The New Me: My September Reflection

If there’s one thing that I have realized this year, that is to level up, love, and improve yourself. Others may call it selfishness, but I don’t see anything wrong about it—especially if this change can bring positive effects in your life. Because September is self-improvement month, I would like to share what I have discovered that let me change my outlook in life. Here’s my September reflection.

1. Organizing can be a lifesaver!

At the start of the year, I have started using a planner where I write important dates and to do list. Ever since I became dead serious about it, I never missed any due dates of my monthly bills. I have also managed to budget separately for my personal and business expenses. Before, I used to receive notices from banks for late payment warnings, but now, I have finally maintained a good credit standing. I make sure that I pay my credit card bills in full so there will be no monthly interest. I can enjoy shopping in installments whether I would like to purchase something.

Aside from my planner notebook, I also have a weekly calendar desk planner so I can see the tasks that I have to do daily. I admit that I am forgetful, so it really is a big help for me. I can say that I have improved because aside from the time management, I am now more responsible in doing my daily tasks before I do other unimportant things.

2. It is okay to gift and pamper yourself for working so hard.

Before, I don’t reward myself with premium items. My perception has changed now; after all, I worked so hard so definitely, I deserve it. It also motivates me more to work harder so I can also treat my family with what they want. Live your life to the fullest because we can never tell what will happen tomorrow. Enjoy life while you still can and be happy.

So, if you are still thinking over about the things you want to get for yourself, don’t hesitate now.

3. Don’t be afraid to take risks.

It’s okay to commit mistakes. From there, you can learn and become a better person. It’s better to fail than doing nothing at all or not even trying. The new me accepts my limitations and imperfections.

4. Be fit and healthy to reach your goals.

Being healthy and fit isn’t only to achieve a drop-dead sexy body. That is just a part of the reward that you can get from working out and eating a balanced diet. Actually, people don’t see the other benefits like having the stamina , power and being focused to do your daily tasks. With my healthy lifestyle now, I can even work longer hours and attend to my job as a supermom 🤣. Always remember that you are not doing this just for yourself, but for your family as well. How can you work and achieve all your goals if you are not physically fit? Take some time to rest too because you can’t focus on your work if you are sleepy and weak.


Do I like the new me? YES, I love the new version of myself now! I look better, healthier, and more responsible now. 👏👏👏 In case, you are not satisfied with yourself right now, it is not too late to examine yourself and improve. What’s your September reflection? You can also share yours. Until next post, dear readers and happy weekend!

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