Your Mental Health Matters!

Have you checked and assessed yourself recently? Have you found out that you are under the state of depression and you ignore other people and hate everyone around you. Talking to yourself might be funny or strange to other people, but for me, it works. If you will try it, don’t worry if the result is frustrating–it’s okay not to be okay, hehe! What we can do is to think of ways how to overcome your problems and how to deal with it. Today (October 10) is the day marked by WHO as World Mental Health Day to create awareness about the importance of mental health.

The Importance of Mental Health Awareness

What is the importance of mental health awareness? If you understand how people feel when they experience depression, anxiety, and stress, it will be easier for you to help others.

My experience and how I was able to deal with it

I have been depressed and stressed out a few years ago that I almost gave up–It came to a point that I thought of ending my life. I was bankrupt at that time with multiple loans and credit card debts, and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t even tell my husband about this because I don’t want him to be stressed also. Aside from that, I was also suffering from bleeding and I was physically weak that I thought I would die anytime. Honestly, I didn’t have the desire at that time to fight because I thought that leaving this world might be a way to escape my problems. I was irritable, downhearted, and hopeless. Just when I was about to lose my sanity, I was enlightened with my friends’ love and affection. Talking with them really helped me a lot because after the counselling sessions, I felt better. I talked to myself and I have realized that escaping from my problems won’t help at all. It would even make the situation worse because I would pass these problems to my loved ones, and that is selfishness. I opened up to my better half and together, we have managed to solve the problem. While I was slowly recovering and the bleeding gradually stopped, I decided to finish the schoolyear 2019-2020 with a brand new start before I finally resign. A tragic incident happened that made me change my decision. I had a lot of questions–to myself and to God why He let this incident happen. I had sleepless nights crying because of the loss of my 4 students who died because of the vehicular accident that happened on October 30, 2019. I thought that I wasn’t effective as an adviser at that time. I didn’t finish the schoolyear not because I didn’t care for my other students. After doing a series of self-evaluation, I have tendered my resignation and I did it because at that time, I admit that I couldn’t give my 100% in teaching and fulfilling the school-related tasks. After my resignation, it took me months before I had recovered from emotional pain. Because I know it feels like hell to be depressed and stressed, I make the initiative to help myself if I can and if not, I seek other people’s help. If I have done it, you can also do this!

What can you do to manage your mental health?

  • Self-evaluation

This will just take a few minutes of your time, but if you are not comfortable doing this, it’s fine. You can just write in your journal/diary to write all about what you can’t share with other people.

  • Talk to your friends

This is really a big help because talking to them won’t only lighten up your mood. It can also make you feel loved. If it’s not possible to catch up with them because of the present situation, you can do it virtually. If they are really busy, you can communicate with them via Messenger.

  • Keep yourself busy

There are times that we need to keep ourselves busy so you can forget. Think of what interests you and from there, you can think of activities. If I am not busy with work, I allot time for blogging, but I have inserted my Walk-At-Home routine in my daily activities. I also entertain myself by watching movies and TV series on Netflix.

  • Have your “Me Time.”

Once you are exhausted physically and mentally, having your “me time” is the perfect way to destress and feel relaxed.

I hope this article helped you in a way. If you know somebody who is suffering from depression and experiencing stress, you can help them by sending encouraging messages and bond with them if you have the time. You can also spread awareness on the importance of mental health by creating and sharing a post about World Mental Health Day. Thank you so much for dropping by and to keep posted, please don’t forget to subscribe. Until next post!


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