are confused whether they would get vaccinated or not. I told Hubby to just let them decide for themselves. If ever they do not prefer to be vaccinated, they shouldn’t be allowed to go out because they might be able to catch the virus outside.

2. ✅ Luckily, for the leisure trips, we strictly followed the safety protocols, and Kyle and I even had RT-PCR Test (both were negative) and for the leisure post-holiday stay, we carefully have chosen our hotel (Edsa Shangri-la).

3. ❌ I realized that it’s not yet time to attend gatherings or parties, it still can be done virtually.

4. ❌ We went to a bazaar or tiannge before New Year and we were shocked to see the place seething crowded despite of the virus threat. Omg! Safety protocols were not followed— no social distancing and they were not able to control the number of people. Unfortunately, if bazaars won’t be able to follow simple protocols such as this, they might end up closing soon.

If you have managed not to go out this holiday, I salute you. I mean, it’s hard not to do so , especially that the IATF has already announced the guidelines.

What We Can Do to Stay Healthy

1. Make sure to have a healthy meal at home.

2. Disinfect all areas in your home regularly.

3. Exercise regularly.

4. Make sure that we have stocks of medicines like paracetamol at home.

5. Do not go out especially if you are not vaccinated yet.

6. Drink plenty of water.

7. Get enough sleep and rest.

I wish you guys to have a healthy 2022. Being healthy should be our number one priority. Let us reflect on the mistakes that we have done and correct it right away. Stay safe always.


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