My Ber Months Checklist ✅✅✅

Oh yes, it’s already SeptemBER and Christmas is already in the air! I can hear Christmas songs everywhere and there are already Christmas decorations in the mall and other establishments. Are you already excited? Obviously, I am 😂🤣 — that’s why I prepared my own Ber months checklist.

Why do I need a checklist?

I can say that 2021 is a good year for me and it’s because of the planning and organizing that I have done for 8 months. Forgive me, but I am just commending myself for a job well done 🤣 and for me to keep this up for the remaining 8 months, I need a checklist for me to accomplish my goals. I just want to share mine to inspire others who don’t have any plans yet.

What’s on my list?

⏹ Clean, disinfect and decorate for Christmas 🎄

It’s time to clean and disinfect the whole house and bring out the Christmas tree and decor boxes once again. Let me think of a theme for this year first then I will figure out whether we have to reuse our curtains or purchase a new set. I want to create positive vibes at home so I want to put more lights and colorful parol.

Update: Currently doing this 😊

Shop for Christmas gifts 🎁🛍🎄

Because I’ve been working hard, I deserve to treat myself and my family as well. As early as now, I can start purchasing Christmas presents for us. Shopping is made easier because you can do it online. I use Shopee, Lazada , and Zalora. You can also check my post here about my virtual shopping experience utilizing a PS (personal shopper). If you are not comfortable with this and you are not busy, of course, it would be better if you will personally shop for the gifts.


I need to make a list for the items that I need to purchase and I will be scheduling the first batch for my Christmas shopping soon 💕

Plan for Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve menu

I want to keep it simple and healthy, but I want to make sure that the kids will love the food. Let’s plan for this 😊

Revisit my Bucket List for 2021

I hope the ECQ/MECQ will be over so I can accomplish at least 5 out of 7 on my Bucket List for 2021.


I hope and pray 🙏🏼 that Rizal will be in GCQ soon so we can travel. I have plans but I don’t want to spill the beans yet. Keeping my fingers crossed 🤞

Settle or allot payment for loans until January 2022 💴

I want to have peace of mind that’s why I want to settle the payment for our loans until January 2022. With this, I have nothing to worry for the rest of the year, and probably focus on how to earn more so I can save for 2022.

Update: ✅✅✅

I have visited the bank last this week and I already have settled the payment for my loan until January 2022. 👏👏👏 At least I just have to worry about Feb to Nov 2022, and I will be fully paid with my loan 😊

I believe that this checklist will help me organize everything and make sure that we will have a fun holiday season despite of our current situation.

What do you think about my Ber months checklist? I think it’s about time I will update you about the progress and I will share the result of this checklist on a separte post. Thank you so much for reading. Until next post!


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