Back To School 2021 Essentials

Because of the threat that Covid-19 has brought to us, it’s undeniable that it’s safer for the students to stay at home and do online classes or to have modular lessons rather than having face to face classes. With this change that we have embraced for a year now, as mentioned in my post last year, every household has made preparations for this school year. Of course, it varies per family depending on the budget and financial status. Let me just give you a list of the basic back to school 2021 essentials that you should prepare.


In our living room
In our bedroom

We should select a space or area where your child can work comfortably and is free from noise and other distractions . It doesn’t matter if it’s small, as long as there is a table and chair. If there is no private space, you can utilize the bedroom, living room or dining room.


For online classes, it is important to have a laptop, but if you cannot afford it, you can let your kid use a mobile phone or tablet. Even if you are having modular lessons, you will still be needing these gadgets for research and communication with the teachers and school. Giving your kids their own laptops is optional. I thought of buying my eldest his own laptop since he is already in Grade 12 and he would be very busy in his schoolworks this SY. Borrowing a laptop from us won’t be convenient since Hubby and I are also using ours for business and school-related works. I also have my Microsoft Office monthly subscription so the kids can use the software for their school works and projects.


For online classes, having a stable internet connection is a must. It would be better if you will have a broadband subscription. Relying on mobile data will give you more problems. From regular WIFI home bundle, I upgraded to FIBER (100 mbps), but I was surprised when I found out that my prior request for up to 50 mbps is already reflecting in my GlobeAtHome app. I was confused and I thought it has been processed already/ already. With my last conversation with the agent, I was informed that they are still completing my request for 100 mbps. That answers the question why our download speed is still 1-4 mbps 😭😭😭 I hope our connection issues will be fixed, so the kids can enjoy their online classes with no interruption.


Well, there’s no need to purchase a bag. Though the teachers won’t require you to submit a notebook, it will still be organized for the activities if you have notebooks and pens. It doesn’t mean you have to buy, make use of old notebooks . Separate the unused pages and you can still use them. I just buy 1 or 2 new notebooks , weekly planner (for reminders) and pens! Don’t forget the sanitizing kits too (wipes, alcohol/sanitizer).

For me, that’s all we need to start, but it depends on your school teacher if he/she will require the kids to buy some materials for projects. I hope that I have given you ideas on what basic school essentials to purchase. Until next post, dear readers!


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