My Christmas 2021 To-Do List

It’s 2 days before Christmas! Do you feel the Christmas rush? I’ve been trying to keep organized and thanks to those checklists, I’ve managed to my tasks 👏👏👏 Speaking of tasks, of course, I have also done my Christmas 2021 To-Do List. I just want to share this just in case some of you are still stuck and can’t figure out yet what to do. I hope this guide could help you in a way so you can have a blast this Christmas.

My Christmas Checklist

1. Clean and decorate the house for the holiday.

Items I bought from SM Call to Deliver for Christmas decorations

We started decorating for Christmas this month— thanks to my personal shopper at SM, I was able to purchase additional Christmas tree ornaments. We also bought parol with colorful lights that we hang outside the house. This whole Christmas week, we’ve been decluttering and repainting the walls, and yes, it feels so good to have a clean 🧼 house— it sets the mood for the holiday season.

2. Finalize Christmas Menu

I have previously shared our Christmas Menu for 2021, but I still don’t know if I will have to add more. I have set a budget and I do not want to overspend, as we have to consider New Year’s celebration too. I just ordered what will be enough for us, but of course, something that all of us will definitely enjoy.

3. Christmas Shopping 🛍🛍🛍

Christmas Shopping 🛍 Part 1

I have done this twice (for our Christmas outfits and for the Christmas presents 🎁). What is Christmas without the presents? Come to think about it, the reason why we give presents is because Christmas is sharing. Yep, that’s why every year, we put presents under the Christmas tree and what makes us even happier is the expression of the person when he/she has opened your gift (that’s priceless). I also want to emphasize that in giving presents, it has to be given wholeheartedly. If you give, don’t expect something in return. Give because you wanted to share ❤️

Christmas Shopping (Part 2)

4. Christmas photoshoot 📸

Every year, before Christmas Eve, we usually do the family pictorial and we use it as our cover photo. This year, I’m loving taking photos and I already planned to have photos of our holiday OOTDs (with a touch of red, green, and gold) for Christmas and polka dots for New Year. I also want to share photos of our Christmas menu (to be posted also here).

5. Finish Blog Posts/Vlogs for 2021

Before I finally say “goodbye” to 2021 for giving me a wonderful year, I wanted to post my holiday blog posts and vlogs this month. I am grateful 😇 because TBP is consistent in making it to the Top 90 Lifestyle Blog in the 🇵🇭. Because of that, I am even more inspired to provide and share quality and interesting content for you in 2022.

Thank you so much for stopping by and taking the time to read this post. Merry Christmas 🎄🎁

With love,

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