Hello, everyone! In my previous post, I have mentioned about the Highlights and learnings in 2021. Now, it will be easier for me to set my goals for 2022. It’s fun to be on top of the world, and I’m pretty much enjoying it so I won’t let myself fall. Let’s get it rolling, baby!

⭐️ Be consistent with my fitness goals

I just started with my WAH journey last August though I was consistent with my fitness routine. This program really helped me a lot to burn some calories and of course, be physically fit. With regards to eating, though there are times that I am tempted, especially now that I don’t count the calories I’m eating, I do not overeat and I just have my cheat sessions during special occasions 😂 So, I need to be consistent, that’s the key 🔑

⭐️ Be more successful in my business 👩‍💼

To be honest, I fear that I might not be able to become as successful as what we have achieved in 2021. My year-end realization is this— I won’t achieve nothing if I won’t try. In order for us to be successful in 2022, we should take some risks and learn also about the trends and go with it. So, yes. I’m learning and organizing everything so we can start with a bang!

⭐️ Become financially stable

One of my mistakes in 2021 is overspending— so this time, I need to manage my finances wisely. I need to create a simple financial log so I can track where did I spend the money. This time, we need to save for my son’s tuition fee for College.

⭐️ Create more quality content for my blog and FB page

Now, I post regularly in my blog and FB page 👏👏👏 What I want in 2022 is to have quality content. I’m working on my 2022 content calendar 📅 (thanks to my digital planner)

⭐️More influencer collabs

I was surprised last year when I had brand collaborations for Ig and FB, and it wasn’t intended for moneymaking. Most of my collabs are ex-deal and some for a small cash amount. I just enjoy what I do and I carefully choose the brands I work with.

⭐️ Have sponsors for my blog and FB page

This year, I have a few giveaways using my personal money (just a small Gcash amount and free online classes) for my FB page followers. Next year, I would love to have sponsors so I can give freebies/giveaways for my followers. I also welcome brand partnerships/sponsors for my blog so I can provide the best and quality content.

⭐️ Complete my 2021 Bucket List

In this post, I have mentioned the things that I would like to accomplish in 2021. Unfortunately, due to limited time and unavoidable circumstances, I wasn’t able to do some in my list. I am hoping that I will be able to do the following in 2022.

1. Go to Tagaytay with the whole family.

2. Book an overnight stay at Okada Manila

3. Manila Day Tour

4. Try a cooking/baking vlog

(Numbers 1-3 will also be our family bonding time! )


Changes with My Blog

1. Officially, OTPB (Only in the Philippines Blog) will be a part of TBP. I have not updated my first post and obviously because I am not quite acquainted with and I prefer using WordPress. It will also take time if I will post in two different blogs and I came up with a decision to just give up OTPB and focus on TBP. We will incorporate OTPB’s aims such as showcasing the different places here in the Philippines, featuring different cultures, giving tips to Pinoy household, and featuring Pinoy businesses/brands and inspiring Pinoy stories.

2. I will have my monthly OOTD blog/vlog. Yay! I just tried it in November and December, and I have enjoyed doing it 😀, especially twinning sessions with my daughter ❤️

Again I thank all of you for supporting me— if YOU are reading this, YOU have contributed to my success too, so let’s celebrate 🎉 Cheers to an exciting and prosperous 2022 🥂


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