A Look Back at 2021

2021 has been a good year for me in all aspects (family, health, business, and social media engagement) I never thought that despite of the pandemic, I will be doing such a great job 👏👏👏 It was overwhelming, but I can feel the pressure as well for 2022 if I will be able to maintain it. In this post we will have my 2021 in review and goals for 2022. This aims to determine my highlights in the previous year and best practices so I can adapt it again. Of course, I also have to know where do I have to improve so I could refrain myself from being a loser. 🤣 C’mon, everybody needs to improve and yes, I am so ready for 2022 ‼️

Let me share the highlights in my life as a mother, businesswoman, and blogger/content creator for this year.

HiGHLIGHTS in 2021

⭐️ Successful in Business

Surprisingly, even during the pandemic, my online tutoring business managed to survive. I think it’s because I am now more focused with my work and it inspires me more to know that the people in my team are also enjoying and earning at the same time.

⭐️ Good Health and Weight Management

I am very thankful for having a good health this year. I think diet planning and my fitness routine have contributed a lot in achieving this. I did not lose much wait, but I was able to maintain my figure. At least I didn’t gain weight—that’s all that matters 😂😂😂

⭐️ Managing my Finances

Thanks to my digital planner, I was able to track my due dates for my bills and I was able to pay them ahead of time. Being organized is really a big help for me.

⭐️ Home Renovation

This year, we were able to renovate the kids’ room, and the space outside the front door.

⭐️ Influencer Collabs

This is surprising because I am a blogger, but I became an instant influencer in 2021. Here are my favorite collabs for the year.

❤️ Fern-C

❤️ Downy

❤️ Joy

❤️ Tang

❤️ Safeguard

❤️ Keratin Plus

⭐️ Blog (included in the top 90 lifestyle blog in the Philippines)

I started in 2016 but during that time, I only blog when I wanted to, and in 2021 I was able to do it on a regular basis. It’s not only for the sake of writing something, but sharing something about my personal experiences and most importantly, sharing interesting articles and review that could benefit other people.

I would like to share my Top 10 blog posts for 2021 (based from my WordPress stats report for 2021)

1. My Station Zero Experience : A Review of Crimson Boracay

2. Instant Hair Transformation: My Keratin Plus Gold Hair Treatment Review

3. A Platinum Upgrade

4. Not in Cloud 9 ( A Review of Cloud 9 Hotel & Resort)

5. My Hair SOS at David’s Salon

6. 5 Hours of Pampering: A Comprehensive Review of Golden Leaf Health Spa

7. Celebrations @ Yellow Lantern Cafe

8. Le Vain: The Leading Bakery in Baguio City

9. Art Overload @ Pinto Museum

10. The Alagao Salad @ Crescent Moon Cafe

(I think the reason why they are in my Top 10 blog posts is because they are listed in the page 1 of Google when you search for establishment/product + blog in the search tab- Ex. Crimson Boracay blog)

⭐️ Family Bonding

This year, we were able to have a few staycations, food , and spa bonding. It’s more fun to go out and spend your holiday and quality time with your family.

My Learnings

As a human being, it is normal to commit mistakes 😔, but the positive thing about this is that I am very much willing to correct those mistakes. Here are the things that I need to change or work on with.

❌ Overspending

I admit that I have overspent this year, I splurged on some items which are not necessary. I need to list down the things that I have to give up to cut down the expenses.

❌ Decision Making

This has also something to do with spending, but I feel a little guilty because I did not consult my better half in most of my decisions. I did tell him after I have made the purchase. Uhmm, probably because he will not approve of it 😂 Now, I am considering to tell him if ever I will be making another decision next year.

It was indeed a fantastic year! I can’t believe it myself, but I really did it‼️ Of course, a big thank you to my family because they are always here to support and motivate me. In order for me to do the same for the upcoming year, I need to set my goals and work harder. I don’t have to be complacent just because I was able to overcome the challenges and made it this year with flying and glittering ✨ colors 💖

I promise that next year, you will see a better version of me. Thanks for being with me this year and I hope you will still support me in 2022.


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