What To Accomplish for the rest of 2021?

Hey, time really flies so fast that I haven’t noticed that it’s the last quarter of the year 😂 Well, it’s about time to evaluate yourself to find out what you have been missing. We still have a few months left to accomplish everything. Of course, we have to consider the new normal situation before we execute our plans. Here are the things that you have to accomplish before we bid goodbye to 2021.

Get vaccinated! 💉

If you are 18 years and up and you are make sure that you have registered for vaccination. Aside from protecting ourselves and our families as well from the virus, this is our stepping stone and only way to be able to go back to our normal lives. Soon, kids 12-17 years old will be vaccinated. If you are still having second thoughts, the decision is still yours to make, but we need to widen our horizons and think what is best for everybody.

Check your Budget

It’s important to monitor the schedule of our bills so we don’t end up paying for penalties. Make sure you have settled the bills and you have money for weekly groceries and food before spending on other things. Christmas is fast approaching and you also need to save money for Christmas presents and for the Christmas eve and New Year’s eve celebration. Be wise in spending!

Get Fit

Look at yourself in the mirror! Have you gained weight? If you have, it’s about time to have a fitness routine and diet plan. It’s not just to have the curves and sexy figure, but being healthy is so important, especially if you are working for your family. I always make sure to take vitamins daily and have my morning Walk-At-Home routine. It’s also necessary to have sufficient rest and “me time.”

Treat Yourself

I understand that we need to earn money, but don’t starve and tire yourself. If that happens, you might end up spending for medicine and hospitalization bills. If you can, treat yourself once in a while. Get that wardrobe, hair, and skincare upgrade!

Note: Before you do this, make sure you have money for your food and utility bills first.

Improve your Home 🏡

Home improvement doesn’t mean you’re going to upgrade for new furnishings or appliances. If you can do it, that’s good, but if you don’t have savings to spend for those things, it’s fine. We can improve our homes by cleaning, disinfecting, and rearranging to give the room a new look. If you really like to purchase something for your home-sweet-home, you can always look for inexpensive alternatives. I haven’t started decorating our home for Christmas yet because of our busy schedule, but I will be doing it soon 😁

Travel 🧳

Everybody needs to unwind and destress, that’s why for me, traveling is a must if you haven’t travelled yet this year. I am praying that the MECQ classification for RIzal will be lifted soon and IATF will allow staycations and leisure travel for all ages. As responsible individuals, we must follow safety protocols and abide with the guidelines.

Basically, these are the things that we need to accomplish before the year ends. If you think you need to add more in your list, feel free to do so. You can also share it here by commenting. I hope that you have learned something from this post. Let’s enjoy the rest of 2021 ❤️❤️❤️


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