Hail to Queen White’s 👑 new face—AJ RAVAL! 👸

Every Filipino dreams of radiant and glowing skin. Queen White, a Filipino skin care brand, makes this dream a reality by developing and introducing new efficient products that Filipinos can afford. In fact, Ms. Sarah Vidi P. Mercado (Queen White’s CEO) would like the people to feel empowered by discovering how beautiful, sexy, and confident they are, so the brand has picked somebody who would perfectly represent them. Out of the gorgeous young stars in the Philippines, AJ Raval stood out among the rest and was crowned as Queen White’s first celebrity endorser.

Meet the new Queen (AJ Raval) with Queen White’s CEO (Ms. Sarah Vidi Payno)

Why AJ Raval?

AJ Raval was confirmed to be Queen White’s endorser by June 17, 2021, even before the controversies have exploded. According to the brand’s CEO, Ms. Sarah Vidi P. Mercado, “We shouldn’t judge AJ because we do not know the whole story. What’s truly important is that everybody is ready to continue rising and progressing forward because that’s what life is all about. Sana rin mas maging mabait tayo sa isa’t isa during these hard times.”

It’s official! AJRaval is Queen White’s first celebrity endorser!

Personally, I think AJ has been chosen as Queen White’s endorser because she possesses all the characteristics of a queen 👸 and no doubt that she also inspires other Filipinas to radiate with confidence. Like her, each one of us deserves to be a queen. We can actually become one by treating ourselves to a self-care routine and building our self-confidence.

What does AJ think about Queen White?

The actress admitted that she doesn’t have a skincare routine before–probably because she is naturally beautiful and flawless, but after she had tried Queen White, her perspective changed. Her glowing skin is the proof that the products are safe and has a good result.

For more information about Queen White, please check their official social media accounts.

Facebook: https://www/facebook.com/queenwhitemain

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/queenwhitemain

Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@

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