Traveling in the New Alert 🚨 Level

Hey, are you excited 😜 to go out and travel with your family now that we have the new alert level classification? I’m sure that your LGU has already announced that you are already in Level 2 or 3. I know how it feels to be confined to your home for more than a year, but before we get too much excited, let us remember to follow the safety protocols. It is important to think of your health and safety first.

In my bucket list for 2021, I actually have included a tour in Manila for one day, but…. I’m having second thoughts now. I think I have to modify or revise my list. I think we can go to a quiet and private place instead.

Going to the Mall 🦆

That’s the first thing that I thought of when it was announced that effective November 15, Rizal will be under Alert Level 2 and minors will be welcome once again to enter the mall provided that they are accompanied by their parents. I felt excited too, but the thought of crowded areas in the mall made me think about it a lot of times. They are still not vaccinated and I think they will be protected if they are at home. This is Christmas season and I understand that more parents would like to take the kids to the mall and enjoy 😉 It’s also time fort Christmas 🎄 shopping 🛍 🛍 Still, it’s your choice, but if ever you still want to proceed, you need to be extra careful.

Traveling Out of Town 🛫⛴

Even before it was announced that Rizal will be in GCQ, I already have booked for a 5-day vacay in Aklan. Of course, I have promised my youngest kid (who will turn 8 on the 23rd), that I will let him enjoy the beach 🏖, so I strictly follow the guidelines for domestic travel. Part of this is to let my kids have the mandatory RT-PCR test because they are still not vaccinated.

I also selected a private resort because I do not like to stay in crowded areas— not yet!

What to Keep in Mind 💭

💭 Though in some areas, it is voluntary to wear face shield, always have it inside your bag.

💭 Make sure to wear your face masks when you go about and always bring a sanitizing kit with you.

💭 Do not let your kids wander around without adult supervision.

💭 Avoid crowded places like Divisoria or bazaars.

Whatever your decision is—whether you will let your kid stay at home or you will go out with them, the important thing is to always think of what’s best and safe. It’s better to be protective than to let your family suffer from illness.

In the next few days, I will be featuring about our first out of town travel in 2021. I will give you guys some tips if you are traveling with kid/s. I will also post a sneak peek of our travel preparations. Til next post, dear friends and sissies 💕.


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