My Birthday Celebration Vacay @ Station Zero (My Crimson Boracay Review)

The moment I have experienced serenity and bliss during my vacation at Station Zero in 2020, I already fell in love with Crimson Hotel Boracay. I couldn’t stop admiring the beauty of my new-found paradise, and I thought I should come back the following year. Of course, I made this dream a reality and yes, despite the lockdown and while we were still in MECQ that time, I already booked in advance. In fact, it’s the birthday gift I gave myself this year – a 4d/3n stay at a signature beachfront villa in one of the best hotels in Boracay, Crimson Hotel Boracay. After all, I deserve to get this vacation anyway for working so hard. We were supposed to arrive on my birthday (November 13), but because of a sudden change with Hubby’s schedule, I rescheduled my month-long birthday celebration vacay @ Station Zero on November 27. This post is my Crimson Hotel Boracay review based on our experience. It is intended to provide readers with information on what to expect if they decide to fly to Boracay for a holiday.


Crimson Hotel Boracay is nestled in the tranquil area of Station Zero, where luxury resorts and best hotels in Boracay such as Shangri-la Boracay and Movenpick are located. It is a slice of paradise, where you can enjoy the private beach unlike the crowded area of White Beach.

#TheBloggerPrincess enjoying Crimson Hotel Boracay's private beach
enjoying my privacy at Station Zero



To start my Crimson Boracay Review, The Pre-arrival Team deserves ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for their professionalism 👏👏👏 Everything was properly coordinated—from answering my queries promptly, assisting me on the booking process, endorsing us to Detoxicare for our home-service RT-PCR test, and even in the sending of documents and obtaining the QR Codes. They also called me to confirm if any changes had been made to our flight✈️.

I would like to commend Ms. Ica Santos, and take this opportunity as well to thank her extending for her assistance to us even late at night. I think that was past 11pm already. My bad! Probably, due to too much excitement, I sent the documents online before 6:00 a.m., not realizing that I have not yet filled out the OHDC. It has just been pointed out to me that I skipped this procedure when Ms. Ica informed me that she called the Tourist Boracay team to follow up on our QR Codes. We were in touch from 8:00 am until 11:00 pm). It was a total relief that someone so devoted was there to help us when we needed it so much. Thanks a lot, Mrs. Ica 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

The Welcoming Team of Crimson Resort Boracay

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ When we arrived, I already saw the staff who has a CRIMSON HOTEL BORACAY sign and he assisted us to the van leading to the jetty port. Another man assisted me in presenting the QR codes.

on Crimson Hotel Boracay's boat when we arrived last November 2021
Finally, our family vacay @ Station Zero ‼️ (minus Shane and their Grandpa)
#TheBloggerPrincess in BORACAY!  Excited for her Crimson Boracay review and of course, in staying in our beachfront villa at Crimson Hotel Boracay!
Yay! The Blogger Princess is finally in BORACAY!

Oh, yes! I really planned for this trip so everything should be perfect! In fact, I already have logged in my digital organizer about my itinerary for my 5d/4n vacay in Boracay! I have prepared and organized my OOTDs and even planned the content of my social media accounts. Though Youtube is not really the platform for me and I don’t have enough subscribers to monetize my account, I still do vlogs that I post in my FB page and YouTube channel.


#TheBloggerPrincess and family while waiting for their turn for check-in at Crimson Boracay
while waiting in the lobby

I was totally pleased with our stay 3d/2n in 2020 (especially with Ms. Shien’s assistance 🥰) so I was expecting the same service standard since Crimson is one of the best hotels in Boracay. The atmosphere was very inviting, and we felt the Christmas spirit. Holiday decorations and lights were everywhere. As usual, the lobby was impeccable and better looking than before. My heart was bursting with excitement… I was looking forward to seeing our beachfront villa, going to the beach and watching the sunset on our first day.

#TheBloggerPrincess and Hubby (a.k.a Pepito) in a photo session in the lobby of Crimson Hotel Boracay
Picture muna while waiting…


#TheBloggerPrincess, on her way to the lower ground for check-in at Crimson Hotel Boracay
Me, going to the lower level because the front office desk in the lobby was busy when we arrived.Going

Since I booked in a beachfront villa, I was expecting an express check-in (this is what they do in 5-star hotels such as Marco Polo and Edsa Shangri-la). The front desk staff was busy at the time and we were waiting for our turn, so we just took a couple of pictures in the reception area. Thanks to the male staff (I didn’t get their name) who escorted us in the lobby downstairs. We were approached by two female staff at the reception and asked for our identification. I think the other one was assisting the staff who explained to me about our dates of check-in and the breakfast venue. I realized that she was likely in training because she was not as confident and eloquent as Ms. Shien. In addition to the regional accent, I observed that she was nervous.

We were a little exhausted, so I totally forgot to ask about the inclusions of our package. This is the role of the reception team: to inform guests of everything they need to know. That’s the process even when I stayed in club rooms in the NCR, everything was explained in the check-in, so I didn’t miss any tea or evening cocktails.

The Hotel Amenities @ Crimson Resort Boracay

You will love the facilities- from the architecture of Crimson Hotel Boracay to the interior decoration and elegant furniture. I think that’s one of the reasons why Crimson is one of the best hotels in Boracay. All three restaurants are fully operational. When we visited in 2020, only Azure Beach Club was open and the food was served a la carte, but you can pre-order to avoid hassle.

Saffron Cafe– This is where the breakfast buffet is served each day. During our stay, evening cocktails were also served as Mosaic Latin American Grill was used as a venue for their special event.

Mosaic Latin American Grill- where villa guests have their daily early evening cocktails. We were able to dine here during our arrival and catch the first sunset here.

Azure Beach Club– This is where guests feast on authentic delectable Asian cuisine with the dinner buffet at the beach while listening to the live DJ 🍲

#TheBloggerPrincess enjoying the breathtaking view of Crimson Hotel Boracay's private beach in the Cobalt Pool.
Spending quality time together ❤️

What we love the most about Crimson Hotel Boracay is the private beach and large swimming pools.

For your information: They have a gym, but I didn’t book it because I prefer to use the villa for my daily WAH routine.

Our Signature Beachfront Villa at Crimson Hotel Boracay

The Signature Beachfront Villa at Crimson Hotel Boracay
Signature Beachfront Villa

I chose a signature beachfront villa at Crimson Hotel Boracay this time because I wanted to have some privacy and therefore my 8-year-old would also enjoy. It is a few steps from the swimming pools and the beach… so it is very convenient. Apart from the spacious living area, bathroom with a tub 🛁, and bedroom, we also have our own plunge pool 😍❤️ I took advantage of having a plunge pool because I didn’t have to worry about wearing a 2-piece swimwear. Ahem! I’m in my private space. Char!!!

Room Tour

Let’s take a peek inside our signature beachfront villa @ Crimson Hotel Boracay❤️


Keep reading, folks! Let me mention the things that I liked during our stay in this Crimson Boracay review. You’ll also discover what made Crimson on the list of the best hotels in Boracay.

#TheBloggerPrincess enjoying her birthday vacay in Crimson Hotel Boracay

✅ Cleanliness

The resort was immaculately clean as the cleaning crew disinfected all areas on a regular basis. You can be sure that it is safe inside the premises.

✅ Safety Protocols

You must register in the Stay Safe app prior to your arrival for contact tracing purposes. During your stay, masks are also necessary for walking outdoors.

✅ The Breathtaking View @ Crimson Hotel Boracay

Always looking forward to go back to our beachfront villa

Our beachfront villa at Crimson Hotel Boracay has a breathtaking view, a perfect view to relax (whether just to look and enjoy the beauty of the beach or a sunset or just to relax in the lounge chair). I wanted to unwind for just a few days, so I took advantage of the long weekend break. This view is perfect for my month long birthday celebration vacay ❤️😍 I used the pool and beach as my background when I was having my morning walk.

✅ The Villa Freebies @ Crimson Resort Boracay

I ❤️ freebies! In fact, one of the things that I check upon entering the room is of course the freebies. Here are the freebies that we have enjoyed in one of the best hotels in Boracay 😍: Sanitizing kit, Crimson hat, slippers, and bag, one-time free minibar items, and a bowl of fruits They also have tea and Nespresso machine ❤️ (actually the same freebies as what we had in 2020 when we stayed in a Seaview suite.

I also loved the toiletries– those are not cheap. It’s just that they have delivered them late ⏰

One benefit of being a villa guest that I totally enjoyed and took advantage is the evening cocktail time at Mosaic. On our first day, we just had a glass of cold juice, but in the succeeding days, we had red wine and Red Sangria. Of course, I also loved their canapes and pastries.

✅ The Villa’s Spacious Bathroom @ Crimson Boracay

#TheBloggerPrincess in the tub at Crimson Boracay
Fun in the tub

I enjoyed my luxurious and fun shower and bath sessions. There is a separate bathroom and shower area. You can also enjoy watching your favorite TV show whilst soaking in the bathtub. You can literally rest and spend your day here and forget the fact that the beach is calling you outside. The vanity area is also wide enough for the toothbrushes, comb, and the skin care kit I brought along for my night glow-up routine 😃

✅ Strong Wifi Connection at Crimson Boracay

Working while enjoying the view of the pool and beach in the comfort of our own beachfront villa at Crimson Boracay
Working mode ❤️ in our beachfront villa

One thing I love about Crimson Hotel Boracay is its strong Wi-Fi connection. It is indeed possible to multitask (though it is my superpower 🤫🤫🤫 ), I was able to take a bit of time to work in my free time. I was able to check my emails, transact with our clients, and even update my social media accounts (my IG and FB page) with photos and video clips.

✅ Crimson Boracay’s Efficient Front Desk Staff/Concierge

This Crimson Boracay Review won’t be complete without mentioning the people who assisted us during our stay. Though there were some shortcomings, Crimson Hotel Boracay is still blessed with efficient staff like Ms. Shien and Dior.

Mrs Dior helped us in our beachfront villa because we lost our way. Apparently, the driver and his companion are also new on the team. After how many turns (but I enjoyed the buggy ride), we were eventually able to locate our villa — it’s 101. She also explained that part of our benefit as villa guests is having a free cocktail at the Mosaic Latin American Grill. We were about to miss that, but she convinced us to take advantage of it because cocktails for villa guests are only served from 4 to 6 pm. If you miss it, you can no longer enjoy it. She also offered to help us with anything we wanted to buy at D’Mall (even though it’s no longer part of the service). Thank you so much, Ms. Dior ❤️❤️❤️

Ms. Dior, one of the efficient front desk staff at Crimson Hotel Boracay
Ms. Dir

I was really looking forward to seeing Ms. Shien again, who assisted us when we visited in 2020, ( You can check my blog post here). She texted me while we were planning to go to D’mall that night to buy a gallon of water and some essentials. According to her, she was looking for me, but she was engaged to another guest when we arrived. She apologized for what happened and offered to assist us if ever we needed anything. Aww, thank you so much, Ms. Shien! It would have been a perfect welcome to us if you personally assisted us during our check in.

I would also like to thank Mr. Zeon Luis, Crimson Hotel Boracay’s front office manager. When he heard what happened during our check-in, he contacted me and met with me personally at the villa the next day to apologize. I felt the sincerity and I know that this is not their usual service standard that we had experienced. Over the course of our stay, surprisingly, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of guests.

Well, we had that in mind, but I didn’t know that would happen. I didn’t have the energy to complain when we came in when I noticed there were only two bottles of water and no toiletries. He also indicated that they have made changes to their package inclusions due to the pandemic. I was expecting that we have a dedicated villa host, whom I think I really needed that time. I was expecting that for that particular trip, someone will help me organize my plans. I was perplexed as to what was happening. Even though he pointed out that it was not included in my package, he took Ms. Heinz with him. She, from then on, coordinated with me on all my requests and acted as the villa host.

I also told him about the iron and ironing board I asked for that morning, but unfortunately it was not available. Even if it would be available, they will just let me borrow it for 2 hours. He assured me that he would fix it and that I could use it throughout my stay. He was patient enough to listen to every complaint and request I made, but he handled it professionally. He even invited us to a dinner buffet that evening. Thank you so much 🥰🥰🥰

Ms. Heinz,  one of the efficient front desk staff at Crimson Resort Boracay
Ms. Heinz

✅ The food

I’m not a foodie, but the world stops when it comes to pizzas and pastas, mouth-watering desserts and pastries. I mean, who can’t resist them? Other than shakes and cold juice, I’m obsessed with coffee, too. I often order the iced cappuccino during breakfast. I am a very picky eater, but believe it or not, we definitely enjoyed the delicious food served during breakfast, early evening cocktails, and at the dinner buffet. For this Crimson Boracay review, I will give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️for our gastronomic experience. And yes, this is also one of my Crimson Boracay review highlights.

Dinner Buffet @ AZURE BEACH CLUB
Dinner buffet at Azure Beach Club (Crimson Hotel Boracay)

✅ The Swimming Pools @ Crimson Resort Boracay

Crimson Hotel Boracay has large instagrammable pools that guests will definitely enjoy. Our favorite is the Cobalt pool where we had our photo shoot 😃

The main pool at Crimson Hotel Boracay

The Main Pool
#TheBloggerPrincess in pink swimsuit at Crimson Hotel Boracay
The Cobalt Pool

Sleep Quality

We were able to sleep comfortably and there were no distractions (with the exception of my son who slept on the sofa without a blanket.


This Crimson Boracay Review highlights about my overall impression based from what we have experienced during our stay from November 27-30, 2021. It is just fair to the readers to know about the pros and cons on booking the property.

Family picture after check-out at Crimson Hotel Boracay
Family vacay @ Crimson Boracay
Bye for now, Crimson Hotel Boracay!
Goodbye for now, probably, we will meet again ❤️❤️❤️


Booking a beachfront villa at crimson Hotel Boracay will cost you P28, 000 per night. As far as I’m concerned, it’s only fair that you get the best service. After all, it’s hard-earned money, so you should take full advantage of it. Remember that no matter how stunning the view is and how magnificent your suite or room is, if the service sucks, you don’t get the value for the money. I was completely pleased with our beachfront villa– there were just minor flaws or shortcomings. Despite of what I have experienced, we still enjoyed our stay. In fact, the 4d/3d stay I think is not enough for me to breathe and relax. I just didn’t have any choice, but to go back to work now. Given a chance in the future, I would love to come back and experience being in paradise again. I just hope that by that time, they have already improved their service.


This Crimson Boracay review won’t be complete without giving some suggestions that would certainly help the resort in improving their service.

  • The new staff should be trained because guests expect the best service, particularly from a luxury resort.
  • The housekeeping team should be organized too. Prior to arrival of guests, be sure to provide toiletries, towels and blankets. I was unable to check whether they provided a blanket for my son I really thought they did because I paid P9k extra for him, including the breakfast. I only noticed that he doesn’t have a blanket and pillows on day three and he’s already slept for two nights without using one. It’s partly my fault that I didn’t check, but do I still have to? That was meant to be included in the package.
  • Give a special welcome treat to villa guests (it’s the same welcome treat as what they have in other room types) -there’s no differerence.
  • A memo pad and pencil/pen✏️ should be provided on the desk/bedside table. I know that everything’s digital now, but there are times when it can be useful for some urgent things.
  • This is a luxury hotel, so the iron and ironing board should be put in the closet.

Without a doubt, Crimson Hotel Boracay is still among the best hotels in Boracay. There are just a few things that they need to improve, especially because there are other promising budget and luxury resorts out there. People will have to give it a second thought before they decide to make a reservation. What I like about Crimson Hotel Boracay is that they are professional enough to accept their mistakes and I know that learning from their guests’ experience will help them to surpass their expectations. With their current promotion, it is possible for people with mid-range income to afford a luxurious stay and a 5-star hotel experience while paying for a reasonable price. I salute the efficient and professional staff who made our stay memorable despite of what happened.

So, I will end this Crimson Boracay review by still recommending it, especially if you have not been there yet. You’ll miss half of your life if you won’t experience what it feels to be at Station Zero. If you are budget-conscious, but you would like to experience staying at Crimson Hotel Boracay, book the Seaview suite if you prefer a stunning view. There are also more inexpensive rooms that you can choose from. I recommend the beachfront villa if you have a higher budget.

Thank you so much for your time in reading this review. Please follow my Facebook page and IG for more updates.


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  1. Marlon Sienes says:

    how much is the dinner buffet at Azure? I perfectly agree that all extra toiletries, blanket, pillows etc, when you book an extra person should be provided way ahead of time.

    1. Hi. It’s P2200 inclusive of taxes and service charge, but its still depends on the travel dates. Also, the buffet dinner is by schedule. I think they were just busy during that time, but I hope it won’t happen again if ever we will come back. Overall, we still enjoyed our stay 😄

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